Forsaken World can be a harsh place for beginners since the difficulty of the content rises quickly. Most beginners end up challenging dungeons and trials that are way below their current level just to be able to defeat bosses but that’s completely inefficient. Even though the game can be hard, remember that the beauty of MMORPGs lies in the fact that it gives you challenging content to try to workaround. Instead of accepting defeat, it may be time to develop good habits to make sure you keep up with the game.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

One prime example of one thing that beginners don’t give importance to is combat power. If you want to learn more about how this works, you should go check out our Combat Power Guide to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of this rating system. Of course, raising your power rating is only one part of how to achieve success in this game. There are other healthy habits that players need to develop early so that they maximize the rewards they get whenever they play the game.

Complete Your Dailies

Completing your dailies is the first healthy habit that you need to learn. Dailies include daily missions and daily dungeons. As you’ve probably noticed already, certain dungeons, trials, and bosses can only be completed a limited amount of times per day which usually isn’t enough to get the resources that you need to upgrade your stuff quickly. Rather than complaining about the restriction, it might be a good idea to start completing as many of these dungeons as you can per day so that you maximize the rewards.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Some of the daily content comes in the form of quests. For example, the Rysengrad’s Secret quest chain is the biggest source of experience that you can do to level up quickly. Ideally, players will complete all the attempts so that they get all of the rewards but if you’re restricted on your playtime, just do as many as you can. If you skip the daily content, you can still get it in the form of Retrievals but they only give about 60-80% of the reward compared to how much you would earn if you did it on time.

Check Your Inventory

The inventory is a place where hidden treasures might be found. Most players take a quick look at their inventory once or twice and never bother to open it again. However, doing dungeons and other content may award the player with chests. The game usually hovers those chests on the screen to give the player the option to open them immediately but there are times, especially if you’re on auto-play mode, that they are not opened and are instead placed in your inventory for you to open later.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Chests contain resources that you can use to upgrade your heroes. This is useful if you find that you’re not getting enough from the chests. Another good item that you can use that’s just stuck in your inventory is the treasure maps. These maps allow the hero to go in search of buried treasure that contains important resources and even chests. Players should also recycle gear in their inventory so that they have enough space to get better gear that would otherwise be lost if they don’t have slots in their bags.

Go Manual Mode on Bosses

Bosses can be quite challenging in Forsaken World especially if you’re a bit underpowered for that stage. Most people give up after losing to a boss and wait until they’re a bit stronger to challenge it again which isn’t necessarily a bad strategy but it can be a hasty decision if you haven’t tried all of the options. If you challenge a boss in auto-mode, it’s easy for the AI to make a lot of mistakes and lose out on damage output because they don’t use your ultimates and buffs as part of the rotation.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

It’s a good idea to challenge difficult bosses (those that are near or above your combat power) by controlling your hero manually. This way, you can use all your abilities at the right time. Additionally, you can apply various strategies such as kiting and increase your damage efficiency by clumping up two or more bosses together so that you can unleash your AoE skills on all of them. Always avoid bosses’ big abilities and use your potions often so that you can survive longer.

Spend Your Gems

A lot of mobile games make use of the in-game currency system (gems) to allow players to purchase power-ups. Forsaken World also has this which allows players that are willing to spend money to zoom ahead of the player base. However, even F2P users can still benefit from the use of this currency since the game rewards players with locked gems that can be used for a number of resources in the game that can be found in the shop.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Forsaken World gives its players a ton of free gems so don’t be afraid to spend it. Whenever you think that you need resources so that you can catch up on leveling and upgrading some of your equipment, use your gems to buy the resources. Of course, you might want to try farming for those resources first before buying them since you might be wasting your currency on buying things unnecessarily instead.

Join a Guild

Finally, players are encouraged to find a guild. Aside from the fact that Guilds provide passive bonuses that also increase your combat power by a large margin, there is a lot of content here that players will definitely enjoy. Guild events allow players a fun and engaging way to earn resources with other players in their guild without it being too much of a chore.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Remember to always try and search for a guild that’s active. An inactive guild is a deadweight since the members probably won’t join the guild events as there is nobody to organize the members. To join an active guild, you might want to look at the rankings and choose from the Top 10 or 20 guilds since those have the best chances of being active.