Different Types of Players in FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup (FIFA Mobile)

Different Types of Players in FIFA Soccer:...

In FIFA Mobile, there is a very large variety of player types that can absolutely baffle any newcomer with all their acronyms and terms and whatnot. All of these TOTW, POTM, RB, MOTM, and so on, only serve to dissuade newcomers from really getting into the game and learning which players are best for their team, and which ones to avoid. Furthermore, there are many articles on the internet that feature outdated information and players, which makes matters even more confusing for users who are just starting out.

In the screenshot above, you can see that there are at least 4 different cards for Cristiano Ronaldo alone.

You could technically argue that the numbers don’t lie as, regardless of their type, every single player has an OVR stat, as well as a bunch of other attributes that determine their usefulness in the field. However, some types of cards can bestow bonuses to your other players, as well as provide other special features to your gameplay, which is entirely independent of their attributes. In the past, some players could even passively increase the number of fans you acquire on every Attack Mode victory, and this is something you wouldn’t know if you’re not familiar with player types.

We at BlueStacks don’t think that learning about the different player types should be as difficult as the game would have us believe. For this reason, we’ve created this convenient little guide so that you can learn all about the many different player types in FIFA Mobile, as well as  how to get started on obtaining some new unique cards.

Luckily, the variety of player types in the current season has been reduced, probably in an attempt to avoid confusion in newer users, or for those that fail to keep up with the game’s events. While this change can take away a bit from the variety of team building, the process of creating a good squad is much more straightforward since you don’t need to account for passive bonuses other than the ones bestowed by skill boosts on specific players.

Even so, there are still lots of player types. Take the Team of the Week variations, for example, which consist of special versions of existing players that have been shortlisted by EA due to their achievements in the real world. These special cards come with increased attributes over the standard versions, and with a better art to the card itself, as is the case with any other special card. TOTW has been a staple in FIFA Mobile, and consists of weekly player selections by EA of 1 Captain, 11 Starters, and 11 reserves.

In order to receive these cards, players must grind weekly events to obtain a total of 100 TOTW points through which they can then unlock the TOTW challenge. A common example of a challenge for this event could be a second-half match on a 0-0 scoreboard against the current TOTW. Winning this challenge awards the player with a ton of coins (around 1,000 to 25,000 depending on luck and performance), as well as a guaranteed chance for a Gold TOTW player, with a probability of also earning an Elite player, which could turn out to be that week’s captain.

Players can also purchase premium packs in the Store for a chance to obtain awesome players, including Elites and Masters, as well as a shot of obtaining a Silver+ TOTW player.

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Player of the Month (POTM) and Man of the Match (MOTM) are other categories of unique players, specially chosen by EA for their exploits in real-world soccer in the previous month. In order to get a shot at obtaining the POTM, for example, the player must first complete all the weekly TOTW plans for the running month, as well as obtain all four captains. After fulfilling these prerequisites, they still need to achieve other requirements, which are announced alongside the current POTM.

The good thing about all of this is that, even if you missed certain events, or haven’t unlocked all the necessary prerequisites to opt for the players, you can usually find them in the Market. Of course, if you haven’t unlocked the game modes, there’s a good chance that you won’t have enough Coins to afford one of these players, anyway. However, If you’re the type of manager that likes to invest in a good game, however, you could buy Coins with real money, which could be used to purchase all sorts of goods in the Market. It’s your choice!

The campaign and training is also a good place to find unique player cards. Completing the training nets you a Cristiano Ronaldo card right off the bat. Meanwhile, progressing through each chapter of the campaign will give you a chance to earn all sorts of prizes, including League players, skill boosts, Coins, you name it. There are other single-player modes that can also award awesome prizes to players who take the time to complete each task. The Road to Champion, for example, is a mode in which you can complete many challenges in order to raise the aforementioned Cristiano Ronaldo card you received in training all the way to a whopping 100 OVR, giving your team a massive strength boost.

Last but not least, in joining a league, there are many benefits other than having a group of players to rely upon. One of such benefits is unlocking the League Rewards mode, which lets you tackle many challenges. In this mode, players can use exclusive League Points obtained through their participation in League Tournaments in order to receive a player pack containing the league-exclusive Dele Alli. Furthermore, if they continue to gather and invest points in this mode, they can obtain training XP for the English player in order to increase its OVR way past its normal limits. Keep in mind that Alli can’t be auctioned, so there’s actually no other ways to get this great card.

It’s true that, with the arrival of Season 2, the variety of players in FIFA Mobile has waned a bit. Nevertheless, there are still a variety of terms and player types that could confuse newcomers. Fortunately, this variety often looks more overwhelming than what it actually is. Simply keep in mind that players with a unique look to their card have better performance, and you’re set. These are the cards that you should be aiming for as you level up and make your way through the game’s many modes. So rise up to the challenge and create the best team the world’s ever seen!

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