Global City: Build and Harvest provide players with a relaxing experience of managing their city and watching it grow into something better than you imagined. It takes a lot of time and effort to expand one’s city, but even that can betray you if you don’t lay out a proper plan on how you want to develop your town. Planning is the most crucial step because having the right direction to follow is always a great way to ensure that your city is always on the path to becoming prosperous.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Global City: Build and Harvest

Cities don’t just become bustling metropolitans by simply cramming them with buildings and other structures in the game. There are proper ways to do so, and it might not be as simple as you might think it is. Luckily, we’ve prepared a guide on How to Build the Perfect City in the game. If you’ve already taken a look at that guide, it’s time for you to learn about some of the most valuable tips and tricks that will ensure that you will be able to get an excellent start in Global City.

Expand Your Warehouse

The worst experience in Global City is not having enough space to deposit all the items that you’ve produced or needed. This means that you’ll either be forced to sell your items or manufacture something just to consume the resources that you have. The best way to gain more items is to expand your warehouse, allowing you to gain a ton of free space to help players manufacture more goods and collect more things that they’ll need in the future.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Global City: Build and Harvest

Most players underestimate the need for more inventory space because they justify that they always ship out items right away or use raw materials as soon as they get them. However, the biggest drawback of having shallow inventory space is that the number of material types increases as the player levels up and unlocks new goods. Always make sure that you go to the auction house to purchase cheap upgrade materials needed to expand your warehouse to keep your city comfortable.

Finish City Projects

City Projects refer to the infrastructures usually laid on the outskirts of your main cities. These are usually the railroads, airports, museums, city halls, and others that will be ranked up once you reach a specific level in the game. These city projects have different functions and usually use material components and exclusive blueprints to construct or upgrade. It’s always a good idea to try and complete the construction of your city projects to keep your city ahead.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Global City: Build and Harvest

It’s challenging to complete city projects because the materials needed to construct or upgrade them are rare. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying to complete these projects because they still provide a lot of benefit to your city when they are fully constructed. Even milestone rewards are precious, so it doesn’t matter if the project is divided into several segments that would take a long time to complete. It will also look better once you move on to the part where all you need to do is beautify the city.

Stock Your Ships

We already mentioned this in our guide on How to Earn Coins, but we’ll reiterate the importance of stocking your ships and sending them off. Shipments and deliveries are the biggest and fastest source of coins in Global City, so it’s always a good idea to complete their orders often to help give your city an influx of resources that you’ll need for other projects. coins is an extremely valuable resource, so it’s a good idea to find different ways to earn it quickly.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Global City: Build and Harvest

Ships also provide upgrade items for several structures that need to be upgraded regularly. One of them is the warehouse which you’ll need to expand regularly. Even if you get things that you don’t need in the shipment and deliveries, you can still sell those in the Global Market to earn some quick coins. Never let your ships sit on the port for more than a day because you’ll be losing out on potential rewards that can provide you with an advantage that keeps your city stocked with essential resources.

Spend Your Cash

Cash is the premium currency in the game, but it can also be acquired every time you level up or watch advertisements. For F2P users, the idea of spending cash is a very tough decision because they can’t part with the idea of losing a minimal resource on something that they might not need later on. However, not spending your cash drops your city’s efficiency rate because you’re always running on the suboptimal setup that you can quickly remedy simply by buying a few slots.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Global City: Build and Harvest

The best way to spend your cash is to purchase additional collection slots for raw materials. For example, ore is a resource that is used in almost all of your tasks, so it’s a good idea to buy slots for your miners so that you can manufacture more iron. This saves a lot of time and gives the player more allowance to focus on other things instead of constantly waiting for your structures to produce necessary resources in short intervals.

Expand Your Territory

Expanding your territory is the final thing that players need to consider. Space in any management game is as valuable as coins because you’ll be able to fit more structures which will, in turn, provide more profit to your city if you manage to produce more resource production buildings. Since the game makes it challenging to expand your territory, organizing your space mainly relies on having a minimum number of roads taking space and proper spacing of structures.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Global City: Build and Harvest

Players will need unique materials to expand territory, but some can be unlocked simply by manufactured goods. Make sure always to look at the requirements of land plots that you can unlock to build towards opening it as soon as possible. You can also purchase those materials on the Global Market, but they might be challenging to find since every player needs them.