Hero Cantare With WEBTOON released a few weeks ago, bringing its awesome block-based combat system and cool comic book style storytelling to life on our phone screens (or to your PC if you’re playing on BlueStacks). However, aside from its innovative combat features, this game is pretty much standard when it comes to its progression and grinding, which means that you’ll obviously be grinding quite a bit in order to farm the materials and resources necessary for unlocking new heroes and upgrading them.

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON - Progression Guide for Beginners

Nevertheless, even though most gacha games coincide in the ways they implement their grind, also known as the “gameplay loop,” they all feature slight differences that make them stand out among the rest. In this sense, while you’ll almost always need to farm certain dungeons or stages for materials, the challenges and enemies within vary from game to game. Similarly, the daily and weekly quests also vary according to the title.

This all to say that, while Hero Cantare has many awesome features when it comes to its combat and storytelling, it’s still an RPG gacha at the end of the day, which means that you’ll have to grind a lot. In this guide, we wanted to show you the best way to invest your time in this game so that you may progress smoothly and blaze through the main story.

1. Work on Your Hero Road and Relay Missions

Shortly after you finish the tutorial in Hero Cantare, you’ll see that many different sections have become available on the main menu, including the Hero Road and Relay Missions. Both of these sections offer many different milestones that you can complete in order to earn some awesome rewards.

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON - Progression Guide for Beginners

The Relay Missions consist of many different tasks that you will often complete as part of your regular gameplay and seldom require going out of your way to achieving them. They are divided into various parts, each with their own set of milestones and goals. Whenever you complete one of these tasks, you can visit the menu in order to claim your rewards. Keep in mind, however, that while these tasks are divided into many parts, you can actually complete missions in tiers higher than your current one. Regardless, you will need to clear your current tier in order to gain access to the prizes in the others.

For instance, if you’re currently working on the Mission Step 1, you can actually complete tasks in the Steps 2, 3, 4, and so on. However, you will need to actually progress past Step 1 and into further parts in order to actually claim the rewards. Keep this in mind whenever you’re looking for something to do in Hero Cantare.

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON - Progression Guide for Beginners

The Hero Road is a bit different in the fact that it doesn’t have actual specific tasks. Instead, the rewards are divided into Hero Point milestones that you can claim once you reach the necessary number of Hero Points. You can earn this currency through different means, but most of them will come from participating in the Arena, progressing through the story, and Awakening your heroes.

2. Recycle Your Unused Hero Fragments Into Memory Stones

Let’s face it, even though Hero Cantare is a gacha where you can summon countless different heroes, you’ll always want to stick with the best characters in the game. This is why many players try to reroll before committing to working on the game’s story, as having a few good heroes will definitely help to get you started on the right track. In fact, rerolling in Hero Cantare is a great way to progress smoothly in this game; we definitely recommend it if you have the time and patience.

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON - Progression Guide for Beginners

Nevertheless, whenever you attempt to summon, you’ll receive many different memory fragments corresponding to a variety of characters. Most of these characters won’t even see the light of day once you unlock the best heroes in the game, which makes these memory fragments somewhat useless. However, while you won’t be using these fragments, you can recycle them into Memory Stones, which are used for awakening any of your characters.

Awakening is important since it can help to unlock the true potential of any character, which is exactly something you’ll want to do whenever you can. For this reason, you’ll want to get as many Memory Stones as you can.

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON - Progression Guide for Beginners

3. Upgrade Your Characters At All Times

If you’ve been rerolling in Hero Cantare, you’ll likely have some great characters to get started. These heroes will probably carry you through the first few missions. However, after a while, you’ll notice that, even when they’re quite overpowered in relation to other heroes, these characters aren’t a magical ticket that will automatically score you victories left and right, and even less so if we’re talking about the Arena.

Your character’s level and stats are exceedingly important when it comes to their performance in battle. Luckily, one of the easiest ways to level them up is simply by using your Level-Up Materials in the hero screen. You can receive this resource mainly through the City Search feature. However, you can only ever level a character up until certain points, after which you will need to use Advancement Materials to increase the cap.

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON - Progression Guide for Beginners

While you don’t need to worry too much at the beginning about your level, it’s a good idea to develop the habit of keeping them powered up at all times.

4. Claim Your AFK Rewards Once a Day

One last tip to keep you in top shape is to remember claiming your free rewards from the City Search feature.

In Hero Cantare, your characters farm resources automatically for you 24/7, even while you’re offline. These resources are freely available for you by clicking the “Claim” button in the City Search menu, which is located in the “Story” option, on the screen where you select your mission. These rewards cap out at 24 hours, after which your characters will stop farming until you take your materials. This is one of the more accessible AFK farming systems since you can simply visit it once and forget about it until the next day.

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON - Progression Guide for Beginners

Make sure to visit the City Search feature to claim your freebies. The Level-Up Materials and other useful materials will definitely come in handy.