Cards are an interesting mechanic when you play Gold & Goblins because it introduces a part of the game that doesn’t seem important but is later emphasized as a major part of playing the game. Cards have many functions in this game but the primary reason you should collect them is that it’ll increase your progression by a significant amount. Many players tend to ignore this mechanic altogether because the game doesn’t give it enough focus early on so it’s understandable that players forget about it quickly.

Gold & Goblins - A Guide to Cards

Gold & Goblins surprisingly uses a lot of advanced mechanics that make playing the game a lot more fun than our initial expectations. Cards add an additional layer of strategy to the game that incentivizes players to make the right decision when playing the game. We already explained the importance of these cards in our Faster Mine Completion Guide, which will give you more context on why you should try to collect cards. For now, let’s take a look at all of the best ways you can do that.

Collecting Cards

Collecting cards is the most important part of playing the game. Cards can be collected by opening chests, repairing mining structures, and mining special nodes. The cards that you get from all of these sources are random in both the type that you get and the quantity that is given. That means that you’ll need to be lucky to get the chance to get Legendary cards that have the ability to boost your mining capabilities by a huge amount since they have ridiculously overpowered abilities.

Gold & Goblins - A Guide to Cards

The best way to collect cards is to mine out each stage completely, not leaving any stone unturned. It’s a good idea to focus on collecting cards from the very beginning since they’ll end up being useful once you reach the higher levels. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade all of the cards in your collection once you have enough copies for the next level, but it is a good idea to have extras so that you will be prepared when the time comes that you are forced to use these items.

Card Types

There are two types of cards in the game which are the gemstone cards and the boost cards. Gemstone cards have goblin icons on them holding the specific gemstone they are boosting. These cards are used to upgrade mining structures and increase the profit that you acquire from their yield. These cards are also necessary to unlock the auto-collection feature in those structures, making your gold production significantly more efficient because you don’t have to manually tap on them every so often.

Gold & Goblins - A Guide to Cards

Boost cards are the most important cards in the game. Even though the game basically forces you to use your resources to upgrade gemstone cards, you should actually invest in boost cards more. These cards upgrade general features in the game such as gold yield from regular stones and goblin worker efficiency. There are different types of boost cards in the game but the most important thing to keep in mind is the rarity of the card. Naturally, higher rarity cards are more valuable and should be prioritized above all.

Farming Elixirs

Farming Elixirs is a tough job but it is necessary when upgrading cards. When you are playing Gold & Goblins, you’ll quickly realize how scarce a resource it becomes as you progress through the various mines. You only usually have enough to upgrade cards that are lined to the mining structures in each level so it becomes difficult to allocate Elixirs on other cards in your inventory. Elixirs can be acquired by opening chests, repairing structures, and mining special nodes.

Gold & Goblins - A Guide to Cards

Elixirs can also be purchased in the premium store but if you are an F2P user, you won’t consider that an option. There is no proper way to farm Elixirs to upgrade all of your cards besides simply clearing out the mines at every level. Players can also opt to watch ads and participate in events but even then, you’ll still need a lot of elixirs to consistently upgrade all of your cards. However, players who are actively playing the game will never experience a severe shortage of this resource when they need it.

Allocating Resources

Allocating resources is the hardest part about managing your cards in Gold & Goblins. If you are an F2P user who is not willing to spend real money on upgrades, you’ll always want to allocate your Elixirs and Gems to secure an advantage when playing the game. A general rule is that you should always save enough Elixirs to upgrade your boost cards instead of pouring all of them on your gemstone cards. There are some gemstone cards that are not worth upgrading because they don’t give a significant advantage to the player.

Gold & Goblins - A Guide to Cards

Unless you are upgrading an uncommon and above rarity card, you should always reserve your elixirs for other upgrades. It is always better to invest in general boost cards since they will always be profitable regardless of the situation. Gemstone cards are only useful when you are in a mine that will use those cards. They also phase out really quickly when you reach the deeper levels so the elixirs you spend on them will end up being mostly a waste.

Purchasing Chests

Purchasing chests is also a great source of cards and elixirs in Gold & Goblins but they cost a lot of money to buy. Fortunately, the game also gives players free gems which can be used to purchase chests. Saving up these gems to purchase chests should be your top priority when playing the game because you might end up getting a Legendary card in the process.

Gold & Goblins - A Guide to Cards

There are many ways to collect gems in the game including participating in events or simply mining special nodes. Don’t waste your gems on other stuff such as buying cards directly as it might not be worth your money to do this.