This Free Fire guide is going to be about the old but gold topic of AIM. Everyone wants to have a good aim, and there are tons of guides that have been made on how to improve your aim. However, there is a topic that has been highly neglected, and that is inconsistency in aiming.. Many players have suffered from their aim being incredibly inconsistent and don’t know why. Well, if this is you, that all ends here! This Free Fire guide is going to go through the reasons WHY your aim is inconsistent and how you can easily fix it. So you can play at your best in every game of Free Fire. 

Inconsistent Positioning:

One of the reasons your aim can be inconsistent is because of inconsistent positioning. There are multiple areas that you could be playing in Free Fire, and they can drastically affect how comfortable you are with your aim and plays. A lot of players with inconsistent aim don’t really have certain positions that they always go for. For example, on the attack side of a structure, they jump between holding an angle, then suddenly trying to aggressively push onto another area. From there, they try to switch things around where they start going aggressive and then try to lurk or passively hold. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

All of these scenarios, while similar in some aspects, are played in entirely different ways. There are different angles to check, the choke points are narrower or wider. There are multiple different factors that go into an area and if you aren’t used to those specific factors, you’re going to feel less comfortable trying to take control of it. Instead, it’s recommended that you pick one to two positions on each map, and stick to them. For example, if you feel good entry-ing in a house when your team tries to take it, then you should do that on every single game that your team goes to a house similar to that. If you feel good being the 2nd man when pushing, then you should try to get into this position during all your team’s pushes. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

By doing this, you get repetitions on the same play over and over again. You know what to expect, and what you need to do to fulfill your role. This is done to a similar but more general extent when defending your team. For example, if you are more comfortable playing on one map, you should try to play that map as much as you can.

Drop Off Point:

Taking it a step further, you should pick a specific drop point and hold that drop point every single time. Feeling good with your drop point? Defend that every round like your life depends on it. Your teammate calling your name? Then get to them, and defend it like your heart depends on it. This consistent positioning will help you feel comfortable with where you are on the map. After practicing those positions, you’ll have a general idea of how that position is played out. Also, what character abilities you want to use to push, or what abilities enemies might like to use to push you. 

Consistent Positioning:

Consistent positioning applies outside the game as well. It may sound silly at first, but your desk and chair setup can play a monumental factor into how consistent your aim is. There are multiple areas at play here, including your mouse position, monitor position, chair position, mouse pad position. Making sure that all of your equipment is in the same spot every time you play will make sure your body is in the same position every time you play. Again, this brings familiarity and comfort, which will help make sure that you’re aiming consistently every time. If even one piece of equipment is off, that could throw off your entire aim. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

For example, if your mouse pad is slightly higher than normal, this will likely result in you putting your mouse higher. Which then changes your shoulder and elbow position to somewhere that your body hasn’t been trained and oriented to. This then makes it harder for you to aim and feel off. If you have doubts about this, then you can try it yourself in a more extreme manner. Play in your typical position, and then try to play with your chair further back. You’ll likely notice that the familiarity and comfort are gone, and you’re now having more trouble aiming. So make sure that your setup is positioned the exact same way every time your play, and you’ll notice an improvement in your aim consistency. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

One thing to highlight is that you want to find what is most comfortable for YOU. This may be having perfect posture where your elbows are bent to 90 degrees and your back is straight. You could also potentially be in a slouched posture where your chair is on an incline. Whatever it is, find it and stick to it. 

Brain Drain:

A big reason players have inconsistent aim is their mental health. This is an area many players neglect, but it’s really important if you want to play well in Free Fire. Something as simple as having a poor sleep schedule could hugely affect your aim. You’re not sleeping well, your body isn’t getting the rest you needed, and therefore you’re fatigued and end up having trouble aiming consistently when you play. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

Perhaps you had a rough day, and aren’t really in a good mental state to play Free Fire. You still get into a game anyway, play poorly, and then get tilted further and causing even more inconsistencies to occur. Mental health is an important aspect to consider for not only Free Fire, but just for your overall health. You’ll find that when your mental health is in check, your aim will be much better. You may be questioning how effective this is, but it does work.

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

Your Character: 

If you want consistent aim, then it’s recommended that you play with a similar character every game. There are different types of characters in Free Fire and each character type has a different type of playstyle to optimally use that character’s abilities. For example, duelists characters are good at getting into enemy faces and getting picks. So if your character is a duelist, you want to be aggressive and the first player in when hitting an area. On the other spectrum, if you’re playing a character such as Chronos, you want to play practically the complete opposite.  

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

In this regard, especially if you’re on defense, you want to be more passive and hold off on making moves. Let the enemies come to you and when they fall into your setup, that’s when you go in for a fight. You can see how different characters can call for completely different playstyles. If you’re used to one specific playstyle and not another, that can create inconsistencies with your aim, based on what character you’re using. If you are able to pick one specific character to main and focus on, that will help improve your consistency as you get used to their abilities. Staying within the same character type will be relatively similar and easy to adapt into.

Sensitivity Settings:

Getting into a common area that players don’t tend to think about, sticking with one sensitivity. A common thing players will do when their aim is feeling off, or they’re underperforming is that they’ll try to change sensitivities. In hopes that that will fix the problem. The issue that tends to occur when doing this though, is it messes up your muscle memory. You’ve been practicing with one sensitivity and learning it. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

Then you go into a completely different sensitivity that you’re not used to, which results in you over-aiming or under-aiming compared to usual and actually performing even worse. Stick to one sensitivity and work on developing that muscle memory. It will help you much more in the long run to improve your aim and decrease the chances of having an off day.

Warming Up:

This next tip is simple but heavily overlooked, and that is having a warm-up routine. It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated. Just spending a few minutes doing an aim drill can really help to prepare you when you get into your games. It’s recommended to warm up in either Clash Squads or the practice range as they’re the simplest to do. There aren’t too many specifics in terms of how to properly warm up. As long as you’re doing some sort of aiming with it. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

You can either let loose and just go in for as many aim duels as you can in Clash Squads, or go for a casual-paced aiming in the practice range. These are just a few options, but you can also do certain aim drills to warm up areas that you feel you need to work on. Areas such as jiggling peeking or strafe shooting. The point being, make sure you warm up your aim to prevent being cold in your matches and you’ll instantly notice an increase in your consistency through your games.


Weaponry can play a big factor in your aim and consistency, which is an area this guide is going to delve into. Some players feel more comfortable on one gun, while others feel comfortable with something else. Such comfort can drastically change the way you aim.  The two most popular rifles in Free Fire are the SCAR and the AK. Players switch between the two during guns in their games all the time. This may have led you to constantly be thinking about which weapon is better. Honestly, it’s a difficult argument because both weapons are so close to each other. Garena has done this on purpose though. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

Each of the two big rifles are similar in strength, but each serves different purposes and play styles. Many players like to switch between the SCAR and the AK based on how they’re feeling on a given day. For those who are finding that their aim is inconsistent, you should pick the rifle that feels most comfortable to you, and stick with it throughout. The SCAR and AK have different firing rates, different clip sizes, and a different spray pattern amongst other things. If you’re not as used to one compared to the other, then you’ll find yourself aiming much worse with the rifle that you don’t normally play. 

Likewise, if you keep switching between the two rifles, you won’t be able to fully master one and develop consistency. Stick to one rifle you feel best with and develop your skills with that rifle first before moving on. Doing this has helped several of our players develop the consistency you need to aim. 

Aim Training Drills:

Last but not least, if your aim still feels inconsistent, then having a detailed aim routine is going to be beneficial to you. A lot of people misconceive Free Fire as a game where you need to have godlike flicks and reactions to dominate. While that is most certainly important and helps you make those flashy, Reddit worthy plays. Most of Free Fire is actually the opposite when you take a deeper look into things. You’re using multiple other techniques, such as crosshair placement, jiggle peeking, wide swinging, strafe shooting, running and gunning in Free Fire. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

You may be excellent at performing one aiming technique, but then awful at performing another. What happens from that is you get into a game where you’re using the aiming technique that you need for the right situation. Then when you get into a situation where you need to use something else, then you find your aim being much more off. This may require some gameplay reviewing, but it’s recommended for identifying the specific techniques that you don’t feel comfortable with. Then putting that into an aim routine that you do regularly. For example, if you find your tracking is really off, then head into the training range and work on tracing the heads. 

Free Fire Aim Guide: You Need to Take a Look Beyond the Booyahs

If you find your shoulder peeks need work, then work on doing this multiple times in the practice range to get it down. If you’re really short on time, this could also be done as a replacement to the warm-up routine. By improving the areas of your aim that are weak, you’ll be prepared to shoot down your enemies regardless of what situation you run into.