When it comes to gameplay variety in the new Dragonicle mobile MMORPG, this game is smack dab in the middle of the spectrum, offering some variety, but not as much as other games. Specifically, new players can choose from a total of four playable classes, and while this selection is quite limited, each class is actually very unique, offering a specialized playstyle regardless of your choice. In this sense, whether you go for a melee DPS or tank, or a ranged DPS or caster, your experience will be quite different on every occasion.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

However, in Dragonicle, you can only create one character in the beginning, and you can only create others once your first one reaches level 150. In this sense, your initial choice is quite important as you’ll be stuck with your character until you make it quite a bit into the game. And with that being said we want to give a brief overview of all the classes in the game, so that you can make the best choice without having to reset your account or waste any time in the process.

How to Try Every Class Without Having to Grind

Before we jump into the class overviews, we just wanted to give a quick tip on how to try out every class for yourself, without being locked to your first choice since, as we mentioned above, the game disallows creating new characters until you reach level 150 with your initial character. If this is the case, you’d need to play for a considerable amount of time before being able to create a new character. And if you really dislike your initial class selection, this could be enough to turn you away from the game permanently.

Fortunately, in order to give each class a quick test spin without the level restriction, all you need to do is login as a guest when you first open up the game. By logging as a guest, you can easily erase your progress by deleting the app’s data in the settings menu. If you’re already playing Dragonicle on PC with BlueStacks, here’s a step by step guide on how to reset your progress and start over with a new character.

  1. Launch the game and, in the main menu, login as “guest”.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

  1. Create your character and try it out.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

  1. If you’re not happy with your choice, close the app and go to the Android settings menu, which you can access by clicking on the “System Apps” container in your BlueStacks home screen.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

  1. In Android settings, click on the “Apps” menu, browse for Dragonicle and click on it.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

  1. Click on “Storage”, and then on “Clear Data”. This will delete all your settings, including your guest account, but won’t actually remove the game itself.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

  1. Repeat steps 1-5 until you’ve tried out all the classes, or found the one that you enjoy the most.

Now that you know how to give each class in Dragonicle a try without having to commit to hours of gameplay, let’s go ahead and talk about each of these.

Shadow – Fast-Paced Devastating Melee DPS

Starting off strong with one of the most exciting classes in Dragonicle, Shadow is the best option for those who enjoy fast gameplay where the main focus is to slice and dice your enemies before they even get a chance to react. 

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

Shadow is the absolute best when it comes to melee DPS, featuring skills that let him zip and out of combat, and zoom across the battlefield with blinding speed. And as his name implies, he can use shadow clones to both deceive his enemies and deliver fatal blows when their weaknesses are exposed. 

Shadow is definitely recommended if you’re looking for the class that can deal the absolute most amount of melee DPS.

Mage – Unrivaled Crowd Control and AoE Capabilities

In many mobile MMORPGs, the Mage is the typical character that can wield the elements and dish out tons of damage from afar. In Dragonicle, this is very much the case for the most part. However, the single biggest difference is that, while they can inflict a lot of punishment on the enemy, their strongest feature is their ability to control crowds with crippling conditions and debuffs. In other words, what doesn’t die as a result of her unrelenting spell–flinging, will definitely be worse for wear and an easy target for follow-up attacks.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

Mage is the thinking person’s choice as their gameplay is not as straightforward as other classes, though the results are often worth the hassle of learning their skills. 

Paladin – Trading Offense for Superior Defenses and Survivability

The armor-clad Paladin is a melee combatant like the Shadow, except he’s much slower both in movement and attack speed. However, while Shadow specializes in swift but light attacks, you can feel every single swing of the Paladin’s spear in all its bone-crunching glory. Furthermore, while heavy hits and lots of damage is always a plus, this class shines brightest due to its superior defenses, which makes it a very beginner-friendly choice since mistakes are not punished so severely.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

The Paladin is great for players who want to rely more on auto-combat, or that enjoy a more straightforward way of engaging the enemy.

Archer – Raining Destruction From Afar With Pomp and Flair

The last class in the game, the Archer, is another one that deals enormous amounts of damage like the Shadow, but from a distance thanks to her trusty bow and arrow. There’s not really much to say about her other than the fact that she can deal piercing damage with lots of her skills, affecting numerous enemies every time she unleashes her powerful arrows.

Dragonicle Class Guide - The Best Classes For Every Playstyle

Aside from the fact that she’s ranged, the Archer fulfills the same role as the Shadow in Dragonicle. In this sense, if you’re a fan of DPS classes, and love dealing damage from long distances, then this is definitely the choice for you.

What’s your favorite class in Dragonicle? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!