Earning coins in Global City: Build and Harvest is one of the primary tasks players need to achieve to create a flourishing metropolitan. Everything costs coins to create, and it’s recommended that players continuously find ways to earn as much of this resource as possible. The problem is that it’s easier said than done when there are only a handful of methods to do so that new players may not be familiar with if they have just begun playing the game. Here’s a guide to help them overcome that.

Fastest Way to Earn coins in Global City: Build and Harvest

Global City uses various resources, but there’s no doubt that coins are the most important one. The game allows you to purchase coins using the premium currency, but if you’re a F2P user, you may not be inclined to spend money to get a ton of coins. Don’t worry, it’s still possible to be extremely rich in coins despite not using real money to purchase it in-game. Here are some of the fastest ways to earn coins in Global City using facilities and structures that you can easily access.

Commercial Buildings

The best way to get a large influx of coins is to construct many commercial buildings. It may not be the quickest way to earn coins, but it is the highest source of income that you can get especially if you’re the type of play who doesn’t spend a lot of time playing the game continuously for a few hours. The biggest drawback of commercial buildings is that it takes at least a few hours to collect your coins which aren’t ideal if you need the coins for something immediately.

Fastest Way to Earn coins in Global City: Build and Harvest

Constructing commercial buildings is an investment because to build them, you’ll also need to spend a certain amount of coins. The return on your investment may not come immediately, but if you keep them around for a few days, you’ll be earning a ton of coins every time you log into the game without doing anything at all. If you have the space, always build commercial buildings so that you can gain a significant profit every time you log in and don’t have to rely on the other methods.

Shipment & Deliveries

Shipment and deliveries are the fastest way to get some quick and easy cash, but it requires a lot of effort to complete. Once players have unlocked the port, ships will dock to collect specific resources and raw materials. We’ve already mentioned some of these details in our Beginners’ Guide so check that out if you’re interested in learning more about this. The most important thing to know is that delivering shipments is the most rewarding feature of Global City because it gives a lot of needed resources.

Fastest Way to Earn coins in Global City: Build and Harvest

There are two ways to earn coins using shipment. The first way is to load them with the raw materials or material components they need, and the second way is to send them off. The first method awards a considerable amount of coins, while the second method gives only a small amount of coins but gives valuable items that can be sold later. Since it takes time to manufacture the goods needed to ship, players will need to spend time playing the game to earn some profit when doing this method.

Global Market

The Global Market is another excellent way to earn coins in Global City but gives new players headaches. This system allows players to buy or sell items in an auction house-style system accessible to all players. This introduces a secondary market that players need to learn about since there’s a chance that players might accidentally sell their items for a meager price because they aren’t aware of the market price that those items usually go for.

Fastest Way to Earn coins in Global City: Build and Harvest

Players should check out the average price of an item before selling it on the Global Market. An excellent way to do this is to check the Global Market for those items from at least three different sellers. Go for the average value of the item and never go for the highest price because your item might get stuck in the auction for a few hours because it’s too expensive. Additionally, players shouldn’t sell things that they think they’ll have a hard time acquiring in the future for the sake of quick coins.

Collecting Taxes

Collecting taxes is an excellent way to earn some coins but isn’t the most significant source of income or the fastest coins production facility in your city. Players can collect taxes once they’ve finished building the City Hall, which they can unlock after reaching a certain level. The City Hall collects taxes from citizens, with the collection value depending on the city’s population. Hence, it’s a good idea to build more residential buildings if players want to earn coins a lot faster from this source.

Fastest Way to Earn coins in Global City: Build and Harvest

Taxes are earned passively, so players can get coins even if they close the game. Unfortunately, the City Hall only has a specific capacity of how many coins they can collect before they start taxing the citizens. Luckily, players can increase the limit of how much taxes they can collect by upgrading the City Hall to the next level. Players will need to collect a certain number of upgrade items in order to do so, though.

Selling Items Directly

Selling items directly is different from putting items for sale in the Global Market. This method means that players go to the warehouse and sell the things they have for a fixed amount of coins to the system. This is a great way to earn some quick coins if you’re looking to get a small number of coins in a short amount of time. 

Fastest Way to Earn coins in Global City: Build and Harvest

Take note that selling items isn’t the ideal way of gaining coins because the value of the items is extremely lowered. It’s also a good idea not to sell your material components unless you’re doing it to make space in your warehouse. The best items to sell directly are raw materials acquired quickly, like sand, ore, and wood. Otherwise, players are better off selling all their items on the Global Market.