Starting out in Epic War: Thrones – or any real-time strategy game, for that matter – can be an uphill battle if you’re a total beginner at the genre. The game features in-depth strategies and tactics that can take a while to master. It’s a good idea to learn about these key pieces of information once you start playing so that you have the luxury of committing rial and error while you’re under beginner’s protection. This guide will highlight all of the important things to note when playing the game.

Beginners' Guide to Playing Epic War: Thrones

Beginners are often the favorite target for veterans,  either as investments to their guilds or as players to farm. The reason why there is such a great disparity between long-time players and beginners in this game is that veterans tend to gatekeep the game by farming new players who have no clue how to secure themselves at the start. The best way for you to prevent yourself from being a target is to establish your standing at the very start and become a potential ally for stronger players.

Developing the Economy

The economy is the most important thing to keep in mind when playing any real-time strategy game. Resources play a big part in everything you do, so it’s only natural that you always end up running out of resources to use when training or upgrading a building in your city. However, players that consistently end up running out of resources inefficiently end up hurting their progression so they lag behind the competition which makes them really good targets for farming.

Beginners' Guide to Playing Epic War: Thrones

Establishing a strong economy should be the player’s primary goal and will continue being the most important sector to prioritize even when you pass the first part of the game. The best way to establish a strong economy is to make sure that you know how to gather and produce resources efficiently and know when and where to get more if you run out. We’ll expand on this topic more in a future article but for now, it’s important to be cautious about how resources are expended in the game.

Managing the Legions

Legions in Epic War: Thrones refer to your armies. This is the military aspect of the game which also plays a really important part in building towards a successful future. The military can be used for a lot of things but the main one that beginners should keep in mind is that having strong legions will protect them from being a target by veterans who are looking to attack. Even having just a decent army will discourage even the biggest player from wasting too much resources in an attack.

Beginners' Guide to Playing Epic War: Thrones

Building a strong army may seem like an easy task but most players fail to do so because they fall into a sense of security of thinking that their legions are decent because the numbers are high. In truth, there’s so much that players need to think about when forming strong legions and learning how to use each factor to their advantage. Since this is also an important topic, we’ll also expand on this in another article so that players will know how to create the best army for their kingdom.

Territory Expansion

Territory expansion is a highlighted feature in Epic War: Thrones that is unique to most games from this genre. The way it works in this game is that players are allowed to occupy a certain number of tiles on the map which contribute to resource production and expand the kingdom’s area of influence. As the player’s kingdom grows, the number of tiles that the player can occupy increases as well until they reach the maximum palace level and are hard-capped by the game.

Beginners' Guide to Playing Epic War: Thrones

Expanding the kingdom’s territory is important for a myriad of reasons. For example, having a wider area of influence means that you have complete monopoly over the best tiles in your area and leave the weaker players with scraps. It’s also a good idea to race towards branching as far away from your kingdom as possible early on so that other players won’t leave you enclosed. The biggest mistake you can do is not branch out early in the game and end up being left boxed in by other players.

Raising Power

Power is one of the features that is given a high level of importance in Epic War: Thrones. While it’s only the average value of both your military and economy, most players see power as the primary factor that determines whether a player is good or not. Having a high amount of power will place you directly in the sights of the top names on the server which might either be a good thing or a bad thing. The players might see you as a threat to be eliminated or a potential ally to be recruited.

Beginners' Guide to Playing Epic War: Thrones

Don’t worry. Most of the time, the top players will try to recruit the player to their alliance first because their power value alone is enough to boost their standing in the rankings. However, if they see that your power value is over-inflated by putting too much focus on economy rather than military, there’s a small chance that they’ll simply attack you instead. Even if it ends up being a bad thing, it’s still a good idea to try to keep yourself in the top 200 players in terms of personal power.

The Campaign

The campaign or Battles in Epic War: Thrones is a fun side game that players can attempt to test out their military power. Completing a stage will award the player with troops or other types of rewards that they can use in the main game. This feature also tells the main story in the game so it’s a good idea to visit it once in a while to have a deeper connection with what you’re playing.

Beginners' Guide to Playing Epic War: Thrones

The best part about playing in the campaign is that you get a better idea of whether or not your military is good, without wasting troop reserves or stamina in trying to send them out for training or battle. This game mode also allows for a different kind of fun and test your strategic mind even more by introducing different types of puzzles.