Note: This game is currently incompatible with BlueStacks as it does not support app players.

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is just like your regular run-of-the-mill strategy conquest game. The idea is to develop your military base, build and upgrade your facilities, grow your navy and air fleet, as well as your ground armies, and eventually plant your own foothold in the world as a powerful player that’s not to be trifled with; this much is common in games in this genre. However, true to its name, Crypto Conflict has an important distinction: it has an economy based around a special resource called Titanium, which can be traded for MILICO, and eventually turned into money in the real world.

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Best Tips and Strategies for Progressing and Farming Titanium

This Titanium-centric economy gives Crypto Conflict a highly competitive multiplayer scene where users fight for dominion over the rare Titanium islands, which is the main form of farming this valuable resource. And even though the winners can get direct access to these resources, they are essentially sitting ducks while their troops are busy gathering and loading the materials onto their ships. And all of that is just for a day’s worth of Titanium; they’ll have to repeat the same process again the next day in order to keep a stable income.

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Best Tips and Strategies for Progressing and Farming Titanium

Playing and surviving in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict can be really challenging, especially if you’re new to the game. For this reason, we wanted to share a few tips and tricks on how to get started on the right track.

Play on BlueStacks to Increase Your Earnings

What’s better than farming Titanium with a single fleet? Well, farming Titanium with several fleets, of course!

Usually, if you’d want to collaborate with another fleet to keep you safe or to farm more Titanium, you would probably have to rely on a friend or an alliance to watch your back. However, by playing Crypto Conflict on PC with BlueStacks, you can effectively gain access to more fleets under your command, simply by playing on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Best Tips and Strategies for Progressing and Farming Titanium

The way this works is that, by playing on BlueStacks, you can get access to the Instance Manager, a tool that lets you create multiple instances of our Android app player. In this sense, and by linking unique Google accounts to each, you can effectively install Crypto Conflict on each of your instances, and access the game on multiple accounts at the same time, all while keeping all your games on one monitor. This is a far cry from doing this on your phone, which is very tedious at best, to impossible at worst, depending on your device.

And as if that wasn’t enough, BlueStacks also gives you access to a wide variety of features designed to improve your experience with this game, including features to automate some of the repetitive aspects, as well as to streamline menu navigation through the use of keyboard shortcuts, among others.

Check out our PC setup guide for Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict if you want to learn how to install and play this awesome mobile 4X game on your computer.

How to Unlock the MILICO Exchange

As we mentioned before, while the main gameplay in Crypto Conflict is similar to that of other mobile strategy conquest games, the endgame actually revolves around Titanium. Specifically, players later on are focused on farming Titanium from their respective islands, while keeping their enemies at bay through war and conflict. 

However, even if you manage to secure a steady supply of Titanium, you’d still need to trade it for MILICO if you want to start earning income from your gameplay, otherwise you’d only be able to use it for upgrading your base and facilities. In this sense, if you want to actually start turning a profit from your time with Crypto Conflict, you will need to unlock the MILICO Exchange feature, which by itself requires a ton of time.

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Best Tips and Strategies for Progressing and Farming Titanium

To unlock the MILICO Exchange, you need to upgrade your HQ and Trade Warehouse buildings to level 18 each, after which the exchange feature will become available in the latter. And once unlocked, you can freely trade Titanium for MILICO, or the other way around.

Progressing Quickly to HQ Level 18

Now, while reaching the coveted level 18 for your HQ might seem like a pipe dream if you’re just starting out, there are actually a few good practices you can adopt to make this process go faster than normal.

For starters, the chapter missions are awesome not only for teaching you the basics and guiding you through the game, but they also grant you tons of useful resources for every mission that you complete. This in turn will let you continue developing your base without having to wait as much for gathering enough resources. To further increase the pace at which you progress, you can also proactively use your speed-up items once your constructions start to take longer than what you can complete instantly for free. 

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Best Tips and Strategies for Progressing and Farming Titanium

Nevertheless, gimmicks aside, the absolute best way to ensure constant progress in this game is to be diligent; to always keep your workers busy building something, as well as to leave the longer construction projects for when you’re about to log off, so as to reduce the overnight downtime of your city. In this sense, properly planning out your development is almost as important as actually being diligent.

Always Farm the World Map

Another helpful aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked in order to quickly progress in Crypto Conflict is actually what’s outside your base. Specifically, the world map is chock full of not only other players’ bases, but also of a wide variety of resource spots and neutral NPCs that can give valuable rewards if attacked and defeated. In this sense, another way to ensure your continued development is by always having your troops farming resources from the map. Similarly, defeating NPC enemies can give you good experience to progress your account.

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Best Tips and Strategies for Progressing and Farming Titanium

And when it comes to the farming aspect of the game, BlueStacks can also help significantly streamline it via its Macro Recorder, a tool that lets you completely automate some of the most repetitive tasks in the game, including attacking NPC enemies, farming resources from the world map, and more.

Develop Your Base Equally

Despite your priorities seemingly being reaching level 18 with your HQ and Trade Warehouse buildings, the reality of the matter is that you’ll actually need to develop your base in a balanced manner, especially since some buildings feed into the development of others. In this sense, in order to level up one building, you might need to reach a certain level with another one, and so on.

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Best Tips and Strategies for Progressing and Farming Titanium

To help speed up your progress, we recommend not only focusing on your HQ, but on your military buildings, which will give you access to stronger units that will let you fight tougher enemies, and possibly ones with bigger load capacity, which will effectively increase the amount of resources collected from gathering points in the world map.

In the end, your progress in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict boils down to your own commitment to the game. In this sense, by backing up your efforts with the best tips and tricks, as well as with the best tools courtesy of BlueStacks, you will reach level 18 in no time.