If you’re a fan of Rise of Kingdoms, then you’ll find that there’s a lot to enjoy in Game of Empires: Warring Realms, particularly since this title has many elements similar to the ones in RoK, while maintaining its own identity and uniqueness. In reality, Game of Empires is more like an amalgamation of Rise of Kingdoms with Age of Empires, in the sense that it has progression and hero unlocking mechanics like in RoK, but with the overworld and building mechanics like in AoE. The result is a game that both feels familiar, but is actually quite fresh when it comes to the actual gameplay mechanics, making for an excellent gaming experience for fans of the genre.

Table of Contents

  1. The Best Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List
  2. S Tier Game of Empires Heroes
  3. A Tier Game of Empires Heroes
  4. B Tier Game of Empires Heroes
  5. C Tier Game of Empires Heroes

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Just like in Rise of Kingdoms, and to an extent Age of Empires as well, there are many unlockable heroes in Game of Empires: Warring Realms, each of which has their own stats, skills, and unique properties to set them apart from the rest. These heroes are responsible for leading your armies and lending their unique perks to your cause, and using the right units for the task at hand can mean the difference between life and death.

However, just like in many other mobile games, unlocking heroes in Game of Empires is a gamble, since you never know what you’re going to get from the gacha. And to compound this issue, not all heroes are alike, in the sense that some are much better than others, and a few are even not worth keeping around since their stats and skill sets are quite lackluster. Because of this, new players might have troubles finding the right heroes to recruit, which is where this guide comes into play.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

In this article, we’ll be sharing a tier list of some of the best—and worst—Game of Empires heroes in the game. In the following section, we’ll be sharing some information about the recruitment system, as well as sharing a quick tier list of the best heroes in the game. Further down below, however, we’ll be giving a detailed look at each and every hero mentioned in our tier list, so that you can get an idea of what makes them great (or bad), which might help you to make the best decisions for your current circumstances.

Let’s begin!

The Best Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List

As mentioned just now, there are quite a few heroes to find and discover in Game of Empires, which you can do by collecting their respective fragments and using them to summon the hero itself. These fragments are also used later on for upgrading a hero’s skills, so it’s worth collecting them even if you have already obtained the corresponding unit.

With that being said, here’s our short version of the hero tier list in Game of Empires:

S Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Role
Frederick I Legendary Combat, All-Purpose
Alexander the Great Legendary Combat, Development
Hannibal Legendary Siege, Training
Edward Legendary Combat, Training

A Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Role
Ivan IV Epic Siege, Gathering
Cleopatra Epic Gathering, Defense
Mulan Epic Combat, Gathering
Nobunaga Epic Exploration, Gathering

B Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Role
Kim Deokman Epic Support, Gathering
Edward I Epic Combat, Gathering
Timur Epic Expedition
Vlad Dracula Epic Expedition

C Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Role
Hussar Elite Rare Gathering
Praetorian Prefect Rare Gathering
Charles Martel Epic Defense, Gathering

It’s worth pointing out that, while we’ve made a few bold choices in our selection of heroes in our tier list, we place great value in heroes that can increase your gathering speed and productivity of your town. Especially if you’re playing with an active alliance, finding the best combat heroes is not necessarily a priority as much as growing your town. As such, heroes like Mulan, which are often regarded as one of the weakest, rank fairly highly in our opinion, particularly since she’s not a bad fighter and can also help greatly with gathering resources.

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With that being said, let’s move ahead and take a more detailed look at each hero mentioned in our tier list.

S Tier Game of Empires Heroes

These are the absolute best heroes in the game that can perform the more important roles like combat with ease, though they might also offer bonuses in other areas. If you’re looking for the strongest units in Game of Empires, look no further than these heroes.

Frederick I

Widely regarded as the best hero in Game of Empires, mostly due to his very high damage output and versatility when it comes to preferred unit type to lead.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Frederick is an absolute beast when it comes to attacking, particularly thanks to his 10% damage buff that he grants his troops regardless of their type. Moreover, his rage skill is pretty strong, dealing a hefty AoE attack with a 600 damage multiplier, which can erase all but the toughest enemies on the field. His passive buffs are weaker than that of the other heroes in this tier, but the fact that they apply to all unit types makes it much more useful.

Alexander the Great

Another strong combatant that backs up his powerful damage output with a solid defense, making him into an all-around good fighter, who surprisingly is also quite good at aiding in the tech development of your city thanks to his passive 25% increase to tech speed.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Alexander has a very decent damage output that, while not as strong as Frederick I as far as his rage skill goes, he can greatly upgrade the damage of infantry units by 15% with one of his potentials. Moreover, while his rage skill is just decent in terms of damage, it debuffs the target, decreasing their damage dealt by 12%. As such, while Alexander isn’t capable of deleting enemies with overwhelming power, he’s excellent for battles of attrition, such as when besieging enemy cities and engaging in PvP in the open world.


Another great hero that can perform many functions, one of which being that he can greatly speed up troop production, allowing you to grow your army considerably faster than normal. For this reason, Hannibal could be one of the heroes that you could benefit the most from unlocking early on.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Like Alexander, Hannibal has a penchant for defending, with passives that can increase the defense of his troops, and a rage skill that not only deals damage, but also lowers the damage dealt by the enemy for a short duration. This skill set makes Hannibal ideal for battles of attrition, including siege encounters, as well as for the tougher battles in the overworld. Nevertheless, Hannibal is quite useful simply by having him in your roster, since he can help you grow your army very quickly, as long as you have the resources to do so.


This hero is awesome for the same base reason as Hannibal; he can also help train troops much faster, therefore allowing you to grow your army at a much faster pace than normal.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

As far as combat goes, Edward is a powerful combatant that grants significant bonuses to archer troops, making him into a great leader for armies composed mostly of these units. Nevertheless, due to his passive bonuses to skill damage, Edward is better used as a skill-based character, allowing him to deal good damage merely with his rage ability. Moreover, his passive buff to archer defense when attacking an enemy garrison also makes him into a great hero for leading siege encounters.

A Tier Game of Empires Heroes

These are heroes that aren’t quite as versatile as those in the S tier, but that can perform their roles with flying colors. These heroes are also very good choices if you’re looking for some of the best.

Ivan IV

Moving on to the A tier, we have Ivan IV leading the list thanks to his versatility, as one of his key passive potentials increases the ATK of all unit types under his command by 5%. On top of that, he also increases the gathering capacity of stone by 15%, allowing you to harvest much more of this resource.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Ivan IV combines a superb defense with a good attack, making him into an all-around great hero. However, his main focus is on leading attacks against enemy cities as he can reduce the damage taken by his units by 6% whenever in a siege battle. Moreover, his siege units also deal more damage to the enemy, while taking less damage from them. In this sense, Ivan is a very versatile hero that can help in most situations, but is definitely better suited for siege encounters.


The first character on this list that happens to be more of a support heroine rather than an actual standalone unit. Nevertheless, Cleopatra is so good at her role that she definitely deserves a mention in this tier. Of particular note is her rage ability, which doesn’t actually do any direct damage, but can buff the ATK of all troops in an area by 6%. This skill has no target limit, and can potentially buff entire armies if used correctly, increasing the damage of everyone considerably.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

There’s not much to say about Cleopatra other than she’s a great support, and can also increase food troop load by 15%, allowing you to harvest more of this precious resource. Additionally, she’s a great leader for all troop types, not only due to her rage skill, but also due to her various other passives that can boost their stats significantly. In this sense, what Cleopatra lacks in direct skill damage, she more than makes up for with all her boosts and passive buffs.


This one is a bit of a controversial opinion, considering that Mulan is known for being a subpar character in Game of Empires. Regardless, we think she deserves a spot mostly due to her great strength when leading armies composed mainly of archers.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Though she’s definitely not the most versatile character, we think Mulan’s prowess when leading archers is noteworthy, especially when hunting Barbarians, as she also has skills that increase stats when hunting in the wilds. Moreover, every time she casts her rage skill, she can reduce the target’s attack by 12% for a short duration, increasing her survivability even more.


We’re ending this tier with one of the most iconic warlords in Japanese history. Nobunaga is one of the strongest characters that players can obtain early on, especially since you can get him for free by starting with the Japanese civilization.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Nobunaga passively increases food collection speed by 15%, and considering how valuable this resource is for growing your army early on, this will help you build strength from the beginning. Moreover, he has a pretty beefy rage skill that makes him perfect for going up against Barbarians, which you should definitely be doing as much as possible to level up. This performance is further improved by his passive buff to infantry attack, which is the first type of unit that you’ll be building from the start.

B Tier Game of Empires Heroes

Average heroes that can perform multiple roles successfully, though they aren’t quite as strong as the ones mentioned above. On the flipside, since these are mostly Epic in rarity, they’re also much easier to obtain than the ones in the S tier.

Kim Deokman

Another support character that, while not very effective by herself, has a good enough kit to warrant mentioning. Specifically, the Korean queen is a great support that can heal slightly wounded units and buff their defenses with her rage skill. This skill can affect a maximum of five troops at any given moment, allowing her to keep them topped up in the longer battles.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Kim Deokman’s healing skills are bolstered further thanks to her potential passive, which increases the healing of priests by 10%. As such, while her other passives benefit all unit types, she’s definitely a great leader for a support squad of priests, which can work to keep everyone healed and in the fight.

Edward I

As is the case in many other games, offense is often the best defense in Game of Empires. As such, heroes who specialize in defending like Edward I are often pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Nevertheless, Big Ed here is great enough at defending that you can definitely keep him in mind for when you want a hero to man your garrison.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Of particular note here is Edward’s penchant for leading cavalry troops, as he can passively enhance many aspects of their performance. As such, Edward excels at leading a garrison filled with mounted troops, though one of his passives can extend some of his benefits to all other troop types, increasing his overall versatility when guarding your city against enemy attacks.


With his passive increase to hero experience, Timur is a good choice for leading squads for hunting down barbarian groups. This passive increase will allow him to level up much faster, increasing his power far faster than other units. What’s more, he has a passive buff that increases damage dealt to barbarians by a whopping 12%. This is on top of his passive boost to movement speed that increases the mobility of cavalry troops when out of combat by 6%, which makes him ideal for wandering and traversing the map.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better barb hunter than Timur, particularly in this rarity. As such, unlocking him early on will let you farm these neutral NPCs more efficiently and far faster than with other heroes.

Vlad Dracula

The infamous Impaler makes an appearance to close this tier of our list, bringing his superior control over cavalry units to bear upon his enemies. Like Timur, Vlad is a great hero for hunting barbarians, which is mostly thanks to his passive increase to experience received. However, unlike Timur, Vlad has more buffs that affect all unit types, instead of focusing mostly on cavalry troops.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Vlad is overall a well-balanced character, arguably better than Timur. Though his buffs aren’t quite as significant, they affect a larger number of troop types, which in turn can lead to better outcomes down the line. As such, you’d do well to unlock him early on if you want a nice hero to lead your troops during barbarian hunting trips.

C Tier Game of Empires Heroes

The worst heroes in the game with not only a very limited set of bonuses, but these bonuses are also quite weak, making them into units that you should avoid unless you have no other choice—after all, ANY hero is better than NO hero…

Hussar Elite

As the heroes with the lowest rarities in the entire game, it’s no surprise that both the Hussar Elite and the Praetorian Prefect landed on this spot in the tier list.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

In a nutshell, you don’t want any of these heroes. They have lackluster stats and skills, and overall inferior to any other hero out there. Regardless, there’s something to be said about their ability to defend your city and help in its development. In the case of the Hussar Elite, he can boost your wood production by a moderate 10%, which in turn will help you build faster due to your increased generation of this vital resource. Other than that, he has a nice buff to cavalry stats, as well as increased performance when fighting against barbarians, making him into a good leader when fighting against neutral NPCs..

Praetorian Prefect

In the case of the Praetorian Prefect, the same that goes for the Hussar Elite is valid here; you don’t want this hero in your roster unless you absolutely can’t help it. Regardless, he also has a passive buff to wood gathering, specifically increasing the load capacity for this resource. However, his rage skill is arguably one of the worst out there, simply reducing damage taken by his troops by 5% for a short duration, making it all but ineffectual.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

One of the main differences between this hero and the previous is that the Praetorian has a knack for leading infantry units, as opposed to Hussar’s dominion over cavalry troops. One interesting aspect about this one is that he has a passive buff that increases experience gained from defeating barbarians both for himself, as well as for his deputy hero.

Charles Martel

Ending this list is Charles Martel, an Epic hero that, sadly, probably doesn’t live up to his rarity. Sadly, he suffers from the same limitation as Edward I, in that his biggest strength is in defending rather than attacking, which automatically makes him inferior to other heroes that can deal tons of damage.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms Tier List - The Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

In terms of skill set, Charles Martel is just mediocre all around. While he has some valuable skills under his belt, in concept, their values are too weak to be considered decent by any means—he’s just a bad hero overall, though not as bad as the previous two. Use him only if you don’t have anyone else to replace him with.

And with that, we end our Game of Empires: Warring Realms tier list. We invite you to leave your own thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. And remember that you’ll find the best mobile gaming experience on PC only on BlueStacks!