There is a raging debate going on among the players of Free Fire, and it’s time to address it. The two types of guns that are ruling in Clash Squads are shotguns and SMGs. Depending on your play style, you might prefer one over the other. This guide will be focusing more on the SMG players since many of them are having a tough time against guns like the M1887 and M1014. Shotguns in Free Fire deliver such a huge amount of damage that can down any player in two shots. SMG players see their entire squad getting wiped out by shotgunners running around with Hayato’s skill and downing SMG players. So if you are a player or a squad who prefers using SMGs then don’t worry. This Free Fire guide will be giving you tips along with a detailed explanation on this apparent difference between the two gun categories. 

SMG vs Shotguns:

First, you need to understand the difference between the two gun types and the type of players they suit respectively. Players who tend to use shotguns are mostly going to run and try to find players to kill. This is because guns like M1887 and M1014 are absolutely useless in ranges beyond 20 meters. So you actually need to be real close with the target to get the full potential of these weapons. Same is the case for SMGs but with one major difference and that is damage per round. 

Free Fire Clash Squads SMG Guide to Take Down Shotgunners

Yes, SMGs have a larger mag size, faster rate of fire and are usually effective only in close range. However, a close range for an SMG is more than 20 meters. Guns like the MP5 can do some serious damage in ranges up to 40 meters, which is way more than most shotguns. Where the SMGs take the punch is their TTK or Time To Kill. The M1887 needs only two shots to kill, while an SMG can take an entire mag and still will be unable to get you that kill. To avert that, you need to take drag headshots almost every time. 

Preferred SMGs:

Now that you know the basics of why shotguns are being used by players in Free Fire Clash Squads, it’s time to look at guns that are suited to fighting shotgunners. The first SMG that you should take a serious look at if you’re an SMG beginner is the UMP. This submachine gun is a perfect example of what balanced gun mechanics look like. UMP in Free Fire is one of the most stable SMGs that you can use. It offers good damage and is one of the most stable guns that you can use in this category. What makes it a great gun to take down a shotgun is its range. 

Free Fire Clash Squads SMG Guide to Take Down Shotgunners

UMP in this game can use all the attachments like silencer, scope, muzzle, foregrip, and magazine. What you can do is use its wider range of fire to shoot at your enemies who are using shotguns. You have to maintain a good distance between you and the shotgun users. Just by doing that, you will render those shotguns useless. The reason why UMP is a great option is because of the scope attachment. This means that you can use the scope to take some mid-range shots to damage your enemies. Another good SMG for you can be the MP5. This gun has been making waves in Free Fire Clash Squads, and that is mostly because of its range and mag size. 

Free Fire Clash Squads SMG Guide to Take Down Shotgunners

With the MP5 you get more range, a faster rate of fire compared to UMP, and more accuracy. This gun too can use all the attachments, including the scope and excluding the stock. So scoping in to take drag headshots should be easy with this one. Next, you have the MP40 and Vector. Both offering an insane rate of fire and a huge magazine size. The MP40 is the fastest firing SMG in the entire game and uses barely any attachments. It can fire so fast that your enemies won’t even be able to react properly to it. Vector on the other hand is a very special gun in the game. Out of all the weapons, the Vector is the only gun in Free Fire that you can use in dual wielding. That akimbo feature allows players to use two vectors at the same time. The advantage here is that you get twice the fire rate and damage. It is one of the most effective SMGs to use against shotguns. 

Things to Keep in Mind:

Moving on to things that you need to keep in mind when playing Clash Squads with SMGs. As mentioned above, shotguns are weak in ranges beyond 20 meters. Since a shotgun user will always be looking for their enemies and trying to close the distance between them, you should always be running from them initially. The reason for doing that is to make them run after you and also to make them fire their guns. 

Free Fire Clash Squads SMG Guide to Take Down Shotgunners

Shotguns are known for their small magazine size and guns like the M1887 can have only two rounds at a time. Once fired, they need to be reloaded which is the time when you shoot at them. At best, a shotgun user can use a gloo wall to protect themselves, but at best they will have only 4 walls with them. You have to punish them by using your movement to keep a distance between you and that shotgun. Try working on your drag shots in practice range. 

SMG Character Skills:

Since you’re an SMG user, you will need a skill combination that can increase your damaging power, accuracy, and most importantly evasion. To fulfill these parameters, you will be using Wukong for evasion, D-bee for accuracy while moving, Jota to maintain your HP while you keep killing. Then for movement you will be using Kelly to increase your sprinting speed. Wukong’s camouflage can be used by you to get away from shots of a shotgun. Once you turn into a bush you can evade both shots from M1887, and then you can kill them easily. Jota’s ability Sustained Raids will turn every shot you shoot into HP for you. 

Free Fire Clash Squads SMG Guide to Take Down Shotgunners

If you kill an enemy, you will get 20% maximum HP at level 6. You can also use Luqueta instead of Jota to the same effect. Maintaining your HP in Clash Squads is important since you will be fighting enemies constantly and since shotguns can destroy your HP counter, an ability to add some HP is important. D-Bee’s skill Bullet Beats is something that all SMG players need to take a serious look at. This ability not only increases your movement speed but also your accuracy while moving. For an SMG player, running constantly is something that is required. This ability will help you connect more bullets to your enemies and maintain that crucial distance.