It’s been a hot minute since Lunime released another sequel to their highly-acclaimed Gacha Life. These titles belong to a series of games centered around collecting hundreds of different characters and interacting with them in many different and fun ways. In stark contrast to other types of gachas, combat was never the focus here, and instead most of the fun came from these interactions and from the fun dialog that you could have with your characters.

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

Gacha Club on PC is the latest instalment in the series and, for many users, is a straight-up improvement to the previous game. In fact, as a direct sequel to Gacha Life, some people are starting to call this game Gacha Life 2 since they’re both very similar, but GC offers much more in the way of extra game modes and other goodies. In short, if you liked Gacha Life, you really can’t go wrong with Gacha Club.

In this article, we’re going to explore everything that’s new in GC and how it measures up to Gacha Life.

Welcome to the Gacha Club

Before we get into the comparisons, however, we need to talk about the Lunime games in their entirety. Specifically, what they’re about.

You see, these “Gacha” games, whether Gacha Resort, Gacha Life, or Gacha World, among others, all have one thing in common: They revolve around the player’s interactions with the many different characters that are unlocked through the gacha system, which is in contrast to other games in the genre, where the combat and team building aspects are the main focus and NPC interactions and dialog are left in the background. One game in particular, Gacha Memories, went all the way and consisted of a visual novel with no gameplay other than reading text, making decisions, and seeing these options play out.

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

In fact, before Gacha Club, only one game in the series, Gacha World, had a combat system. In this sense, GC is like a cross between Gacha Life and Gacha World, taking the best elements of each, and combining them to create an improved and expanded experience that most fans of the series will definitely enjoy.

In this game, players get to summon loads of characters from the randomized gacha system, and then interact with them in many different ways. You can speak with your NPCs, make friends, play minigames, and of course, create teams and take them to the battlefield to defeat hordes of nasty baddies.

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

The key features in Gacha Club, however, are definitely the Studio and wardrobe elements. Every single character that you unlock through the gacha system can be completely customized. The wardrobe function has hundreds upon hundreds of different pieces of clothing and accessories, and even more options to customize such as poses, props, and objects. The players have complete access to every single customization option for free, without having to pay a single cent, which means that, if you enjoy playing dress-up with your favorite characters, then this game is as good as it gets.

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

Aside from the wardrobe options, Gacha Club also has a Studio feature in which you can take all your characters and pose them in interesting and unique scenes for fun. You can create literally anything that comes to mind, whether something embarrassing, funny, epic, or just plain awesome; your creativity is the limit when it comes to all the fun that you can have with this game.

Battles and Minigames

As we mentioned above, Gacha Club also offers several battle modes. The combat in this game is quite simple: Your characters are represented by their portraits on the bottom of the screen, and they each attack the enemy every turn, followed by the enemy attacking back. Meanwhile, your MP gauge on the left functions as your common resource that your characters can use to power their special abilities. Instead of having each their own MP, they all draw from this communal pool. Your MP recharges automatically over time.

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

In order to use your special skills, you simply need to have enough MP, and then click on your character’s portrait during combat. Unlike your regular attacks, you can use your special skills at any moment during the turn, even during the enemy’s attacks. In this sense, you can essentially steal an opponent’s turn by killing them with a skill right before they fight back.

Most battles consist of a series of waves that, once cleared, mark the end of the level, giving the player rewards such as gems, gold, and other treasures.

Whenever you’re not fighting, you can also chill out with your NPCs friends by playing some minigames with them. At the moment of writing, there are only 4 minigames available:

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

  • Lemo & Yumi Dance: A simple Simon-says type of game where you simply need to repeat the CPU’s actions.
  • Mascot Whack!: A version of whack-a-mole where you must smash the targets as they pop up on the screen by clicking on them.
  • Usagi Vs. Neko: A side-scrolling first-person shooter in which you must shoot all the targets while avoiding the enemy attacks.
  • Memory Match: A simple game of memory where you have to match cards with their identical counterparts.

Playing these minigames is a good break from constant battles, and can score you a great deal of gems and other materials.

What’s New in Gacha Club?

If you’ve played the previous game in the series, Gacha Life, you’ll notice that GC is much of the same. However, there are a few additions to spice up the gameplay.

  • New Pet Interactions and Customization: Your pets can now be fully customized and can even be made to talk. Now your furry friends have a larger role in your NPC interactions!
  • Mounts: You can now mount your character on certain beasts, which opens up new posing options in the Studio.
  • More Customization Options: Your characters’ hands can now be completely customized in a wide variety of positions. Additionally, you can also customize even more parts of your characters individually, such as customizing their second glove, bracelet, jack and pant sleeves, socks, and so much more.
  • Battle Mode: The aforementioned battle mode is a new addition in Gacha Club.

Gacha Club - All the New Features and Elements

If you’ve been enjoying playing with your characters in any of the Lunime games so far, then you’ll definitely love Gacha Club. Head on over to our App Center, download GC on PC with BlueStacks, and experience this awesome gacha game with the best performance and graphics!

This game is now available on Play Gacha Club online.