Once you’ve begun to play Dynasty Legends 2 on PC for a long time, you’ll notice on the upper-left corner of your screen a number value and the letters “BR” beside it. This refers to your overall Battle Rating, which is the value that calculates how strong your account is according to the average stats of all heroes. Players need a high Battle Rating to challenge harder opponents or get into prestigious guilds that have a very high requirement when recruiting new people to join their ranks.

How to Increase Your Battle Rating in Dynasty Legends 2

In our Beginner’s Guide, we talked about how players can increase their battle rating. We’ll be talking about this value more in detail by introducing the different ways players can upgrade their battle rating and the most efficient way to use those methods to ramp the power value quickly. If you’re looking to raise your power level quickly so that you can start challenging more powerful opponents, here are a few ways you can do so without breaking your wallet.

Leveling Up

Leveling up is the simplest way to gain Battle Rating on a specific hero but it might be as simple as you think. Heroes gain experience when completing missions but the value that they get is extremely low. The best way to gain experience in Dynasty Legends 2 is to consume EXP Pills, which are materials acquired as a reward for completing missions and stages. Unfortunately, the number of EXP Pills distributed in the game is not enough to upgrade all of the heroes in your possession.

How to Increase Your Battle Rating in Dynasty Legends 2

The best way to acquire EXP Pills is to complete different campaign stages and daily missions regularly so that you have enough to feed your main set of heroes. Some EXP Pills can be purchased in the shop using regular currency but players can only buy a limited amount per day. This resource is very precious so we don’t recommend using it on all of the characters that you own and instead be patient until you pull a hero that you think can be used until the more difficult stages of the game.


Evolution is Dynasty Legends 2’s version of a Star Up mechanic. This mechanic allows players to consume hero shards belonging to the unit being upgraded to increase their constellation power. Once a player has activated all of the constellations on a hero, they can evolve that hero by giving them a +1 mark, which increases every time they complete another round of constellations. The number of hero shards needed increases every time a hero evolves to the next rank.

How to Increase Your Battle Rating in Dynasty Legends 2

Hero shards are the most difficult resource to farm in the game because it requires the player to use the recruit function multiple times. Players can also acquire hero shards by completing missions, stages, and events but the most reliable way is to continuously recruit new heroes and acquire shards of random heroes. For F2P users, it might take longer to upgrade your heroes this way and get Battle Rating but your patience is usually rewarded since the game is fairly generous at giving out free recruitment tickets.

Rank Advancement

Rank Advancement is another form of upgrade that requires the player to farm materials and equip it to their characters. Once a player fully equips the hero with items and fills every slot, they can choose to offer those items to advance that unit. Once the hero is advanced, all of the items used are consumed and the player will have to farm a different set of items once again. Equipping gear, in itself, provides battle rating but the advancement is where the hero gets the bulk of the value.

How to Increase Your Battle Rating in Dynasty Legends 2

Many beginners think that advancing a hero is wasting the equipment farmed. However, as long as the hero keeps advancing, they are able to equip more powerful gear that will ultimately lead to the hero gaining a huge boost in terms of BR. Unfortunately, this does mean that the player is forced to farm new gear every time. New gear can be unlocked by defeating different stages of the main story. A quick way to farm gear is to use the Blitz function, which skips redoing the stage in exchange for stamina.


Bonds are a different way to acquire Battle Rating. This requires that the player has heroes that their current unit is bonded with and upgrading them to increase the BR value of their bond. It’s more of a passive bonus, unlike the previous methods since the player doesn’t really have full control over which units they can choose for this mechanic. As long as the player is active in recruiting new heroes, they should be able to unlock the bond for all of their active heroes in the formation.

How to Increase Your Battle Rating in Dynasty Legends 2

Even though activating bonds is one of the most difficult ways to gain battle rating, it doesn’t yield as much as the other methods. The stats that you acquire from this method is not ignorable though. It is better for the player to activate all the bonds that they can by unlocking all of the heroes available in the game. Of course, that’s easier said than done considering that the game randomly distributes heroes through the recruitment system.

Hero Rarity

Choosing which heroes to put on your team is the biggest factor in how much battle rating you have. Overall battle rating is affected by all of the heroes that you have in your collection, but the most important value that players need to look at is the team BR, which is used for PvP and PvE content. Overall battle rating is only useful for searching for a Guild to join. The most influential factor that affects team BR is the rarity of the heroes that you include in the team.

How to Increase Your Battle Rating in Dynasty Legends 2

Higher rarity heroes naturally have higher base stats and better stat growth. This means that the highest-rarity heroes are often the ones used in the team because they are simply stronger than other heroes. Some players like to determine a unit’s usefulness by looking at their abilities but unfortunately, that doesn’t affect battle rating. If you’re looking to pump the numbers, get all of your highest-rarity units on one team.