Dynasty Scrolls is an awesome gacha RPG that’s a departure from the other games in the genre, and instead offers us storylines and narratives full of witty banter and tons of humor, which makes it a pretty fun experience for those who are looking for some casual entertainment with light role-playing elements.

The 5 Best Characters in Dynasty Scrolls

However, if you’re more of a hardcore gamer, there’s definitely something for you to find in this game, particularly since there are tons of unique recruitable characters, all with their own stats, skills, and roles in combat. In this sense, if you’re more interested in the competitive and meta aspects of games, you’ll probably find a lot of value in Dynasty Scrolls as mixing and matching the different recruitable characters to create powerful combinations is definitely a major part of the experience.

With that being said, finding the best characters in the game can be a bit challenging, particularly since the game uses a gacha summoning system where the odds of receiving specific heroes from rolls are very low. Luckily, you can shift these odds in your favor by rerolling until you unlock the characters you’re looking for, which is something that you can significantly enhance by playing it on PC with BlueStacks. Nevertheless, even if you’re familiar with the concept of rerolling, you need to actually know which characters to aim for before attempting it in this game, which is where this guide comes in.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a list of the top five characters in Dynasty Scrolls, as well as a short description of each.

Zhang Fei

A formidable contender to be one of the most powerful general-use offensive characters in the entire game, mainly due to his vast potential for dealing burst damage to his targets. However, the real kicker here in Zhang Fei’s kit is not only his insane damage output, but rather the fact that he can inflict it upon entire columns of enemies. In this sense, while he can’t focus on specific rows, he can utterly destroy enemies across multiple rows with ease.

The 5 Best Characters in Dynasty Scrolls

Zhang Fei’s skills include the following:

  • Snarl: Inflicts heavy physical damage to an entire column of enemies.
  • True Might: Deals devastating damage to an entire column of enemies. This ability also has plenty of additional effects that grant Zhang Fei his spot on this list, including a 30% increased crit chance, 30% increased crit damage, and a 50% chance to deal an additional 120% damage with this skill. Suffice to say that, if you’re lucky and the stars align whenever you unleash this bad boy, nothing will be able to stand in your way.

Yu Ji

While he lacks the sheer damage potential of Zhang Fei, Yu Ji makes up for it by being able to deal decent damage to the entire enemy formation. Furthermore, the fact that he can inflict poison means that Yu Ji is uniquely suited for the longer battles as his status effects can slowly chip away at the enemy’s health.

The 5 Best Characters in Dynasty Scrolls

Yu Ji has the following skills:

  • Bewitch: Deals moderate damage to all enemies.
  • Illusion Slaughter: Deals heavy damage to all enemies and inflicts poison on them, which deals an additional 30% of Yu Ji’s ATK every round for 2 rounds. While they’re afflicted by this debuff, however, the targets gain additional crit resistance.

Jiang Wei

The two characters mentioned so far both have a distinct function within a formation, which is to deal damage to columns, and to damage the entire enemy squad, respectively. However, Jiang Wei does away with all semblance of AoE damage and simply sticks to bursting down single targets with unrivaled effectiveness. Seriously, while Zhang Fei can inflict tons of damage with his “True Might” ability, Jiang Wei completely blows him out of the water in terms of damage output, which makes him an ideal character for quickly shutting down the most dangerous units in the enemy team.

The 5 Best Characters in Dynasty Scrolls

Jiang Wei’s skills include the following:

  • Strong Army: Deals heavy physical damage to a single enemy.
  • Chaos Assault: Deals extraordinary damage to a single target. This skill also has a 70% chance of generating 2 rage on use. Furthermore, after using this ability, Jiang Wei gains a 20% ATK and accuracy buff for 2 turns, further boosting his power for the duration.

Xiahou Dun

In terms of damage, this character is similar to Zhang Fei, especially in the fact that Xiahou Dun can also target entire columns of enemies. However, this hero  has an important distinction in the fact that he can significantly cripple the enemy team with certain status effects. Dealing tons of damage is not the only way to shut down an enemy team, and this character is living proof of that.

The 5 Best Characters in Dynasty Scrolls

Xiahou Dun’s skills are the following:

  • Fiery: Inflicts heavy damage to a column of enemies.
  • Eye Eater: Deals massive damage to a column of enemies, and has a 25% chance to stun the targets for a single round. Furthermore, this attack does 140% additional damage to targets that are above 50% HP.

Dank Stash

This rather funnily-named character is actually a quite formidable addition to any team, particularly since not only does he deal decent damage, but he can also buff the ATK of his teammates with one of his skills. This nuance makes him a great support for any offense-oriented team.

The 5 Best Characters in Dynasty Scrolls

Dank Stash’s skills are the following:

  • Wild Slash: Deals moderate magic damage to the enemy’s front row.
  • Natural Order: Deals heavy magic damage to the enemy’s front row. However, this ability also has a chance to increase the ATK of the heroes in his row by 10% for two turns. Great when paired up with heavy hitters that could take advantage of this buff whenever it procs.

While there is a large variety of unlockable heroes in Dynasty Scrolls, these five are some of the strongest that you can find in this game. Whether you’re looking to deal maximum AoE damage, want to support your allies with powerful buffs, or want to whittle the enemy down with negative status effects, you really can’t go wrong with any of the characters we mentioned above.