You may be wondering how come so many players get 300% or even 400% boosts to their troop attack when you can barely scrape up 150%. We know because we’ve been in the same situation, particularly on the receiving end of such a battering.

Fortunately for you, we’ve made a full list of boost categories to help you keep track of all the buffs your army can benefit from. Naturally, a good army composition will help out a great deal, which is why we’ve recently also created a guide on PvP configurations.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

However, if you find that you need a bit of extra oomph to defeat an opponent who is slightly stronger than you are, whether in PvP or in PvE, you’ve come to the right place.

The Biggest Guns

By far, the biggest boost percentage you can achieve for your troops is through the gear your commander has equipped. In order to see what gear is currently available for you to craft, as well as what other sets are in the game, everything you have to do is head over to the Armory section of your Forge. As you may have already noticed, not all gear is the same, though. Some of them have different benefits depending on the set they belong to.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

For our purposes, Battle sets are what interest us the most. As an example of how powerful these items can be, click the Retribution set to see what benefits it provides. Just the Retribution rifle alone increases your distance attack by 100%, while the Talisman does the same for the Cavalry. If you take a look even further down, under the Benefits section, you’ll see what synergies you can benefit from when you equip more than one piece.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

For two Retribution pieces, you get another 15% to Troop Defence. At four, you get the same amount in Troop Health, while, at six, your Troops’ Attack receives an identical boost. Because of how impactful this gear is, you’ll want to keep all of your gold to be able to invest in it when the time is right. Just think of the fact that, in addition to the specific boosts to each type of unit, Retri gives everyone a flat out 75% augmentation to their attack before the resonance kicks in.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

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If this were not enough, every time you increase the enhancement level, these percentages are also improved. When you finally manage to get to that 5th upgrade, your resonance boost will have gone up from 15% for each stat to a whopping 45%. Looking only at the attack segment, Retribution, when maxed out, will increase your army’s DPS by around 180%. On the other hand, the Sun King starts at 150% (vs. 135% for Retri) and will definitely be higher when maxed out than a fully upgraded Retri, while the Master set will literally crush anything in your path.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

Just think of the fact that the Master starts you off at a whopping 195% boost. That’s definitely something worth considering next time you’re choosing your commander’s attire. Talk about a killer outfit!

Lesser Boosts, but Still Noteworthy

Depending on what it is that you’re trying to achieve, some boosts might not be as important as others. For instance, you can read our guide to mastering distance attacks to see works best for these types of combats. The gemstones, however, are an obvious choice of boosting material.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

Dark gems, in particular, can weight in quite heavily in your favour. If the 48.5% attack bonus was not enough, you can refine these to give you up to 58.5% each. Two of them will thus add yet another 117% attack boost to what you currently have.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

Another major boost to your damage can be gained from the Curiosities mechanism that was added to the 2.5.0 version of the game. This building found to the right of your castle, which is unlocked at level 17, allows you to craft a variety of odd mechanisms. In order to do this, you’ll first need to activate a Tome. In turn, the latter will allow you to craft a Curiosity. The higher its level, the rarer the mats required for the process.

For a raw boost to your attack, all you have to do is craft two Gold Celestia Globe of Leonardo Da Vinci and fully enhance them. It’s a lot of work, sure, but they’ll add another 127% to your attack. The boost may not be as massive as that of the gear, yet it is significant enough to be worth the effort. Da Vinci knew his inventions, that’s for sure.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

Last, but certainly not least, Glory levels can provide your army with a great bonus to their offensive capacity. To benefit from these, though, you have to upgrade your Academy to level 15 at the very least, because this is when the Glory becomes available. The Castle also offers a Glory bonus, and, starting with level 31, both your Trap Factory and Warehouse will provide you with a nice attack improvement.

Overall, Glory levels can shoulder in your attack figure by another 81.5%. Keep in mind that this number might be higher, depending on the total advancement of your buildings. It’s not as great as previous boosts, but when you add it all up, the sum warrants your attention. We certainly defeated more than one foe by the skin of our teeth and there’s no doubt about the fact that Troop bonuses carried us through.

Going for the Big Guys

Regardless of your level, whether you’re in the beginning or have been playing the game for a while now, these tips will help boost your army’s attack enough to tackle enemies that would otherwise be out of your reach.  They work both in PvP and PvE, so make sure to use them well.

Guns of Glory – How to Maximize Troop Damage

We’d still be careful not to extend, though. You never know what friends your target might have, in case they’re another person. Even those people who are unaffiliated with an alliance might actually be strong players with a farm account, so be sure to double-check before pressing the march button.

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