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Guns of Glory on PC – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

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In a recent article, we’ve covered several of the most noteworthy in-game sources of attack boosts for your troops. Maximizing your damage output is particularly important when you’re facing a strong opponent or looking to down a difficult PvE challenge.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

As you may already know, your Guns of Glory armies will be comprised of a maximum of four types of units – Infantry, Cavalry, Distance, and Artillery. Although heavy Artillery tends to have a bit more damage than Distance grunts, the former are also incredibly slow, which is why you should keep relatively few of them in your army composition.

Why Distance?

Given any balanced army composition, you’ll notice that your Distance does the heavy lifting in terms of DPS, which is why, after total troop attack, you ought to be focusing on getting the most distance attack as possible. You need to be a distance master in order to be a consistently successful commander, partly because most of these unit types have increased damage against enemy front liners.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

Regardless of their rank, enemy Musketeers will take additional damage from your own distance troops, provided your Distance is the right type, namely Riflemen. For example, you’d want to have both Tier 9 (Royal Grenadiers), as well as Tier 10 (Master Marksmen) in your total distance in order to benefit from the Grenadier bonus against the enemy Infantry, as well as the Riflemen boost against their Cavalry and Artillery.

In this particular instance, we’d advise establishing a proportion that is comprised of 2/3 Grenadiers and the remainder Marksmen. This will ensure your attack prioritizes the units that are keeping the entire army alive.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

Once you’re done with the Infantry of your enemy, all of the other troops become significantly more vulnerable, which means they’ll accumulate more losses, as well as deal less damage to you. Furthermore, while the frontline is engaged, your Distance shooters can attack both the Infantry that is raining down on your own regiments, as well as the squadrons positioned right behind them. This makes the Distance group a kernel part of your army, which is why it is generously represented in all amazing configurations out there.

How to Distance Better

We mentioned in our troop damage guide that the Retribution set is pretty much a must-have if you want to enhance your army’s total damage output. This is also the case with a specific Distance category, since you’ll benefit from 100% more Distance damage just by wielding the Rifle. If you also happen to upgrade the latter to its max level, you’ll provide your Distance with 120% more damage.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

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Whoever said gunpowder never did anything good clearly didn’t play enough Guns of Glory. The Darkness gems, which you should be intimately familiar with by now, have the potential to increase your Distance attack by a whopping 468% in the case of four, fully refined Flawless gems. These mats are no joke. We’d prioritize them as soon as possible.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

Next up on the list are Airship Parts. To get to these, all you have to do is go to your Dock and click on Embed Part. If you manage to get your hands on two upgraded Platinum Cannons, your Distance will be 240% the better for it. Good canons are definitely a must-have for an army composition that relies on ranged units to deliver victories.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

And since we’re dealing with the Airship anyway, let’s take a good look at the abilities you can unlock. Here, you’ll find the appropriately named Distance Devastation skills on the Assault Side. You should aim to get both DD I and DD II, as well as Distance Rage. Just to give you a perspective on how impactful they can be, DD II alone can increase your ranged damage against infantry by as much as 62% (100% against all enemies, respectively) when maxed out.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

Many players tend to forget about the Coat of Arms bonus. Unlocked at Castle level 16, four Epic Grand Duellers will also contribute with roughly 140% to your total Distance, because nothing makes your soldiers more effective in combat than an impressive-looking symbol of heraldry.

As was the case with our total Troop damage, there is a consistent amount of attack bonus to be had from Curiosities. If you want to get the most out of your Distance throngs, all you have to do is replace the Da Vinci Globes with two Gold Star Maps of Nicolaus Copernicus. Sure, you’ll be giving up 127% total troop attack, but you’ll be gaining a spectacular 381% Distance DPS boost.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

Of course, there are several other sources of ranged DPS augmentation. The right guards (for instance, Kitty, D’Artagnan, Blood, and Maupin) will land in a noteworthy 250% bonus for your Distance, while the research in Combat I, II, as well as in the Alliance trees will give you a great 124% when fully upgraded. Keep in mind that 75% of that is actually in Combat II, so it’ll take a while to get there.

Why Composition and Strategy Matter

We’ve been talking a lot lately about army composition and various attack boosts. The reason for this is that, with careful planning and a sound strategy, you’ll be able to not only beat everyone else that is your level, but also stand a chance against people who are significantly more powerful than you. We didn’t include specific boosts, such as the ones you’d get when raiding because they tend to be less frequent and less impactful. These, on the other hand, are staples and, as you have seen, pack a real punch.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

What you need to keep in mind about Guns of Glory is that no amount of store-bought resources can protect your rivals from the crucial mistakes they are making. Your goal will be to exploit their tactical mistakes, whether on the battlefield or in their Estates; and turn their outstanding resources against them.

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