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Dragon Raja – How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

Every MMORPG has its progression and learning curve, and Dragon Raja is no exception. This new mobile game offers us not only great graphics and performance, especially if you play it on PC with BlueStacks, but also an engaging combat system with many different and exciting skills, as well as numerous ways to increase your power. In this guide, we’re going to share a few tips and tricks to improve your character in this game, as well as how to keep safe from harm while you obliterate anyone that stands in your way.

Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

How to Increase Your Power in Dragon Raja

Your power, or rating as its called in this game, is a representation of your overall progress in Dragon Raja. This number is an accumulation of everything you have done and achieved to this point in the game. The higher it is, the stronger your character will be, in general. In this sense, while your rating will progressively increase as you complete chapters and overcome challenges in this game, there are other ways in which you can contribute towards developing your rating.

Here is a brief summary of things you can do to boost your rating in Dragon Raja:

Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

  • Leveling up.
  • Equipping stronger gear.
  • Unlocking and equipping new titles.
  • Unlocking and upgrading many different mounts.
  • Unlocking and upgrading combat skills.
  • Unlocking and equipping Allies.
  • Socketing special gems in your cores.

Keep in mind that, while some of these increase your rating more than others, they’re all essential for maxing out your character, and you’ll eventually need to work on each if you want to unleash your maximum potential.

String Abilities Together and Cancel Animations

Now that you’re nice and powered up, it’s time to actually put the said power to use on the battlefield.

Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

Combat in Dragon Raja is quite rigid and not as flowy as in other MMORPGs. Specifically, with certain exceptions, your attacks don’t quite flow together very well. Especially with melee classes, your auto-attack animations are somewhat long and slow. On the one hand, the combat doesn’t feel quite as satisfying initially due to this very rigidness, but on the other hand, it encourages a strategic play style where you must consider every action carefully before committing to it, or else suffer when the enemy punishes you with a massive attack.

However, a good way to boost your skills in combat and keep the damage flowing is to weave skills between your basic attacks using the game’s buffering system, in a process known as animation canceling. In a nutshell, this process consists of issuing a skill attack while your character is occupied swinging his weapon. This command will get buffered in a queue and will execute automatically as soon as your character finishes his first animation, sometimes even saving a bit of precious time in the process.

Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

By using the buffering system and weaving skills between regular attacks, you can keep the pressure up at all times.

Use Your CC Wisely

While most classes have defensive or evasive skills to stay out of harm’s way, some of them also have CC abilities that, instead of relying on moving out of the way, incapacitate the enemy so they can’t fight back. As you can imagine, a stunned or knocked down enemy simply can’t fight back and is wide open for punishment. For this reason, it’s best to take note of your skills that have additional control effects and use them wisely.

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Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

Especially in dungeons and group content, a good CC can help your team to easily wipe out hordes of enemies.

Strafe to Win

While buffering skills between attacks is a great way to keep the pressure up when engaging the enemy, it won’t help if you’re constantly getting smashed and interrupted by every single attack. Yes, stringing combos and attacking the enemy is important, but it’s also crucial that you avoid getting hit yourself if you plan to survive the toughest encounters.

Luckily, dodging enemy attacks, for the most part, is as simple as staying mobile at all times, which you can easily do by constantly moving in one direction while attacking. It helps if you activate the option to keep the camera locked on the enemy while attacking as this will keep you centered on your foe while you run laps around him. You can find this option in the settings menu, in the “Battle” tab—it’s the very first option on this screen.

Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

Use Your Dodge Skills!

Nevertheless, even if you’re moving while attacking, you’ll still need to sometimes move out of the way extra fast to stay safe and avoid some attacks.

If you’ve been playing Dragon Raja for a while now, you may have noticed that your movement speed is quite sluggish, at least compared to other MMORPGs where you can essentially zip through the battlefield with blinding speed. For this reason, avoiding attacks and dangerous AoEs is difficult, especially due to the long attack animations that we talked about earlier. In this sense, instead of relying on manually moving out of harm’s way, you should strive to make use of your dodge skill, which is bound by default to your Shift key. However, you can always modify these bindings via the BlueStacks Keymapping Tool and set this action to another button.

Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

Keep in mind that, like regular skills, you can also buffer your dodges to execute an evasive move as soon as you finish your current animation. This is great for exploiting a vulnerability and then immediately moving out of harm’s way.

By incorporating these combat tips and tricks to your gameplay in Dragon Raja, you’ll not only power up your character and increase their rating but will also be able to heavily punish your enemies while steering clear from their attacks.

Dragon Raja - How to Increase Your Power and Excel in Combat

Do you have any other combat tips to share with your fellow gamers? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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