Gold and Food are the two most important resources in Dragon Tamer. The biggest problem that beginners face during the early stages of the game is that it’s actually difficult to get a consistent flow of these resources to progress through the game without waiting a few hours or for the daily reset so that they can get their daily rewards. F2P players especially have it rough trying to level up dragons beyond 20 because of how limited their food supply is and gold to upgrade buildings.

Dragon Tamer Early Resource Guide: Gold & Food

Resources will be more accessible once you reach levels 40 and above since that’s the time you’ve already established your economy and are able to produce food regularly without having to wait for a steady gold income. Players below that level, however, often struggle with allocating resources, especially since they need to invest in other things to keep up their game relevance. Those that want to rush to have a team that has a 10,000 power rating will want to know how to improve their economy ASAP.

Why Is It Hard To Earn Gold and Food?

In truth, beginners are actually earning a decent amount of gold to continuously plant food for their dragons. However, they’re not only spending on food; they’re also spending on initial investments like upgrading buildings or removing junk around the map. This causes the allocation of resources to get spread too thinly. In our Dragon Tamer Beginner’s Guide, we mentioned most of the main tasks that new players need to achieve to set the pace. Besides, most of those tasks are actually non-negotiable.

We’re not saying you should ignore beginner tasks, but the proper allocation of resources will take you far. Before you invest in the “cool stuff” you see in the shop, you might want to buy the necessities first so that you’ll achieve maximum productivity at all times. Here are some things you can do to continuously get resources.

1. Build A Lot of Habitats

Habitats are your primary source of gold. A good way to make sure that you maximize gold production is to build at least three of each Habitat Element as soon as possible and level each of them up to Level 2, at least. This will give you six slots for dragons which will net you a minimum production of about 60,000 gold/hour per element. Before you start investing in Elemental Towers, build these first.

Dragon Tamer Early Resource Guide: Gold & Food

It’s also a good idea to invest in additional workers so that you’ll be able to accomplish this faster. Some of the higher-level habitat types take quite some time to upgrade. Of course, habitats don’t produce gold by themselves. You need to occupy them with a lot of dragons by breeding or buying eggs from the shop. Make sure that you fill up your habitats with two dragons each; there’s no point in spreading one dragon in each habitat since the production rate is fixed on each dragon.

2. Level Up Your Dragons

Level up your dragons to a minimum level of 10. This sets your gold production per dragon to a minimum of 9,700 gold/hour, increasing with the dragon’s rarity. This means that it’s a good idea to start breeding higher rarity dragons to produce Uncommon or above units until you finally hit Rare or Even epic units. Once you fill up your Habitats, start selling your low rarity dragons to make space for the more valuable ones.

Dragon Tamer Early Resource Guide: Gold & Food

Once you set up a decent gold production system from your Habitats, you’ll need to level up your production dragons to Level 20 and so on. You can start building Dragon Towers in upgrades so that you’ll be able to earn gold for your next sources.

3. Earn Gold Through Combat

One of the best ways to earn gold as a beginner is to beat enemies in Combat. Be it Adventures, Arena, or even special stages like the Spacetime Rift, these offer about 70,000-250,000 gold per victory. Unfortunately, PvP and special arenas require tickets to enter, which you can only get after a specific duration of time.

Dragon Tamer Early Resource Guide: Gold & Food

The best way to earn gold from these stages is to make sure that the tickets don’t reach maximum capacity. In the Arena, you’ll eventually face higher-level opponents that will be impossible to beat. Don’t sweat it too much though, since you’re still developing. Once you establish your economy’s strength, your team’s strength will follow.

Fastest Way To Earn Food

Unfortunately, there isn’t a faster way to produce food other than by planting crops on your farms. The best way you can achieve this is by constructing the maximum number of farms and buying the Dream Orchard for 120 gems. Planting crops is quite expensive, which will cause you to have a significant amount of downtime in between growing new crops.

Dragon Tamer Early Resource Guide: Gold & Food

The best way to ensure that you’re continuously planting crops is to establish a decent gold production system so that you will be able to plant as many crops as possible. Greenhouse Farming is also the best choice when it comes to planting crops because of the value per gold it has. The more expensive options should be reserved for when you’re regularly able to produce the proportional amount of gold.

Redeeming Gift Codes

When it comes to free Gold and Food, nothing beats the value you get from Gift Codes. The game always rewards its players for choosing to play the game, so they release gift codes every now and then. All Gift Codes have expiration dates though, so not every code you find on the internet will still work when you’re trying to redeem it. You’ll want to stay updated with news of the game by following their Social Media accounts or researching their upcoming events.

Dragon Tamer Early Resource Guide: Gold & Food

To redeem gift codes in Dragon Tamer, you’ll want to click on your Settings button on the upper right corner of your screen, go to Support, and then click on the blue Gift Code button. Just copy and paste the gift code you found and click on Redeem. If it doesn’t come through, that means that the gift code might have already expired. Better luck next time!