In most zombie apocalypse settings, the survivors’ only goal is to find safety and try to make it through the day, trying to forage and scavenge for resources, while avoiding the zombie horde. In First Refuge Z, however, it’s not enough to survive; our heroes must also thrive, and the best way to go about this is by cleaning and restoring their newfound bunker and turning it into a safe haven for all looking to find safety in the zombie wasteland.

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

Building a bunker, however, even though you’re given all the tools you’ll need, is a process that takes time and dedication, particularly the latter since you’ll need to manually build rooms, upgrade them, train troops, research new technologies, and defend from enemy attacks that will only get tougher as you progress. In this sense, and to aid you in your journey, we’ve decided to create a guide with the best First Refuge Z tips and tricks to help everyone get started on the right track.

Become a One-Person Army by Playing on BlueStacks

In strategy conquest games like First Refuge Z, strength is most often found in numbers. This principle goes not only for the size of your armies but also for your alliances, as having many people watching your back can help to dissuade would-be attackers on the world map. However, finding a good, active alliance in these games is often as difficult as actually playing the game itself, which means that it could take a long time and lead to lots of frustration until you find a good one.

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

By playing First Refuge Z on PC with BlueStacks, however, you can significantly reduce the frustration of finding a good alliance, simply because you really don’t have to do so if you don’t want to, and could instead opt to become the alliance yourself.

With BlueStacks, you can use the Instance Manager to create multiple instances of our Android emulator, and then access the game on each of these simultaneously, effectively letting us play the game with multiple accounts at the same time. This means that, if you create all your accounts on the same server, you can create an alliance with all your different shelters, and develop all of them at the same time, growing your power with each, and using their forces to unleash joint-attacks, as well as defend from other players. And all of this without ever having to rely on other teammates since you’ll have all the help you’ll ever need at all times.

Troops and Their Uses

While they will primarily be your main fighting force in this game, your troops can also perform a variety of different functions, making them a vital part of your shelter in First Refuge Z. Specifically, your troops can not only attack and defend from other players, but they can also gather resources from the world map; go on missions and investigate elements found through the Radar function; reinforce allies, and even scout other players’ bases. And particularly when it comes to reinforcing your allies, this is why playing on multiple accounts at the same time is so great, since you could simply reinforce your bases with the troops from your secondary accounts, whenever you need to defend from an enemy.

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

Due to their usefulness, you should always be training new troops and growing your armies whenever possible. However, in order to make the most of them, it’s important to understand the distinction between the three main troop types in this game:

  • Infantry defeats Ranged
  • Ranged defeats Vehicles
  • Vehicles defeats Infantry

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

For the most part, you can do well by keeping a balanced army in your base. However, when it comes to attacking enemies with a focus on certain units, you could benefit greatly from exploiting their weaknesses by attacking with the corresponding troop type that can counter their forces.

The World Map and its Boundless Resources

While your base can produce most of the resources that you’ll ever need both for its development, as well as for training your armies, it does so at a snail’s pace. In this sense, if you depend solely on your production facilities for your resource generation, it’ll take ages for you to actually build your base. For this reason, we need to look to another source in order to secure a good supply of materials at all times, which is where the world map comes into play.

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

In the world map, you’ll not only find tons of NPC enemies as well as other players’ bases, but you can also find near-endless supplies of resources strewn about the different gathering points. You can send your armies to these resource points to have them collect materials and bring them back to your base. The process itself takes a while, depending on the number of troops sent. However, the more troops you send, the more resources they will bring back.

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

In order to ensure that you have enough resources to continuously build and expand your base, you should always be gathering from the world map. And in this regard, BlueStacks can help you to significantly simplify this process, by letting you automate it via macros, which is another reason to play First Refuge Z on PC with BlueStacks.

Your Heroes and Their Functions

Your base is not only defended by your troops, but it also has numerous different “hero” characters, each with their own stats and skills, that can lead your armies and lend their passive perks to enhance certain aspects. These heroes are also the only ones that can investigate certain levels and participate in special real-time combat scenarios against the infected horde. This latter aspect is where their particular skills and stats will come into play.

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

Each hero has two specialties, which you can check from the Hero screen. Understandably, these specialties will determine what functions the heroes are better suited for, such as gathering certain resources, training troops, or enhancing the stats of certain unit types, among others.

You can recruit new heroes at any moment from the Last Saloon, which is where you’ll find the gacha system in First Refuge Z. To actually unlock new characters, you’ll need to collect enough of their fragments. Furthermore, you can also upgrade the heroes in your roster with XP booklets, items that you can get from completing missions, and you can also promote their rank by feeding them more of their own fragments along with specific hero medals. Both types of upgrades will increase their stats and effectiveness in the field.

Survive the Zombie Wasteland in First Refuge Z With the Best Tips and Tricks

By keeping control of not only your base, but also constantly gathering from the world map, as well as keeping your heroes upgraded at all times, you should have a relatively straightforward path to growing your power in First Refuge Z. Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks in the comments below!