Dragon Raja is the new MMORPG that is causing waves in the mobile market, partly thanks to its magnificent visuals that gives Black Desert Mobile a run for its money, at least when it comes to graphics. Fortunately, there’s much more to this MMORPG than just pretty visuals since it also offers a fun and engaging narrative, coupled with an exciting and deep combat system that revolves around four different classes. While this class variety is nothing to write home about in terms of quantity, every class feels unique enough from each other to create the sensation that you’re playing an entirely different game every time you start over with a different one.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

Nevertheless, it’s this very variety that could make us think once, twice or even three times before finally settling on one, only to wonder if we would be better off with another one when we’re already far into the game. This fact is further compounded by the way each class behaves in the field, which varies wildly from one to the other. We already wrote a preview about the different options of classes in Dragon Raja in our beginner’s guide. However, we wanted to delve further into each one, so that you can finally decide the one that’s the absolute best for you since you’ll probably be playing it for weeks or months.

So without further ado, let’s explore what each of the classes in Dragon Raja has to offer.

Blade Master

Starting with what could be the simplest and most straightforward class in this MMORPG, the Blade Master. As their name suggests, they’re armed with a pair of swords, which they can deftly use to dispatch their foes. Due to their choice of weapon, however, these powerful warriors are limited to engaging in melee combat, which poses more risks than, say, a Gunslinger who can simply sit at a distance and pelt the foe with projectiles from relative safety. However, what the Blade Master lacks in range, they more than make up for in sheer resilience and defensive power as they are quite sturdy and hard to kill.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

The Blade Master in Dragon Raja fights mainly using his katana, though he can enter an odachi mode using a stronger, larger sword for a few seconds which, aside from hitting harder with every basic attack, also inherits a burning effect which keeps damaging the foe after the initial strike. While in odachi mode, the Blade Master gains access to new skills, including a guard, a counter, an AoE swipe, and a severely damaging transformation attack to transition back to his original meitou sword.

The Blade Master is incredibly versatile, despite his short attack range, and can fit into any group, especially since they can act as both a melee DPS and a tank, depending on the type of gear they have equipped.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

Recommended for: Players who value a reckless approach to combat, who act first and think later. The Blade Master is also the beginner’s choice. You really can’t go wrong with it.

Soul Dancer

Compared to the relative simplicity of the Blade Master, the Soul Dancer is like quantum physics when it comes to complexity. Regarded as the healer and support class in Dragon Raja, don’t let the Soul Dancer’s gentle demeanor and skill set fool you; they have the potential of wreaking havoc on the enemy at every turn. Furthermore, due to the fact that it’s the only class with dedicated buffs and heals, they are also quite durable, almost rivaling the tankiness of the Blade Master.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

The Soul Dancer is one of the most interesting classes that we’ve ever tried in a mobile MMORPG, especially due to its twins mechanic, through which they can summon a light twin, Gemini, to assist in battle. This powerful twin interacts with the Dancer’s skills in many ways. For instance, they can pelt foes with projectiles while the player auto-attacks. Furthermore, there are certain skills that directly use the twin for causing damage, like Phase Shock, which teleports Gemini to a location, dealing AoE damage, and inflicting a debuff that increases damage taken.

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Compared to the Blade Master, the Soul Dancer takes a bit to learn. However, in good hands, it has the best solo potential in the entire game.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

Recommended for: Obviously, this class is best for players that like to support and heal their teams. However, it’s also great for those who love a challenge as, when mastered, it’s one of the most entertaining and powerful classes in the game.


Like the Blade Master, the Assassin is also a melee DPS, but it also has many ranged skills to keep safe while dishing out tons of damage. Unlike the former, the Assassin is very fragile and relies on dodging and attacking intelligently, as opposed to the Blade Master’s reckless approach to physical combat. Luckily, the Assassin’s main kit consists of ranged skills, with an optional melee transformation that can deal tons of damage.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

This class can willingly enter a shadow form, temporarily changing their ranged skills to more powerful melee variants. Furthermore, when transforming, the Assassin marks the enemy with a Hunt Mark, preventing them from turning invisible and reducing their magic defense. While quite weak in defenses, the Assassin has the potential to do the most damage in the game, thanks to the fact that their skill cooldowns reset whenever they kill an enemy tagged with the Hunt Mark.

In a nutshell, the Assassin can do tons of damage in the right hands, though their assault usually carries a higher risk than other classes.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

Recommended for: Players who enjoy challenges with very large payoffs, and who want to completely obliterate their enemies in a group setting.


The only dedicated ranged DPS class in Dragon Raja which, like the Assassin, has the potential to deal tons of damage. However, in contrast to both the Assassin and the Blade Master, the Gunslinger can destroy their enemies from long distances, often dealing with threats far before they’re able to close the gap. Luckily, unlike most of the other classes in this game, these ranged assailants are quite straightforward and easy to use, and seldom require much thought into their approach.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

Gunslingers can transition between ranged basic attacks using dual pistols, and a high-DPS mode using a huge gatling gun. In their base form, however, they have an interesting mechanic that revolves around their energy levels. Their Alpha-Particle Cannon skill, for example, expends all their remaining energy to fire an immensely powerful blast of energy. Furthermore, their Wind Shot skill, while doing damage, also tags the enemies with Wind Marks. When these marks are detonated, they deal extra damage and recover a bit of energy to the Gunslinger. In this sense, the essence of this class revolves around a back and forth of using and recovering energy to deal as much damage as possible.

The heavy form, which uses the aforementioned gatling gun, is unlocked at level 30, unlike the other classes where their “transformation” skills are available from early on. Nevertheless, Gunslingers have the potential to deal with any threat, while staying safe at a distance, from as early as level 1.

Dragon Raja - A Guide to the Different Classes

Recommended for: Players who value a straightforward approach to combat, similar to the Blade Master. However, it’s important to note that this class is a pure DPS, which means that they can’t tank at all.

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