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Fortnite Mobile – A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

While the game is now available on Play Store as well, it does not work on BlueStacks at this time. Please check this space for updates. 

Fortnite Mobile has dropped on the Google Play Store, and with it, there will surely come an influx of newcomers and beginners who, against all odds, haven’t played the game yet. For this reason, we’ve decided to dedicate a section of our blog to writing some beginner content to help newbies out in the beginning. And today, we’re going to talk about the different weapon types in the game.

Fortnite Mobile - A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

In our beginner’s guide for Fortnite Mobile, we mentioned how there are different weapons types in Fortnite. While not nearly as diverse as in some other games, these weapons are more straightforward, divided more into different categories, with weapons of varying qualities within, instead of having firearms with unique names. Unlike PUBG Mobile, for example, where there are unique weapons like the M16A1, M4A1, and AK47, among others, within the same category, Fortnite has simply weapons titled “Assault Rifle”, and come in different levels of quality; from common, to mythic.

However, despite boasting different stats and parameters across the board, there’s more to the various weapon types in Fortnite, which makes them great at specific purposes. And while weapons like the SMG or Assault Rifles can be used general purposes, there’s almost always going to be a better weapon if you’re trying to do something specific.

Fortnite Mobile - A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

Let’s take a look at what each weapon type in Fortnite can do. But first, a word on rarity.

Regarding Weapon Rarity

As we mentioned above, weapons in this battle royale come in different levels of rarity, from common to mythic. In between, we can also find the uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary rarities, all of which are represented by different colors. If you’re familiar with MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, the color-coding in Fortnite will come naturally to you, as it’s literally the same format, which is divided in the following manner:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Fortnite Mobile - A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

These levels of rarity represent the different weapon options in each category, which makes choosing a good weapon much easier in Fortnite than in other games. Instead of selecting your preferred weapon within a category you simply pick based on the weapon type and then upgrade to a higher quality when you come across it.

Assault Weapons

The main multipurpose weapon type in Fortnite, which often fits into any loadout. This weapon type is usually suited for encounters in medium to long distances, boasting a decent fire rate and damage, and even great precision by tap-firing. Some specialized assault weapons, like the minigun, offer a superb fire rate with the addition of infinite magazine size, which means that the user doesn’t have to reload ever. However, its slow windup and merciless spread make it better suited for tearing down buildings instead of precision-firing at other players.

Fortnite Mobile - A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

The different assault weapons in Fortnite include the assault rifle, heavy assault rifle, burst assault rifle, suppressed assault rifle, minigun, and the drum gun.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to keep an assault weapon with you at all times, with the exception of the minigun since it’s a specialized tool more than an all-purpose weapon. These will be your go-to firearm for when running in the field and engaging enemies at all distances. However, if you’re in point-blank range, you’ll probably want to switch to an SMG or shotgun.


Speaking of which, submachine guns in Fortnite, like their name implies, are smaller, faster, and deadlier versions of assault weapons. They usually have a much higher fire rate, which directly translates into more DPS, assuming you don’t miss your target. However, this weapon type isn’t suited for encounters in medium to long distances due to the recoil and spread that makes them unwieldy, not to mention the damage dropoff that makes bullets hit for significantly less if you’re too far from the target.

Fortnite Mobile - A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

A good strategy when using SMGs is to close the distance while using a different weapon, and then unloading upon your enemy once you’re in range. In good hands, these small firearms can kill as fast shotguns or sniper rifles.


Shotguns in most shooter or battle royale games are criminally-underused and underpowered weapons that are only effective for the first few minutes of the match, during the loot phase where everyone is scrambling for gear. However, with the different combat style and mobility options in Fortnite, which is mostly due to the game’s building system , combat in close quarters is quite commonplace, which means that shotguns often have a space in everyone’s loadout.

Fortnite Mobile - A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

In fact, while assault weapons are used regularly, shotguns are almost as common, especially for the pro players that are expert builders and can easily close the distance to the enemy. Suffice to say, these weapons types can kill anyone at point-blank range with a single shot. They’re quite difficult to use, however, due to their low fire rate but are exceedingly powerful in the right hands.

Sniper Rifles

The quintessential weapon type for long-distance encounters. Sniper rifles are useful only for engaging distant foes unless you’re a sniping god that can 360 noscope scrubs before they can even get close enough. Nevertheless, a well-placed sniper round to the head can kill anyone, even if they have full health and shields.

Fortnite Mobile – A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

However, the player needs to take the distance to the target in consideration as sniper shots take a bit of time to reach the target and can suffer from bullet drop at extreme distances. If you’re just starting out in Fortnite, we recommend skipping this weapon type until you get used to the general gunplay and flow of battle. Nevertheless, there are few things more satisfying than killing an enemy from over a mile away, with a loud thunk as the bullet breaks his shield and kills him in a single shot. Pure bliss!


Fortnite’s take on handguns, which are usually weaker than the other types, but have their own uses, especially in the early stages of any match. Though you’ll most likely replace them rather sooner than later, don’t shy away from a pistol if it’s the only thing you can find in the beginning; it only takes 4 or 5 well-placed shots to the body to take down an enemy!

Fortnite Mobile – A Guide on the Different Weapon Types

There are quite a few other weapons in Fortnite Mobile, such as the crossbow and rocket launcher, as well as several throwable arms, each of which have their own specific purposes in the game. However, the weapons we mentioned above are the most common types that you’ll likely pick up in almost every match. Familiarizing yourself with every weapon is key to winning in Fortnite, so make sure to give them all a try and start developing your skills!

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