Competing in the Arena is the ultimate endgame for Dragon Tamer players who have been toiling towards creating the strongest team. Here is where players get to prove that they’re the ultimate Dragon Tamer as they compete against the strongest of players who have bred their own teams to suit their ambitions. Now that you’ve completed everything you need to do, it’s time to learn about how to make the ultimate team in this game!

Dragon Tamer PvP Guide - Make The Strongest Team!

Before you dive into the competitive scene, make sure to read about our Dragon Tamer Resource Guide so that you’re not bringing a knife to a dragon fight. There are a lot of steps before you can fully climb out of the lower divisions of the arena. Most of these steps require you to unlock certain features like Dragonbrands or Skill Upgrades. Otherwise, you’ll be hard-capped on the Power Rating you can rack up from simply leveling up your dragons.

Unlock High-Level Content

Once you’ve set up your Gold and Food Economy, the next step is to unlock high-level features like the Training Rooms so that you can increase your power even further. Levels and Rarity are the two primary determinants of strength for your dragons, but Dragonbrands and Skill Levels will boost your power by a huge margin. These can be farmed by completing high-level content, so it’s best you start speed-leveling your account as soon as possible.

Dragon Tamer PvP Guide - Make The Strongest Team!

The best way to speed-level an account is by doing Adventures and completing Quests. Try to use the BlueStacks Macro Feature so that you can leave your account grinding through the adventures without having to click on “Next Level” every time you complete an adventure. Once you reach the highest level of the adventure, you should be earning two to four levels from each continent.

Start Breeding Epics & Legendaries

Epics and Legendaries will be the core of your team. Most players might be satisfied with just Rares and Uncommons, but dragons of higher rarity simply have higher base stats and overall power ratings compared to lower-tier dragons. You can do this by breeding your two highest-rarity dragons for the chance to unlock Epics or Legendaries. Once you get two or more Epic Dragons, you’ll finally have the chance to breed a legendary dragon even though the chances are extremely slim.

Dragon Tamer PvP Guide - Make The Strongest Team!

There are also other ways to get Legendaries & Epics, like by spending gems and tickets on the Summoner’s Cave. Of course, you could also redeem some epics and legendaries by purchasing stuff in the Shop using real money. If you’re an F2P player though, you might just want to invest your gems instead of upgrading your Hatchery or purchasing another Dragon Tree to speed up the process of breeding.

Building Your Team

Now that you have a reliable list of dragons in your base, you can start building a team. There are several things you need to keep in mind when building a team; here are some of the things that you need to learn:

1. Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses

Just like Pokémon, Dragon Tamer uses elements to categorize the dragons. Each element has a weakness, strength, or neutral affinity against another element. To make sure that your team isn’t easily taken down, the best way to build a team is to add a little bit of elemental diversity in your lineup so that you don’t end up getting one-shotted by global abilities. Having one dominant element makes you an easy target in the arena during defense, anyway.

Dragon Tamer PvP Guide - Make The Strongest Team!

Try to memorize the interactions between all the elements so that you can try to spread damage output and damage taken evenly across the board. You can do this by looking at the arrows on the top of the enemy dragons (Green = Strong, Red = Weak, Yellow = Neutral).

2. Dragon Roles

Dragons specialize in doing one thing for the team. Knowing these roles will help you improve your damage taken and damage output ratio by allocating more defensive options instead of just putting in the dragons that deal the most damage. Here are some of the dragon roles that you need to keep in mind:

  • DPS – high damage output, high damage taken
  • Tank – low damage output, low damage taken
  • Healer – can restore HP to the team
  • Buffer – provides shields or ability boosts to the team
  • Debuffer – removes shields, buffs, or applies negative parameters to the enemy team

Dragon Tamer PvP Guide - Make The Strongest Team!

Once you get the hang of balancing these roles, you can ensure that you can safely deal damage without worrying about the enemy nuking your team. Pure DPS teams can easily be taken down by their low defensive stats, so it’s not recommended when fighting on equal footing.

3. Dragon Stats

Make sure to check your dragons’ stats. Dragon stats are rated from F to S. When you’re building a team, you need to make sure that your dragons have different stat allocations. You don’t want a team that has a bad speed stat rating because that means they move too slowly. If you do this, the enemy team will chip away at your health bars before you get to achieve anything.

Dragon Tamer PvP Guide - Make The Strongest Team!

Dragon stats increase as Rarities rise and the level increases. Fortunately, all stats are uniform depending on the dragon you’re looking at. This means, unlike Pokémon Breeders, you don’t have to breed multiple same-species dragons to get the maximum value of EV and IV. All you need to do is increase the dragon’s stats through levels and by upgrading them using dragon shards.

Choosing the Right Opponent in PvP

The arena is fairly predictable and always gives an advantage to the attacker. Even if the enemy has a significantly higher power rating than you, there’s a chance you can beat them as long as you have an appropriate strategy in mind. The most important thing is to scout the opponent’s defense lineup and check if you have the dragons to counter their lineup using stronger dragons that have the best elemental interactions to work in your favor.

Dragon Tamer PvP Guide - Make The Strongest Team!

Some power ratings are significantly overblown because there are one or two dragons that may be power-leveled. You can beat those teams by first taking out the lower-level dragons with one shot so that your dragons can move freely to chip away on the big guys. If, after all that, you’re not confident with your strategy, just pick someone with a power level that’s at least 1000 points lower than yours.