As we’ve been mentioning in many of our previous articles, boosting your attributes is one of the best ways to improve your odds of survival in Guns of Glory. By investing in the correct areas, you could receive massive benefits to your production, to your troop load, or even become able to withstand massive enemy assaults where you’re outnumbered 10 to 1. In this sense, the Guard building is yet another way in which players can foster massive boosts by assigning characters to fulfill certain roles. However, this building is not readily available for everyone to enjoy right off the bat, as you must progress significantly into the game before gaining access to it and all it offers.

Boosting With the Guard Building in Guns of Glory on PC
In this guide, we’re going to explain what the Guard is, and how to use it to your advantage.

What is the Guard?

As we mentioned above, the Guard is a building that is already built from the beginning. However, in order to gain access to its features, you will first need to upgrade your castle to level 10. Once you fulfill this requirement, you will be able to recruit guards in this building and assign them to one of the eight available positions. Upon assigning a guard to a position, you will receive boosts to certain areas, depending on the position, and the quality of the guard.

Boosting With the Guard Building in Guns of Glory on PC
Similar to your airship, the boosts that your guard provides to your estate can be upgraded by leveling them up. Furthermore, more boosts can be unlocked by increasing their stars, in a process not unlike enhancing the abilities of your airship.

The Guard building has 8 positions that can be occupied by a guard that matches the type of each of them. These positions are Captain, Weapon Master, Master of Defense, Strategist, Advisor, Ambassador, Innovator, and Aide. The boosts that the guards provide are related to the type of position they occupy. However, two guards that occupy the same position don’t necessarily have to provide the same boosts, as they could have individual differences.

Guard Grades

Each guard has a certain grade, which is indicative of his or her rarity. This grade will, in turn, serve as an indicator of their prowess and effectiveness at boosting certain stats. The grade of the guards is determined by their stars, with the lowest grade, the green guards, having 3 or fewer stars. The next grade, the blue guards, have 4 stars. The last and best grade of guards, the purple guards, have 5 stars and are the most powerful out of all the others.

Boosting With the Guard Building in Guns of Glory on PC
The grade of the guard will have bearing on more than just their boosts. For example, the boosts that the green guards bestow upon the estate can be upgraded by upgrading them. However, the boosts granted by blue and purple guards are much higher and have a fixed value that can’t be upgraded. Furthermore, the 4 and 5-star guards have a higher maximum level, when compared to the regular guards. The former can be upgraded to level 40 and 50, respectively, while the latter can only reach level 30, which further restricts their already-limited potential.

Recruiting New Guards

The fastest way to add more guards to your roster is through the Recruitment Hall. Through this feature, you can summon guards using three methods; apprentice, advanced, and master summonings.

The most basic of these methods is, as its name implies, the apprentice menu. However, this feature allows you to recruit a free guard every 8 hours. Nevertheless, this recruitment method doesn’t always result in a guard. On some occasions, it is possible to receive guard XP or guard fragments. Conversely, it is also possible to receive a rare guard, but not an epic one, through this method.

Similarly, the advanced menu allows you to recruit a guard for free, with a cooldown of 24 hours. This feature has a higher chance of recruiting a rare guard, but can also result in guard XP or other items, instead of a guard.

In order to use master recruitment, you need to pay with recruitment banners that can be obtained by fighting beasts and raiding Red Guard camps. These banners can also come as a gift in any packs you purchase from the store. While the requirements for using this feature are steeper than the other two, it is the only way in which you can recruit epic guards. Nevertheless, it is also possible to get rare, or even regular guards from master recruitment. Furthermore, you can only use master recruitment if you’ve ever purchased a pack from the in-game store, which means that only those who have spent money on the game will ever be able to use this feature.

Upgrading Guards

You can upgrade any of your guards through the guard roster menu. In this screen, you can freely assign guard XP to any of the characters in your roster. You can find guard XP by slaying beasts, as prizes from a pack, for free on certain occasions, and as a prize from some events. When you level up a guard, the power of its primary boosts is increased.

Similar to airships, you can also enhance the stars of your guards by using special items. This process requires guard fragments, as well as the guard being a certain level before being enhanced. By increasing his or her stars, the guard will unlock secondary boosts. Guard fragments can be acquired from recruitments. Unlocking the second star requires 40 fragments, while the third star requires 80. The fourth and final star requires a whopping 160 fragments to unlock. In the case of regular green guards, you must first increase their level to 10 for the second star, and to 20 for the third star.

Boosting With the Guard Building in Guns of Glory on PC

Keep in mind that, unlike with the airship, there is no way to refund the guard XP that you have assigned to a character. In this sense, you should always consider your long-term goals before assigning experience to the first guard you get. If you’re thinking of spending money on the game, you could simply wait until you get the best purple guards and drop all your XP on them. However, if you don’t want to spend, you could invest your XP on some good 3-star green guards, which can actually be a very good investment since they may bestow better boosts than most 2 or 3-star blue guards.

The guard feature is a great way to further specialize your estate into becoming a powerful producer, or a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. By wisely investing your XP and resources on the right guards, you can give massive boosts to your estate, and increase your odds of success in Guns of Glory.