Many play Epic Age to experience being able to lead their own kingdoms. However, the game can get very serious with players always trying to fight over every little thing they can get. In real-time strategy games like these, it’s always a good idea for the player to maximize their advantages and develop them early on. For new players, that might prove to be a problem if they don’t know what to look for when they first start playing the game as a beginner.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Epic Age

Epic Age features many different ways for players to enjoy. The mid to late stages of the game can be stressful, but if you’re patient enough to play for the early game and push your progression in the right direction, you’ll definitely be enjoying this game more. We have gathered some of the best tips and tricks that players need to know about if they’re looking to be the best. It’s easy to miss these if you haven’t played similar games from the same genre before.

Collect Heroes!

Collecting heroes is probably the most important thing that players need to do in this game. Heroes affect everything that players need to do in the military and economic aspects. Epic Age places a heavy emphasis on their usage since this is where players will most likely be spending their resources in the game. Even though hero collection might seem more like an endeavor for premium users, even free-to-play users are obliged to collect powerful heroes to make sure their kingdom can be at the highest level possible.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Epic Age

Heroes can be recruited using gold, which is a premium currency but Epic Age is generous enough to provide players with this resource when they complete quests or participate in events. Usually, it’s a good idea to collect 1000 gold pieces so that players can do the 5-summon option, which increases the chances of players getting Epic or Legendary heroes. We highly recommend that new players check out our Hero Tier List to give them a better idea of which units they should look out for.

Keep Your Kingdom Active

Keeping your kingdom active is one of the most important tasks in the game. This involves doing various tasks such as upgrading your tech and sending your army out to do chores like conquering new territories or gathering resources from existing tiles. There are many things that you can do to improve your kingdom and we recommend not pausing for a moment’s notice since every hour that you spend idly, your enemies are growing stronger and more influential in the server.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Epic Age

While it’s not practical for players to spend each second of every day playing the game, doing tasks efficiently can really help in this part of the game. Efficiently doing tasks means that you’re maximizing your playtime. A good example is if you have about 30-minutes of play time during your break, you need to do as many important tasks as you can during that time frame and eventually log out of the game by doing a time-consuming task such as upgrading a major tech that might need hours to complete.

Participate in the Arena

The arena is a fun minigame-like feature in Epic Age that new players like to ignore. When they first step into the arena, they might experience that other players are simply too powerful so they’ll get discouraged easily. We already mentioned that players should try to collect as many heroes as they possibly can by saving up their gold and using it to recruit more characters. It’s important to remember that Epic and Legendary heroes are the best units in the game so try to get them in your squad.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Epic Age

The reason why it’s a good idea for players to participate in the arena is because it allows them to earn end-of-season rewards that they can use to invest in other stuff. Participating in the arena doesn’t cost anything and you get better rewards when placing higher in the standings by the end of the event period. Even though you may think like your squad can’t compete with the other players, you’re still guaranteed to win some games that will definitely boost your standings eventually.

Construct Outposts

Outposts can be constructed on an occupied territory tile once your kingdom reaches level 5 or higher. There are different structures that you can construct on top of those tiles such as resource buildings and tents. It’s a good idea to read up on what these buildings do and how they will affect your kingdom so that you know what to construct. Keep in mind that players only have a limited number of structures that they can build outside their kingdom so it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Epic Age

Territory outposts are also very expensive to construct and can take a while to complete so it should be something that players simply do for the sake of having them. Players will eventually have to defend these outposts from invaders so it’s a good idea to have them accessible and readily defensible. Remember that having outposts extend your reach since it allows your armies to stay in an area where they can replenish quickly without having to recall them back to your capital just to add more soldiers to their ranks.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is probably the most important thing that players need to do when they first start playing Epic Age. Guilds provide players security in the game because it allows a group of individuals to form an alliance where they can defend each other and help them in their  respective goals. As a new player, your biggest problem will be the threat of a bigger player trying to dominate your kingdom for resources.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Epic Age

It’s always a good idea for players to join an active guild that has strong players. Being in an active guild is important because some guilds just leave their members alone even if they are attacked by an enemy. A good way to choose a good guild is to choose from the top-ranking names on the server. They might have steep requirements but if you work hard enough, they’ll eventually let you into their ranks.