The Airship in Guns of Glory is a very useful asset, which can provide assistance in many situations. You can use your blimp to support your army when attacking other players, or when attacking monsters that roam the map. Furthermore, your personal blimp accompanies your army on their expeditions to gather resources, increasing their load capacity for that trip, allowing them to carry more materials back to the estate. Additionally, your airship can equip abilities that grant passive bonuses to your army.

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

All of the above-mentioned features make your airship a very important part of your base in Guns of Glory. Furthermore, since it can’t be damaged or destroyed by enemy forces, it will always be able to provide its bonuses to your troops at all times. In this sense, upgrading and focusing on developing your blimp will become an essential part of your gameplay.

In this guide, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about the airship, as well as how to develop it so you can use it to its full potential.

The Basics

Just like your Lord, the airship can level up by acquiring XP. However, your airship doesn’t use regular XP. Instead, it uses airship XP, which you can get from fighting, or from special items obtained as drops or free gifts. As your airship increases in levels, it will gain access to better abilities, as well as more slots to equip more skills. These skills can help in many situations and can be swapped out freely as the occasion demands. By upgrading and enhancing said abilities, their potency will increase in kind.

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

There are four main types of skills, which improve specific parts of your gameplay. These skills are Attack, Defense, Gathering, and Beast. You will only receive the benefits from your airship abilities when using it in the tasks for which it is equipped for. In other words, beast skills are only useful when attacking monsters on the map, while attack skills are used when attacking other players, and so on.

Airship Abilities

Before being able to enjoy your airship abilities, you will need to assign them to any of your available slots. In the beginning, you’ll only have one slot available, which isn’t so bad, considering you only start off with a couple of abilities. In order to assign your abilities, you first need to go to your airship dock, and click on “airship abilities.” In this menu, you will need to navigate to the bottom right, and click on “assign abilities.” In this next screen, all you need to do is click on the categories to browse your selection of available skills, which appear on the bottom left. Once you’ve found the skill you want to use, simply click on it and it’ll equip itself to an available slot. Once equipped, the ability will automatically grant its bonus when performing the relevant task. Conversely, if you want to remove an equipped skill, simply click on it and then click on “remove.”

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

As we mentioned above, in order to increase your available slots, you must level up your airship. The numbers that appear on each empty slot represent the level that you must achieve in order to unlock each of them.

Upgrading Airship Abilities

The abilities that can be equipped on your airship can be improved in two ways: upgrading and enhancing. Both of these procedures increase the effectiveness of your skills.

In order to upgrade your airship abilities, you must first go to your airship dock and navigate to the “airship abilities” menu. Here, you will see your abilities divided into two categories: assault, and guardian. As a general rule of thumb, assault skills are more focused on attacking, while guardian abilities are centered around utility and defense.

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

If you click on any of these abilities, you will open a menu showing their details, as well as the requirements to upgrade them. These requirements are usually reaching a certain airship level, and either guardian or assault points, depending on the type of skill. By upgrading your airship port, you will be able to reduce the points requirement for upgrading skills. In order to acquire both guardian and assault points, you just need to go about your usual activities; you will receive them as side-rewards for completing tasks such as attacking beasts, or gathering resources on the map, among others.

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

If you messed up and upgraded an ability by mistake, or would like to reset an ability you are no longer using, you can reverse an upgrade and get all the points back by using an Airship Ability Reset item, which can be purchased from the Alliance Store.

Enhancing Airship Abilities

Like upgrading, enhancing is another way in which you can increase the effectiveness of your airship abilities.

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

To enhance your airship abilities, you must go to your airship dock and click on “enhance abilities.” In this screen, you will be able to browse for the abilities you have available, which are divided, once again, into the guardian and assault categories. Once you have selected the relevant skill, you can enhance it by simply clicking on the “enhance” button. This process increases the effectiveness of the ability by a set percentage. However, in order to enhance your ability, you must acquire intensity gears, which are rare items that come in various ranks. Intensity gears I are relatively common, however, the higher tiers of these items are quite rare, and seem to drop from advanced tasks such as seasonal events, or attacking high-level enemies.

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

You will need 10 gears of the respective tier in order to enhance ability. In other words, you need 10 intensity gears I to enhance a skill to 1-star, 10 intensity gears II to enhance it to 2-stars, and so on. The bonuses from enhancing are actually not that significant, so you won’t need to actively pursue this task. However, keep an eye out for when you have some gears lying around in order to enhance your abilities.

Airship Specializations

Lastly, your airship can be customized for certain tasks by choosing a specialization. When your airship is docked, you can select the specialization menu to switch your airship’s area of specialty, which essentially increases its effectiveness at specific tasks. However, by leaving it on balanced, you will receive more guardian and assault points, so only switch your specialization when you need the extra boost.

A Guide to the Airship in Guns of Glory on PC

That’s all there is to using your airship. Remember that your airship is only as effective as the abilities you have equipped allow it to be. In this sense, don’t send out your airship to raid another player with gathering abilities equipped. Try to unlock abilities that are useful for specific situations, and swap them out as the occasion demands.