There is a right way to play Epic Age and it begins by having the right resources to be able to do the tasks that each player is expected to do. Real-time strategy games like these are highly competitive with players always contesting every little thing that can give them an advantage over other players. The first step to being a player that can take what they can is by establishing a stable economy that can supply their kingdom with all of the resources that they’ll need to accomplish their goals.

A Guide to Your Economy in Epic Age

The economy is the most important part of playing Epic Age because it allows the player’s kingdom to function in every possible way. Without a stable economy, most kingdoms will simply crumble under their own weight as it doesn’t have the capability of supporting their own basic functions. This means that the game won’t be as fun anymore and will mostly like be more stressful than anything else. Fortunately for players, we have this simple guide to establishing a proper economy to help players support this sector of their kingdom.


Expansion is the primary way of establishing your economy in Epic Age. The way it works is that each tile produces a specific type of resource that scales according to its level. Each player can occupy a specific tile on the map regardless of whether or not it’s occupied by another player. The only exception is occupying tiles that belong to an allied player or tiles that you already own. Otherwise, everything is fair game and players can opt to take as many tiles as their kingdom allows.

A Guide to Your Economy in Epic Age

We already explained a portion of this mechanic in our Beginners Guide and players already know that you can only own a certain number of tiles, which increases every time the kingdom is upgraded. Players can opt to disown occupied tiles as well if they are looking to expand outwards and take higher-level tiles that yield more resources. It’s a good idea for players to take a variety of tiles up to the maximum number they can own, prioritizing resource tiles that they spend most when playing the game.

Tech Research

Tech research is another great way to increase your resource production. This method allows players to improve their production values indirectly by spending resources on researching more efficient ways to yield more supplies. This is practically an investment so that players will be able to get more of their resources in the future by using up the resources they already have in the present. The increase in production values may look small but if you max out each tech tree, they’ll produce a significant increase that can’t be ignored.

A Guide to Your Economy in Epic Age

Players should always be looking to upgrade their resource production in the tech research department as their top priority. It doesn’t matter which resources you want to focus on as long as you understand your kingdom’s needs. It’s also a good idea to upgrade your storage limit so that you’ll be able to keep more resources without them going to waste when you go to sleep or take a long break. 


Gathering resources is a good way to accelerate resource acquisition by acquiring a large chunk of resources in a small amount of time. This is done by sending one of your armies to a resource tile that you occupied and making them stay in that area for a few minutes (depending on the amount they can collect) to gather the supplies you need. It’s not an instant process and enemies can take advantage of this time to attack you or one of your tiles directly since it leaves that specific part of your military occupied.

A Guide to Your Economy in Epic Age

Regardless of the risks, it’s still worth sending your armies out to gather resources since the game makes it difficult for players to acquire a large chunk of the supplies they need in a short amount of time. Players can simply rely on their base resource production but that will cut down your progression by a significant amount. The best course of action is to monitor your game to observe your enemies’ movements by playing this game on BlueStacks so that you can easily see anything suspicious while you work or study.

Hero Bonuses

Heroes can be appointed to political positions. We mentioned how they were reliable generals and lieutenants that lead your army into battle and benefit their troops by inspiring a specific type of soldiers simply by including them in the army. However, heroes that are appointed to a political position will be able to greatly improve the sector they are managing. Some of these sectors include your kingdom’s economy which will greatly benefit from having a hero that can manage it.

A Guide to Your Economy in Epic Age

Political heroes are different from military heroes. Most political heroes have weak military capabilities and high political stats. Players can determine this by looking at their base stats and stat growth. For those that don’t know what to look for, you can experiment by checking out which heroes you can appoint in each respective position and compare the increase that the sector will gain if that hero were to be placed to manage that specific sector of your kingdom.

The Market

The Market is a place where players can trade the resources they own for other resource types. The trade function is rigged so that the trade isn’t anywhere near fair so this is usually just reserved for players who are in desperate need of a particular type of resource and have an overabundance of another. Otherwise, we don’t really recommend trading on a regular basis because you’re always doing it at a net loss that can prove to be detrimental to your economy.

A Guide to Your Economy in Epic Age

The main reason why players should use the market is if they are in immediate need of resources to upgrade something. For example, players need to upgrade one of their tech before they go to sleep but can’t wait for the additional 30-minutes just for the metal resource that they lack to do so. In this case, it’s probably better to use the market.