Ever since the launch of the series, Lunime games have occupied an interesting niche. These “Gacha” games are more about the character interactions and the fun you can have by talking to all the different heroes that you summon from the gacha system, than actually completing missions, battling, or grinding for experience and other items. In other words, the games in this series are more about the social experience, offering a vast platform for players to interact with each other, create awesome content with their characters, and generally have a good time sharing their creations.

Gacha Club - Tips and Tricks for Farming and Combat

Gacha Club on PC is no exception as it’s a direct sequel to a previous game, Gacha Life. This title offers many new features and upgrades over its predecessor, and combines the combat elements present in another game in the series, Gacha World. In a sense, GC is an amalgamation of the best parts of some of the other Gacha games, and it’s definitely a step up over the previous instalment.

While Gacha Club is a very light-hearted and easy game to get into, we wanted to share a few tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Read Those Skills!

Starting off with one of the new elements that this game offers over the previous instalment, the combat.

Most of the fights in Gacha Club are very simple and straightforward: Your characters all attack automatically, and then your enemy strikes back. This process repeats until one side is defeated. However, while all the combatants are fighting, your mana bar on the right is slowly charging up. Your fighters can draw from this resource to power up their special skills, which can turn the tide of any battle in your favor.

Gacha Club - Tips and Tricks for Farming and Combat

These skills are highly varied, and considering the large number of characters that you can unlock in Gacha Club, there’s quite a lot to consider when it comes to building your team. Nevertheless, the first step should be to examine each characters’ skills so that you can establish a formation with synergy that will allow you to breeze through most battles.

To inspect a character, simply go to the “Units” screen, and click on any of the heroes in your formation. Their skills will appear on the leftmost panel. Each character has an active and a passive skill. In this sense, it’s important not only to create a team with characters that have powerful active skills, but also that can support themselves and their allies with their passive bonuses.

2. Upgrade Your Team Whenever Possible

And speaking of skills, most aspects of your characters can be easily upgraded in the “Units” menu. This is a very important aspect as, by upgrading them, not only will they hit harder with their skills, but they will also be able to both give and receive more damage.

Gacha Club - Tips and Tricks for Farming and Combat

You may enhance both your character’s levels, as well as the levels of their skills. The former will boost their attack, defense, and HP, while the latter will increase the potency of both their active and passive skills. Each of these upgrades require different types of materials, along with a sum of gold. You can find all of these simply by playing through the battle modes. In the case of gold, you can also get a good sum by playing in the minigames.

Gacha Club - Tips and Tricks for Farming and Combat

3. Use BlueStacks Tools to Win Big at the Minigames

When you’re not fighting against hordes of baddies in the battle modes, you’re probably going to be enjoying some minigames in Gacha Club. These alternative game modes consist of short bursts of fun and excitement—except maybe for the Memory Match minigame. Nevertheless, there are currently 4 different minigames available at launch:

  • Lemo & Yumi Dance: A simple Simon-says type of game where you simply need to repeat the CPU’s actions.
  • Mascot Whack!: A version of whack-a-mole where you must smash the targets as they pop up on the screen by clicking on them.
  • Usagi Vs. Neko: A side-scrolling first-person shooter in which you must shoot all the targets while avoiding the enemy attacks.
  • Memory Match: A simple game of memory where you have to match cards with their identical counterparts.

While these games are very easy and straightforward to understand, the Lemo & Yumi Dance, in particular, is trivialized by playing it on BlueStacks.

Gacha Club - Tips and Tricks for Farming and Combat

Thanks to the Keymapping Tool, you can create personalized control schemes so that you can enjoy any mobile game on PC, using both your mouse and keyboard. For this minigame, this means that you can set shortcuts on all dance buttons, and use only your keyboard for inputting the correct command sequences. This makes it significantly easier to score high in this minigame, by playing Gacha Club PC with BlueStacks.

Another game that’s much easier is the Mascot Whack game. If you have a good mouse and decent reflexes, you can obtain high scores every time you play this game, and get a ton of gems and gold in the process.

4. Focus on the Story Battles First

Gacha Club is all about the fun you can have with your characters. However, if you’re interested in the battling aspect, you should definitely focus all your attention on the Main Story. Every level your beat will give you loads of Gems and useful materials, which you can then use to power up your team, and take on tougher challenges in the other battle modes.

Gacha Club - Tips and Tricks for Farming and Combat

5. Remember to Have Fun!

At its core, Gacha Club is all about interacting with your NPCs and having fun with them in many different ways. This is a title that rewards creativity and the social aspects of gaming by giving you countless customization options for every single character, as well as hundreds upon hundreds of pets, props, accessories, and other interesting objects, all for free. These elements are even available from the moment you first boot up the Gacha Club app!

In this sense, the main appeal of the game, for many players, is the Studio mode, in which they can take all their characters and create different fun and engaging scenes with them by adding backgrounds, props, dialog, and other elements. With enough creativity, you can even recreate your own versions of epic masterpieces.

Gacha Club - Tips and Tricks for Farming and Combat

There are no limits to what you can achieve in the Studio mode of Gacha Club. Take a look for yourself; download it on BlueStacks today and get started. And make sure to show us your best creations in the comments below!

This game is now available on now.gg. Play Gacha Club online.