Roguelike games, for the most part, combine the best aspects of fast-paced action combat against a variety of different enemies at the same time, with the excitement of procedurally generated levels and randomized powerups. This combination of elements makes each and every round play differently, which only adds to the thrill. And in true roguelike fashion, all the currency and items that you obtain from every run can be used to upgrade your character and permanently enhance their power, to improve your odds of surviving subsequent runs.

Dungeon of Gods on PC - How to Play With the Best Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Dungeon of Gods is one of such roguelike titles that offers both exciting combat in each and every stage, as well as awesome progression mechanics in the form of purchasing permanent upgrades for your character, allowing them to face increasingly tougher challenges using the currency that you receive on every run. Nevertheless, as we mentioned on another occasion, while having plenty of upgrades can make a world of difference in terms of power, you still need to actually take control of your character and fight the monsters yourself, which is why you need a good control scheme that will help you to stay safe while keeping the pressure on at all times.

Luckily, by playing Dungeon of Gods on PC with BlueStacks, not only do you get to play this roguelike on your large PC monitor and get the best graphics, but you’ll also be able to control the action using your keyboard, which will give you much better precision and control when it comes to attacking and dodging. In fact, BlueStacks even lets you use your gamepad for this game, which will give you even more comfort and allow you to do things like playing on your couch, in the case of using wireless controllers.

Dungeon of Gods on PC - How to Play With the Best Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

In this article, we’ll be briefly explaining how to set up your keyboard controls for Dungeon of Gods, as well as how to play using your gamepad.

How to Configure Your Keyboard Controls Using the Keymapping Tool

Playing on BlueStacks is great not only because it gives you the best graphics and performance, but also it grants access to a variety of tools to enhance your experience even further. The Keymapping Tool is one of the said features, whose purpose is to let you create versatile and intuitive control schemes for any game, using your mouse and keyboard. For Dungeon of Gods, this means playing using the WASD keys for movement, which is a godsend as it will give you actual physical feedback whenever you move in a direction, since you’re pressing buttons instead of swiping and tapping on a mobile touchscreen.

Dungeon of Gods on PC - How to Play With the Best Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

To get started with the Keymapping Tool, you simply need to press Ctrl + Shift + A while in-game. This shortcut will open the Advanced Editor screen, where you can view your current bindings, change them by clicking on them, or even add new ones by dragging and dropping them from the panel on the right and giving them a key assignment. And once you’re done, you can click on “Save changes” on the bottom right to commit your new adjustments.

For Dungeon of Gods, you’ll notice that you already have your movement controls set up by default. And since this game only requires movement in order to play it, since your character attacks automatically, you really don’t need to change anything here. Alternatively, you could also add more shortcuts if you want to be able to navigate the UI in the lobby using keyboard shortcuts. To do so, simply click on the spots where you want to add controls, and then give your new “Tap” shortcuts key assignments.

Dungeon of Gods on PC - How to Play With the Best Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Though you really don’t need to add more controls, the Keymapping Tool lets you customize these settings as much as you want.

How to Set Up Gamepad Controls

And speaking of customization, the Keymapping Tool also lets you set up your own gamepad controls for any and every game that you play on BlueStacks, including Dungeon of Gods. This is perfect for when you want to hook up your computer to the big screen TV and play on your comfy couch. Instead of lying on your couch and playing on your small phone screen, you can play Dungeon of Gods as if it were a console game, on your large TV and with a controller.

Dungeon of Gods on PC - How to Play With the Best Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

The best part about setting up these gamepad controls on BlueStacks is that it’s just as easy as configuring your keyboard bindings, since it’s also done through the Keymapping Tool. But before you do so, you must first connect your gamepad to your PC, either via USB or Bluetooth. If you use a compatible controller, you will instantly get a prompt on BlueStacks indicating that a gamepad has been connected.

Once your controller is connected and recognized by BlueStacks, you can press Ctrl + Shift + A once again to access the Keymapping Tool, only instead of customizing your keyboard controls, you must click on the “Gamepad” tab on the upper center of the screen to switch to the controller bindings. Once switched, you can go ahead and assign your bindings by clicking on the shortcuts and then pressing the desired button on your gamepad. The only exception to this is the movement controls, which you must configure by clicking on the gear icon, and then assigning it either to the right stick, the left stick, or your dpad.

Dungeon of Gods on PC - How to Play With the Best Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

In just a few moments, you’ll be playing Dungeon of Gods with the best keyboard and gamepad controls, so that at least whenever you lose and have to start over, you won’t be able to blame it on the clunky touchscreen!