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The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

As we mentioned in our review, Fate/Grand Order has a unique battle system: It combines turn-based combat mechanics with a deck of “cards”. It seems easier at the beginning, but there are lots of combinations you can create and it gets surprisingly complex at later levels. If you are struggling with it, you may need help: And this is exactly what this guide is about. We will teach you how the battle system of Fate/Grand Order works and make you a better brawler.

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

The Basics: What Are These Cards And Why Are They Important?

The combat mechanics of Fate/Grand Order are interactive: You decide which cards to use at every turn. Each card represents a different character with its unique powers. Here is what you need to know to start fighting:

  • After a fight starts, 5 cards are randomly selected from the deck.
  • When it is your turn, you can choose three cards.
  • And depending on the cards you choose, you can get battle bonuses – i.e. an extra turn or a stronger attack.
  • After three turns are completed, your deck will “reset” and you will get new cards. This system will continue until the fight ends.

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

So far so good, right? Well, it is starting to get a little complex. Now, we can start talking about card types, card positioning, creating chain attacks, and the first card bonus.

Card Types

There are three card types you need to keep track of. These are Buster, Quick, and Arts. Each card falls into one of these categories and has a different feature, which can be seen on the table below:

Buster Will deal more damage
Arts Will generate more NP (*)
Quick Will generate more critical damage

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

(*) NP is short for Noble Phantasm, which is a unique special attack of a card/hero. When the NP bar is full, your card/hero can deal a special attack.

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

We are talking about this bar here. We will talk about this system in detail in our Heroes guide.

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So, if you pick three buster cards, for example, your attacks will deal more damage. Or, you can go for the special attack and use Arts cards – it all depends on the battle and your strategy. Using the same cards or creating a different hand will activate a chain attack, which we will explain below.

First Card Bonus

When you are attacking for the first time, the first card you select will give a special bonus to all the other cards. So, by selecting the correct effect, you can gain an advantage at the start of a fight. Basically, if you pick a Buster card, for example, all other cards will gain a bonus related to the features of this card type. Take a look at the screenshot below:

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

We selected Buster as our first card, so all other cards gained a relevant battle bonus for the first turn.

So, what exactly do you get? The table below will answer this question. If you pick one of these card types as the first card, you get the following bonuses:

Buster Will increase the damage of all cards by 50%
Arts Will increase the NP of all cards by 100%
Quick Will increase the critical rate of all cards by 20%

Card Positioning

By positioning, we mean the pick order of the cards. It is best to pick some of them as the first and some of them as the last. Depending on their order, they will be less or more effective. In this regard, the third card you select is the most important because it will get increased bonuses – as a general rule, your third card should be determined according to what kind of a battle bonus you want to get. If you want more damage, for example, Buster card should be picked as the last (third) option. The difference is sometimes double the original effects – an Arts card will increase the NP by 300% if you pick it as the first card, for example. But when you select it as the third, this rate increases to 600%. So, in short:

  • Your first card will give you an additional battle power and it is important.
  • Your second card – not that much. You can pick any card type.
  • Your third card is the most important one because it will allow you to get increased battle bonuses.

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

And the third card will be… Well, Buster, we don’t have any other options. But it will double the original more attack power bonus.

Creating Chains

Do you remember that we mentioned creating a chain attack is possible according to the card types you select? Well, it is time to give more details. There are two main types of chain attacks you can create: The first one is called “Card Type Chain”. If all of your three cards belong to the same type (all Busters, for example) you will create a basic chain and gain another special bonus, which can be seen in the following table:

ARTS (All 3 cards are Arts) Gain 20% more NP
BUSTER (All 3 cards are Buster) Gain 20% bonus damage
QUICK (All 3 cards are Quick) Gain 10% critical

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

The other chain is called “Brave”, and you can create it by selecting the same hero. Heroes can belong to more than one card type, and if you pick the same one for all of your attacks, you create a Brave chain, which will give you one extra attack. So instead of three times, you will attack four times in total.

The Battle System Of Fate/Grand Order: Let’s Play Some Cards

Remember that BlueStacks Combo Key feature will help you to create chains and record all the possible combinations mentioned in this guide. Yes, there are lots of things to remember but you don’t need to: Just create a combo for each of them and assign a key. These are all the things you need to know about the battle system of Fate/Grand Order, but we highly recommend taking a look at our other guides too – they contain additional information that will help you on the battlefield. For now, good luck and see you on BlueStacks!

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