Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final...

Far from the advertised MMORPG, Final Fantasy XV is a well-rounded base-building war game with plenty of micromanaging to do on an hourly basis. So long as you don’t expect actual quests and lore, you can have a lot of fun gathering resources, creating a kingdom from scratch, attacking others, as well as defending your own base.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

But do you know what can make an already appealing strategy game even better? Playing it on BlueStacks, of course! Long gone are those days when you couldn’t bring your army back in time and avoid a disaster because of lag. And what about the fact that you have to click about 5 times to get to your hero’s upgrades tree and gear? BlueStacks will take care of that, too.

Addictive Strategy Gameplay with RPG Teasers

Most players of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire are understandably disappointed when they first take up the reins of their respective kingdoms. However, this has to do more with their expectations than the actual quality of the game. It is true that A New Empire is not the type of RPG you’d expect from the Final Fantasy series, but it is nevertheless a complex and entertaining strategy game – if given a chance.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

There are a great deal of things you have to manage properly in order to grow your empire. To begin with, you’ll learn the basics of resource production and consumption. Afterwards, you’ll be introduced to the ways you can train, use, and heal your armies. You’ll then be taken to the world map, which is a vast expanse where you can battle other players, but also occupy resource-generating regions, or fight dangerous monsters.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

Only, you won’t defeat any monsters with your armies. You’ll do it with your hero, instead, and this is where A New Empire gets interesting. Helping you conquer your enemies is Noctis, the protagonist from Final Fantasy XV, whom you can upgrade and equip in different ways. You can use this hero to boost your army, participate in special events, and gather even more resources. You can even have your hero imprisoned by other players, which – we found – can give rise to particularly entertaining interactions between opponents.

A Ruler with Cat Reflexes

If you’re a fan of mobile strategy games, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that a split-second reaction can sometimes save or obliterate your army. In Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, a moment is sometimes all it takes to make sure that your armies return home safely before being attacked by a massive force or to shelter your resources when enemies knock at your door.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on BlueStacks

No one likes playing with lag to begin with, but especially in these situations, you really don’t want to have to wait long before the game responds to your commands. At the same time, A New Empire is a fairly demanding game, so your mobile device might let you down once or twice – just enough to ruin days of resource management and army building.

Naturally, you won’t have this issue while playing A New Empire on BlueStacks. Not only is it easier to interact with the game world when using a mouse and keyboard, but no matter what you run on this emulator, you benefit from 6 times the speed of any phone on Earth. And that’s just the beginning.

Using the Keymapping Tool to Create Shortcuts

While you’re enjoying Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on BlueStacks, why not improve your quick response times even further with the Keymapping Tool? This unique feature allows you to pick different spots on the screen and assign keys, rather than clicks in order to activate them.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

For example, you can check out our sample setup here. In case of emergency, we can swiftly turn from Empire view to World Map using the Tab key. Over time, this key alone has saved our butts on countless occasions because we could command our armies as soon as we saw any sign of enemy movement.

In addition, we can now simply press Q to open the quests menu, I for the inventory, G for the guild screen (super useful when you’re trying to throw out as many helping hands as possible), M for mail, and Space for other options. We can basically get from any screen to any screen, which might not seem as much, but will actually save you hours if you stick with the game long-term.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

What better gift to give to the world’s most obsessive micromanagers? BlueStacks is looking out for you!

Optimizing Your Game Time with the BlueStacks Combo Key

Speaking of micromanagement, as your New Empire grows, you’ll be repeating more and more sequences of actions to keep resource and army production running smoothly. But why do all of this manually when you can use the BlueStacks Combo Key instead?

Basically, the Combo Key lets you record any series of in-game actions so that you can replay them later with just one click. Think of your 10 Stone Quarries, for instance, and the fact that, every now and then, you will have to upgrade all of them to a higher level. The first time you do it, you might think – that’s not so bad; it only takes me, like, 2 minutes to get the job done. By the 20th time you have to do this, though, you’ll start to feel differently about it.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

At that point, all you have to do is pop open the “Game Controls” menu, click “Edit,” and go to “Advanced Settings.” Here, you can use the “+” button at the top of the menu to begin recording a new Combo Key. Then, simply run over all of your Stone Quarries and upgrade them once. Make sure you have all the necessary resources to complete the recording! Finally, you can stop the recording, give it a suggestive name (like “Can’t be asked; boring quarries” maybe), and assign a key to it. The next time you want to upgrade all of your Quarries, all you have to do is click the key and voila! – BlueStacks will do it for you.

Build a Glorious New Empire in Final Fantasy XV with BlueStacks

There are actually a whole number of things you can optimize using either the Keymapping Tool or the Combo Key. Just let your imagination and your understanding of the game shape your new shortcuts. Then, brag to all of your friends that you can upgrade your entire base several times faster than they can. That ought to impress them for sure.

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