While the game is now available on Play Store as well, it does not work on BlueStacks at this time. Please check this space for updates. 

It took a lot of convincing, and quite some time on their end, but Epic Games finally decided to make Fortnite for Android directly through the Google Play Store a reality. Ever since its launch back in 2018, Fortnite Mobile was readily accessible for iOS users on the App Store after a short testing period. Deployment for this platform was easy, considering that Apple devices are fairly streamlined and there aren’t nearly as many models on the market as Android phones. While Fortnite was initially made available for some Android phones, the main distribution method was via downloading an APK from their website, which is cumbersome, to say the least.

Fortnite for Android - The Best Beginner Tips for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

However, a few hours ago, Epic Games announced they were making their hit battle royale game available for everyone on the Play Store which, frankly, is amazing news. We couldn’t be more excited about this new distribution, especially since the previous method of installation will be discontinued. However, Fortnite still has some steep requirements, which will, sadly, put it out of reach from a significant chunk of the mobile gaming general audience. Fortunately, we at BlueStacks are already hard at work to make it compatible with our emulator and available on our App Center.

Can you imagine playing Fortnite Mobile on BlueStacks? Think of all the awesome things you’ll be able to do by using our tools once we make it a reality. Our mind just races at the thought of it!

While we still don’t have a release date for Fortnite on BlueStacks, you can bet that, as we’re writing this article, our teams of engineers are hard at work. Until then, however, we decided we’ll be sharing several guides on this awesome battle royale game. On this occasion, we want to talk about several beginner tips and tricks, considering that, even though it’s a battle royale game like PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite has many differences in relation to its counterparts.

Fortnite for Android - The Best Beginner Tips for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

Let’s get started!

Just Build, Bro!

The main difference between a good Fortnite player and a mediocre one isn’t determined exclusively by their proficiency with their weapons, but also by their building skills.

Unlike other battle royale titles, where ambushes are almost certainly a death sentence for the victim, players can build  their own cover and structures in Fortnite using the wood and other materials they farm from the world with their pickaxes. These structures include everything from vertical and horizontal panels, slopes, roofs, and even utilitarian elements like restorative campfires, platforms that launch you into the air for repositioning, and even traps for those who wander into your territory.

Fortnite for Android - The Best Beginner Tips for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

Suffice to say, the building is a key aspect of playing Fortnite, especially when it comes to higher levels of play when fights often devolve to a frantic game of cat and mouse as players alternate between building and shooting, and even healing themselves in the middle of combat using their constructed cover. In close combat is where building really comes into play as it allows not only refuge from the enemy but also to reposition and pop up behind them for an easy kill, or to simply to flee from a losing battle to re-engage the enemy in more favorable terms.

There’s are good reasons why the “Just build, bro!” memes spawned shortly after Fortnite’s launch, and the aforementioned are just a few of these!

Fortnite for Android - The Best Beginner Tips for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

Always Keep Moving

Fortnite is a game played exclusively in a third-person perspective. Unlike other battle royale games, which have some sort of first-person component (such as when aiming your weapon), Fortnite is always viewed from over your character’s shoulder, with the exception of using certain scoped weapons. In this sense, the gunplay is designed to allow players to shoot while moving without overly penalizing the player’s accuracy, other than the inherent complications that come from keeping your reticule lined up with your target while moving, that is.

In this regard, Fortnite is much more mobile (see what we did there?) than other battle royale titles, and it’s not uncommon for fights to consist of players running and jumping while trying to get that kill with a well-placed shotgun blast to the head. That’s not to say players can’t take their time aiming since combat in medium to long distances is definitely a thing in this game. However, shooting an assault or sniper rifle is vastly different than using a shotgun in this game, which brings us to our next point.

Fortnite for Android - The Best Beginner Tips for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

A Weapon for Every Purpose

We’ve written in the past about how the different weapon types are suited for different purposes in other battle royale games. However, this distinction is much more prevalent in Fortnite as weapons types are heavily geared towards specific types of combat.

Assault rifles, for example, are meant to be used for medium to long distances. They offer a combination of decent damage with pinpoint accuracy, even while strafing, but their low fire rate makes them difficult to use at short distances since the enemies are constantly moving around, and getting more than a few shots in is tough.

Fortnite for Android - The Best Beginner Tips for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

Shotguns are the prime candidates for combat in close quarters. While they also suffer from an abysmal fire rate, the damage they can do with single shots is matched only by sniper rifles as they can easily dispatch an enemy with a well-placed shot to the chest at point-blank range. Sniper rifles are the antithesis to shotguns as they can also kill enemies from full HP with a couple of shots, especially if you aim to the head, though they’re obviously quite difficult to use and have a high skill ceiling.

Compared to other battle royale games, the weapons in Fortnite are more specialized and are geared for specific purposes. When considering these distinctions, coupled with the permanent third-person perspective, and the building mechanics, this is one unique battle royale that you’ll definitely want to play if you haven’t already (which we find hard to believe!).

Fortnite for Android - The Best Beginner Tips for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

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