In Granny, a demented, evil grandma has locked you into her house and is about to scare the living daylight out of you before killing you in some gruesome way. You were warned! Your only goal is to escape, but doing so actually requires you to scour the entire home for keys and puzzle objects while Granny creeps around listening to your every move.

In addition, the items you need rarely spawn in the same place twice, so it makes more sense to memorize the rooms and routes at your disposal for a thorough search. Below, you’ll find just what you need to make your way. Bear in mind, however, that while we did separate all rooms into three floors (based on their entry points), each floor features several levels in Granny. This labyrinthine structure might seem confusing at first but becomes a piece of cake to navigate once you’ve discovered each area at least once.

The First Floor

This is where you spawn at the beginning of day 1, in the first bedroom. Granny will usually spawn a couple of levels underneath you, in the Basement, and make her way up. She’ll get to you faster if you make any noise.

The First Bedroom. This is your initial spawn location and a decent place to hide (there’s a bed and a wardrobe here). Two drawers are on your left as you get up from bed, one of which is always empty, and one that may contain an item. Beware the vase.

The Bathroom. As you exit the First Bedroom onto a landing above the Main Hallway, the bathroom door is direct to your right. Inside the bathroom, you might find items in the sink, locker, tub, and/or toilet.

The Second Bedroom. If you turn left as you exit the First Bedroom and walk to the end of the landing, you can turn left again to open the door for the Second Bedroom. From here you can access the walk-in closet, then turn right for a Third Bedroom. Check all drawers on your way. Still inside the walk-in closet, three boxes on the left cover the entrance to a Hidden Area.

The Hidden Area. The first level of the Hidden Area includes a table and a set of stairs. Head down the stairs to reach the weapon cabinet (with the crossbow), a couple of drawers and a Hidden Closet covered by boxes. Inside the closet, a yellow button at the top reveals the Teddy Closet and the Teddy item.

The Crow Room. Going down another set of stairs from the room with the weapon cabinet gives you two possible routes. A set of descending stairs can take you to the Basement or, alternatively, you can access the Meat Room – a small room with a large chunk of meat hanging from the ceiling. Behind the piece of meat is a hidden door. Open it to enter the Crow Room, which features a Closet, a Hidden Closet (behind three planks), a cabinet, and the Crow.

The Sewers. The descending stairs at the left side of the Crow Room lead you to the Sewers. Here, you’ll find the Secret Sewer Cell, which you can access by shooting a red target on the other side of the door through a small hole in a nearby wall. You can also land into the Sewers from the Backyard, but cannot climb back the same way.

The Ground Floor

As you exit the First Bedroom where you spawn, you can head down the stairs directly in front of you to reach the Ground Floor. This is not necessarily your best move to begin with, though, because Granny tends to meet you half-way, usually beside the Main Door.

The Main Hallway. This hallway contains the locked Main Door, which is one of your two possible escape routes. It also contains a closet under the stairs (Remote Control needed to open the door), a ledge that you can see from the landing on the First Floor and that always spawns the Screwdriver item, as well as several other doors and walkways – to the Kitchen (on the right heading down the stairs), to the Study (on the left) and to the Basement (a door on the left, before the Study).

The Kitchen. As you face the Main Door, the walkway on the right leads you into the Kitchen. Items here can be hidden inside the locker, the cabinets, and the microwave. The Kitchen then leads into the Dining Room.

The Dining Room. This room can be accessed via walkways from the Kitchen and the Study. It contains a wardrobe, a grand table, and a TV. It also features a door behind the table that never opens (except for when Granny uses it) and a window (with a bloody hand on it) that can be used to access the Backyard.

The Study. As you face the Main Door in the hallway, the walkway on the left takes you to the Study. There are only a couple of cupboards and a wardrobe here, as well as a walkway to the Dining Room.

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The Backyard. One of the key locations in the game, the Backyard can be accessed from the Dining Room via the window or from the Basement via a hidden tunnel. It includes the guillotine (used to cut the melon), the well (with one important item inside), the Shed, the Playhouse (with the cogwheel safe inside), and the panel you need to unscrew in order to access the switch that turns off one of the extra locks on the Main Door. You’ll also find a grill on the ground that can drop you into the Sewers.

The Basement. Accessed via the door on the left in the Main Hallway (facing the Main Door, before entering the Study), as well as from the lowest level of the Hidden Area on the First Floor, the Basement houses a Safe, a working bench, and a secret passage leading to the Backyard tunnel (behind a few crates). In addition, there is a panel on one of the Basement walls where you will find the wire that needs clipping in order to unlock the bottom half of the Wire Lock on the Main Door.

The Garage. A set of descending stairs inside the Basement takes you to the Garage. Here, you’ll find the car (an alternative escape route), the bench that allows you to assemble the Shotgun, and the sauna room, where you can lock Granny for a very limited amount of time.

The Second Floor

Back on the First Floor, as you exit the First Bedroom, head left, then right to the rightmost end of the landing. The door on the left takes you to the Third Bedroom, whereas the door in front of you uncovers a set of stairs that take you to the Second Floor. The only viable place to hide here is a closet found behind a large piece of metal on the left wall.

The Special (Spider) Room. The door straight ahead as you climb to the Second Floor is the Special Room, referred to in this manner due to the fact that it requires the Special Key to open. Inside it, you’ll find Granny’s lovely pet Spider and a locker with an essential item.

The Jail Room. The first room to the right as you climb to the Second Floor is the Jail Room. If you run into it, you will fall through the attic floor and into the Main Hallway, losing one of your five “lives” in the process. To access the room, you need to break a nearby plank using the Hammer, then position the plank across the hole in the floor and walk on it to the other side.

Once inside, you’ll notice the jail cell (behind bars) and the jail ventilator on one of its walls. The ventilator always hides an important item, but if you enter the cell without first breaking the security camera, you will be locked in and Granny will be alerted to your presence. Your only way out will then be to unscrew the jail door, which is far more complicated and noisy than just breaking the camera beforehand.

The Baby Room. Three planks on the right wall of the Second Floor block your way to the Baby Room. Break them down using the Hammer and check all drawers inside. This is also where you should bring Teddy – an item that must be thrown into the crib – if you want to unlock the secret ending.

This completes the list of all rooms, routes, and secret areas in Granny. Whenever you can’t find an item, try to remember which room you must have skipped on and you’ll likely find it there. Meanwhile, don’t worry about the fact that the entire layout seems impossibly confusing to begin with. Complete a practice run while Granny is not home and you’ll have a good sense of all locations by the time you exit the house.

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