As time passes and new content is added in Free Fire, so too do many of its aspects evolve accordingly. The meta is no exception as the arrival of new characters like Alok, K, and even Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Chrono” shook up the gameplay as people tried them out and discovered their full potential. In this regard, and similar to when new guns are added and older ones are tweaked, the meta shifts when new characters enter the scene as their skills can be far superior to the ones currently in existence.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game- Updated for 2021

The year 2020 was a good one for Free Fire as it saw the arrival of new guns and characters, giving players new options to explore when it comes to running and fighting around in Bermuda and Kalahari. However, as more characters are implemented, it becomes increasingly difficult to know who are the better ones that you should be using. In this sense, we’ve created this guide to list the best Free Fire characters as of January 2021.

Let’s begin!

1. Alok – Arguably The Best Support in the Game

There are characters who are good in a team setting, and there are others who are great for solo play. And then there is Alok, who’s excellent in every aspect. Whether you enjoy playing with friends in squads, or are a loner who frequently plays by himself, Alok is definitely one of the best choices of Free Fire characters available in the game.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game- Updated for 2021

Alok’s great strength comes mainly from his active skill, Drop the Beat, which is amazing in solo play, and even better if you’re playing with a squad. This skill, when activated, creates an aura that gives Alok and anyone within a 5 meter radius of him a 10% speed boost as well as heals them for 5 HP per second. This skill can be upgraded later on to enhance the speed boost to 15%, making it even more effective.

Regardless of whether you’re playing by yourself or with others, the speed boost and healing from Alok’s skill will come in handy on any occasion. Even if you don’t need healing, this ability will make it much easier for you to flank your enemies and catch them off guard.

2. Chrono – The Anti-Ambush Machine

Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Chrono” is borderline broken. Yeah, we said it, so what? What else would you call a character that can press a button and become completely invencible for a short period? And not only that, he can make EVERYONE within the area of effect invincible, as well, making him almost as good in both offense and support as Alok.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game- Updated for 2021

Chrono’s active skill is called “Time Turner” and, when used, deploys a force field in an area around him that protects everyone within it for up to 4 seconds at level 1, or until the enemy breaks it by dealing enough damage to the barrier. The force field has 600 HP at all levels, though its duration can be increased to up to 9 seconds at max level. And not only that, everyone within the field also gains up to 30% additional movement speed, allowing them to reposition quickly as long as they remain within the AoE.

However, all of these bonuses pale in comparison to the skill’s best feature: While enemies can’t shoot through the barrier until they break it, all allies can shoot from within, allowing them to freely return fire from the safety of the force field. This skill makes Chrono the best character for protecting against ambushes as his barrier effectively shields everyone even while you’re running in the field without cover.

3. K – Endless Healing and Support

It seems the current meta is dominated by the guest characters that were added throughout the previous year, and with good reason—their skills are insane!

5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game- Updated for 2021

This time around, DJ KSHMR’s “K” character is an absolute beast when it comes to supporting his team by essentially granting them infinite healing. His main skill, “Master of All”, is a passive ability that boost the player’s maximum EP by 50 points, and can also be toggled into two different modes:

  • Jiu-jitsu Mode: All allies within 6 meters get 500% EP conversion rate, allowing them to heal HP much faster as long as they have EP.
  • Psychology Mode: All allies within the area passively recover 2 EP every 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 100 EP.

As you can see, as long as K’s around, both him and his allies will constantly be running around with full HP, given they have enough time to regenerate it. In this sense, K is definitely a no-brainer if you’re going to be playing with your squad. Everyone can benefit from his skills as long as one player chooses him.

4. Jai – Automatic Reloads for Endless Rampages

While the characters we’ve mentioned so far offer a balanced approach to both team and solo play, Hrithik Roshan’s Jai is all about going on the offense and destroying your enemies with a virtually endless stream of bullets. This is because his passive skill, “Raging Reload”, automatically reloads a percentage of his gun’s capacity every time he knocks down an enemy. In this sense, as long as he’s getting kills and knockdowns, Jai essentially has infinite ammo and doesn’t even have to do the long reload animation before going back into the fight.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game- Updated for 2021

There’s really not much to say about Jai other than he’s an absolute powerhouse in every situation. However, you need to be a good shot if you want to enjoy his passive skill, considering that it only activates whenever he gets a knockdown. In this sense, if you’re just starting off or aren’t very good in combat yet, then you’d probably want to stick to some of the other characters we’ve mentioned above for now.

5. Wolfrahh – Stacking Passive Bonuses per Kill or Spectator

This is the only character that gets stronger the more players are spectating him. For every kill and spectator that Wolfrahh currently has, he’ll get a stacking buff that increases his damage as well as his defense against headshots.

Wolfrahh’s “Limelight” skill is all about playing aggressively in order to maximize his passive buff. For every kill he scores, he will get a buff that increases the damage he deals to enemy’s limbs by 3%, and decreases the damage he takes from headshots by the same amount. The defense bonus is capped at 25%, while the damage increase is capped at 15%.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game- Updated for 2021

At higher levels, the damage bonus per kill is increased to 5%, up to a maximum of 30% for the defensive component, and 20% for the damage aspect. It’s important to note that this passive bonus is also triggered if players are currently spectating Wolfrahh, with every audience member counting as an additional kill as long as they’re spectating.

And there you have it; our list of best Free Fire characters for 2021. What did you think of our selections? What other characters would you add to our list? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below! Download and play free fire on even low end PCs.