In DVloper’s horror survival game Granny, you are locked inside a creepy house with an evil, hideous grandma that never dies. Your only chance at survival is to somehow make it out of the house while avoiding Granny and her atrocious wooden bat. To do this, you’ll either escape through the main door or via the car in the basement.

In either case, you’ll need a lot – and we mean, A LOT – of keys to make it through Granny’s security. You’ll also need a bunch of tools and other items, but more about that in a different post. For now, let’s focus on which keys are required to exit grandma’s house of terrors and where you might be able to find them.

Difficulty Settings and Extra Locks

You can play Granny on five difficulties – Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. These affect a number of game settings, including the amount of light that is available throughout the house, the amount of noise your character makes by walking, and how fast grandma moves on her way to kill you.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

In addition, the difficulty setting determines how many locks are placed on the front door, as follows:

  • Easy comes with 4 locks,
  • Practice and Normal comes with 5 locks,
  • Hard features 6 locks,
  • Extreme makes the escape via front door impossible.

If you’re feeling really confident, you can turn on the “Extra Locks” setting, which pits you up against 7 front door locks regardless of the difficulty. Naturally, the more locks are involved, the more items and keys you will need to escape – a task that might seem impossible, at first, especially since Granny is always breathing down the back of your neck… literally.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

To help you out, we’ve put together a description of each of the 7 keys currently in the game. Although we’ve included possible locations for all of these keys, bear in mind that items appear in random places for each game iteration. You know, for fun. The idea is for you to have a vague notion about where you should look as you start a game, which keys you are missing at any given time, and how to plan your course of action depending on what you find every step of the way.

The Weapon Key

As you exit the starting room and turn left, you can enter a similar bedroom, but with a hidden passage, usually masked by three carton boxes. If you head down the passage, you’ll eventually come across a cabinet that requires the Weapon Key to open. Inside, you will always find the Crossbow and three Tranquilizer Darts for ammo.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

Possible locations for the Weapon Key include:

  • The cogwheel safe in the Backyard (can be accessed with 2 cogwheels and the Playhouse Key),
  • The car trunk (can be accessed using the Car Key),
  • The Kitchen fridge,
  • One of the drawers in the Second Bedroom,
  • The glove compartment in the car.

The Safe Key

Going down the stairs as you exit the first bedroom, you come face to face with Granny, obviously, but also with the front door. If you turn left as you look at the door, right before the arch to the living room, you’ll notice another door with a set of downwards stairs behind it. Once you head down, you’re in the Basement and this is where you’ll find a safe.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

To open the safe and get the loot inside (can be anything, from Car Key to Engine Part or Battery, as well as tools like the Pliers), you need the Safe Key. Find the latter at the following locations:

  • The jail ventilator on the Second Floor (can be accessed using the Cutting Pliars),
  • The screwdriver safe under stairs in the Basement (can be accessed with the Screwdriver),
  • The crow cage (can be accessed using Bird Feed).

The Car Key

The Car Key is needed to open the trunk of the car you find in the basement. You’ll need to do this both for the loot inside (the Hammer, most notably, as well as other possible items) and to refill the gas tank if you wish to escape via the car.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

You can find the car key in one of these possible locations:

  • The safe in the basement (requires the Safe Key),
  • The screwdriver safe in the basement (requires the Screwdriver)
  • The toilet in the bathroom,
  • In cabinets near the weapon locker,
  • In the baby room on the second floor (requires Hammer to access),

The Special Key

As you exit the first bedroom when you start the game, you can head left, then turn right, and finally walk to the door straight ahead. This door will take you up to the second floor of the house where you will also find the door that requires the Special Key to be opened. Unlike the other keys, this is a piece of wood with four prongs, hence why it is referred to as “Special”.

It opens the way to Granny’s special pet, a disgusting Spider that will kill you if not distracted, so make sure you bring Meat with you and look through the adjacent locker quickly.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

The Special Key is in one of the following spots:

  • A Kitchen cabinet,
  • The microwave in the Kitchen,
  • A hidden room in the Basement (next to the letter by a previous victim),
  • A hidden closet near the weapons cabinet (behind carton boxes),
  • A closet near the Crow Room (accessed using the Hammer).

The Playhouse Key

In the basement, a piece of metal obstructs your way to a secret area with a note from one of Granny’s previous victims. If you continue to head down the corridor from that room, you eventually pop up in the Backyard, where you will also find the Playhouse. Inside, the cogwheel safe can hide anything from the Spark Plug to the Weapon, Master, and Padlock Keys.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

You can find the Playhouse Key in one of these locations:

  • The crow cage (accessed using Bird Feed),
  • The melon (must be cut using the guillotine in the Backyard),
  • The screwdriver safe in the Basement (accessed with a Screwdriver),
  • Inside the garage table,
  • In one of the drawers in the Study.

The Padlock Key

The front door and the garage door are always locked with a Padlock. To open either of the two for a door or car escape on any difficulty, you need the Padlock Key.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

The latter can be found at these spots:

  • The melon (cut at the guillotine in the Backyard),
  • The screwdriver safe in the Basement (requires the Screwdriver to be opened),
  • The cogwheel safe in Backyard (requires 2 Cogwheels and the Playhouse Key),
  • The locker in the spider room on the Second Floor (requires Meat for distraction).

The Master Key

If you intend to escape via the front door, the last item you will need to use in order to do so is the Master Key. The latter opens the way once all the other obstacles are removed, but is not necessary if the player plans to leave using the car.

Granny: Where Are All the Damned Keys?

The Master Key is usually in one of the following locations:

  • The melon (cut using the guillotine in the Backyard),
  • The car trunk (requires Car Key to be opened),
  • The cogwheel safe (requires 2 Cogwheels and the Playhouse Key),
  • The Kitchen microwave.

That’s it – all seven keys currently in the game! If you’ve never played before, the list will seem confusing at first. Once you get a good idea of the layout of the house, however, these possible locations will let you know where to go next when you’re missing a particular key.

Meanwhile, if Granny is giving you a hard time, put the game on BlueStacks and take advantage of enhanced controls and aiming. No, it won’t save you from grandma most of the time. But it will give you a fighting chance.