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Fortnite Mobile for Android – How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

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For many gamers, the defining feature in Fortnite Mobile, which sets it apart from the other battle royale games out there, is the building system through which you can create defenses and all sorts of structures. Building is a pivotal aspect in this title, which is why good builders often outplay the competition and claim those juicy Victory Royales.

Fortnite Mobile for Android – How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

However, mastering the art of building in Fortnite is quite challenging, especially since it’s a feature exclusive to this game. Because of this, and considering the influx of newbies that will come from the game’s recent release on the Google Play Store, we decided to write this handy introduction on effective building in Fortnite.

The Difference Between Building Materials

Before talking about how to build effectively in Fortnite Mobile, we feel it’s necessary to address the differences between each type of building material.

There are three types of materials in Fortnite, wood, stone, and metal, each of which can be harvested from different sources. Wood is often farmed from houses with wooden walls or from trees; stone is obtained from boulders and brick walls, and metal is acquired from metallic structures and vehicles. Each type of material has different stats when using them for building.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

Wood is, by far, the fastest type of building material as it only takes 5 seconds to completely form a standard wall. It is, however, also the weakest, with only 200 health when fully built. Stone is next in line in durability, sporting a hefty 300 health when fully formed, while taking 12 seconds to create a wall out of it. Lastly, metal is the strongest material in Fortnite, with 400 health, and takes 20 seconds to fully build a structure.

For quick battles and building on-the-go, wood will be your best choice as its fast and easy to use. For longer standoffs, you’re better off using metal and stone. While they may take longer to build, they are much more durable than wood. In fact, after the 5-second mark after the building has started, they will already be stronger than a wood structure.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

It All Starts With a Vertical Wall…

The very first thing that you’ll want to do when building during a fight is placing an obstacle between your enemy and yourself. This will give you a few seconds to plan your next move accordingly, which usually entails further building in a specific direction. And better yet, this will actually give you the element of surprise as your enemy won’t know where you will pop out from. Will you peek to a side? Will you create a ramp and peek from the top of your wall? Or maybe you’re going to stay and wait for him to get closer?

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

When it comes to building in Fortnite, the possibilities are endless, and it’s the act of quick thinking when building that will make the pros stand out from the rest. Nevertheless, whether you’re a pro at wrecking scrubs left and right, or a newcomer trying to get the hang of the building system, the common factor is that everything starts with a simple wall.

Who needs long-distance combat when you could spend 10 minutes building alongside your enemy in a frantic game of cat and mouse before one of you manages to outsmart the other and emerges victorious? This is precisely what sets Fortnite apart from the other battle royale games in the market.

By the way, we were kidding with the comment about ranged combat; if you have a shot at killing an enemy without taking a risk, then you should always go for it!

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

Build Smart

In most cases, unless you’re moving to a specific point via your constructions, it pays to fortify your current position, especially if you’re using it as a shelter while you heal up or drink a shield potion. Aside from your standard four walls, you could also build a roof on top of your floor panel, which will give you an extra bit of safety to prevent you from falling through if the enemy starts firing at you, for those times when you’re chilling on top of one of your structures.

If you’re building slopes to get closer to an enemy, or are trying to climb a mountain and aren’t sure if there are enemies nearby, a good idea would be to build your slopes in pairs. That is, instead of a single straight slope towards your destination, you would build the ramp with a wider slope of two panels. This will not only give you more wiggle room in case you come under fire and need to figure out a new direction to move in, but it will also protect you from getting knocked from high off the ground if they destroy the base of your ramp.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

Get Creative With Elevations

If you’re coming from playing other battle royale games like PUBG Mobileor Call of Duty: Mobile, odds are that you’re accustomed to moving around the map in a very basic and straightforward manner, simply running in a straight line towards your destination. While this is fine for the most part, Fortnite gives you many liberties when it comes to getting around the map, especially once you get used to the building mechanic.

Let’s say, for example, that the distance between your current position and the safe zone is separated by a large mountain. Taking the long way around the mountain will make you lose time and probably get you shot in the process. On the other hand, running up the mountain is impossible since it’s too steep. This is precisely where building shines as no mountain, house, or skyscraper is tall enough to stop a competent builder, as long as you have enough materials.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Build Powerful and Effective Structures

In most cases, it’s better to simply build your way towards your destination rather than taking the long route. If anything, climbing up a mountain is a good way to scout your immediate surroundings and figure out what your next move will be. However, be careful when descending as large falls can and will kill you. Luckily, building is good for both ascending and descending elevations, as you can simply drop down a ledge and build horizontal panels beneath your feet as you’re dropping to prevent suffering fall damage. A few panels’ worths of construction are all it takes to drop from the highest mountains in the game.

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