The hardest part when you play Gold & Goblins is clearing mines quickly so that you can progress to the next stage. The game involves a lot of puzzle-solving that forces the player to understand how they can allocate specific actions to complete a stage quickly. While every stage can be completed simply by waiting out different mechanics, it still feels better to clear a mine as fast as possible to experience a sense of accomplishment by using your own knowledge and skills to complete it.

Table of Contents

  1. Fusing Goblins
  2. Prioritizing Targets
  3. Automizing Structures
  4. Mining Special Nodes
  5. Double Teaming Nodes

Fastest Way to Clear Stages in Gold & Goblins

Gold & Goblins isn’t necessarily a game where you want to speedrun through the stages and get the lowest mine as soon as possible. However, the fun part does come when you’re at the deeper levels as the puzzles start to become interesting. If you’re having trouble early into the game, we recommend reading up on our Beginner’s Guide to give you a better idea of how to start out. This guide will also introduce some of the best ways you can quickly clear mines in Gold & Goblins.

Fusing Goblins

The most reliable strategy in clearing mines quickly in Gold & Goblins is to fuse your goblins together so that they level up. In this game, quality is always better than quantity but the general rule of having at least THREE active miners still applies. The main reason you want to prioritize the quality of your workers is that the game involves a limited amount of space to work with so you are almost always left with only a few tiles to allocate your goblins, making the extra units useless since they can’t do anything to help.

Fastest Way to Clear Stages in Gold & Goblins

At the start of the game, try to purchase as many workers as possible and get at least two workers to have levels that are higher than the lowest-level node you have direct access to. A third worker is recommended but you might not have enough resources to level it up after doing the first step so you can try saving up instead. Once you’ve trained three workers, you can allocate your gold elsewhere, occasionally purchasing goblins only when you have enough budget to start leveling up your existing ones.

Prioritizing Targets

Choosing which targets to allocate your workers to is the key to clearing stages quickly. Randomly assigning your goblins to work on random rocks isn’t the most efficient way to start the game. Instead, you always want to target production structures for repair so that you’ll have an additional source of income which will allow you to acquire more goblin workers to help you out. Most structures are hidden deep within the mine so you’ll need to clear out some trash first so make sure to map out a route that will always lead you towards accessing one.

Fastest Way to Clear Stages in Gold & Goblins

Once you’ve prioritized repairing mining structures, you want to get bonus loot on the mine. You’ll notice treasure chests and different-colored nodes that contain gems or elixirs. Those are your secondary targets and you should collect all of them before going to the next stage. Once you’ve collected all of the special items on the mine, you have the option to clear out all the remaining nodes but you don’t necessarily need to do that especially if you have direct access to the exit already.

Automizing Structures

We already mentioned that the most important target to prioritize is repairing structures. The problem with mining structures is that you have to manually collect the gold they produce regularly to profit from them. Fortunately, there is the option of automizing the collection process by upgrading goblin cards, which will allow you to unlock the option of auto-collecting the gold it produces. It is ideal that you invest your cards and elixirs in unlocking this feature at every stage to make your life easier.

Fastest Way to Clear Stages in Gold & Goblins

The hardest part about automizing structures is getting the card upgraded to a certain level. It’s crucial that you try to acquire all of the resources in every stage with Elixirs being the most important one. Once you’ve automized all your structures, you can take a break from playing the game and find yourself with a ridiculous amount of gold to purchase more goblins. Don’t exit the game without automizing at least one structure. Another good tip is to upgrade all of your structures to increase their resource yield.

Mining Special Nodes

Treasure chests and gem nodes are the two most important objects you can mine in Gold & Goblins. They contain treasures that will help you progress through the game faster. Treasure chests contain a variety of stuff inside but the most important ones to look out for are Cards and Elixirs. There are different types of chests that vary in the value and quantity of treasures you can find inside. However, you should always try to get treasure chests even if they look like they might not contain anything good.

Fastest Way to Clear Stages in Gold & Goblins

There are many different types of special mining nodes in Gold & Goblins. They are easy to notice because they have a different appearance as compared to regular rock nodes that contain gold. These nodes have a lot of potentially good loot that you can get and the best ones you can acquire are gems, which are the game’s premium currency. Players should always look out for shiny rocks in the mine and try to break all of them open as soon as possible.

Double Teaming Nodes

Gold & Goblins has a mechanic where two or more goblins can repair structures or mine nodes as long as they can position those workers in a tile that directly accesses the target. Players can choose which nodes a goblin will work on by dragging the unit toward the node they want to process. Keep in mind that the goblin miner needs direct access to the node so it’s a good idea to clear out surrounding debris that blocks the node.

Fastest Way to Clear Stages in Gold & Goblins

This tip is more helpful at the higher stages of the game because the amount of time needed to process high-level special nodes and structures can take hours at a time. At this point, it’s better to allocate multiple workers so that you can cut the time needed to process those nodes by a significant amount.