In Heroes of the Dark, you are going to need formidable heroes to stop the High Council from fulfilling their evil plans. As of writing, there are 26 heroes in the game and each of them has their own set of unique abilities that are very useful in defeating the minions of the High Council. But more than that, they can also be upgraded continuously to make those abilities more effective. 

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to properly upgrade your heroes in Heroes of the Dark to make them stronger in battle. But before that, we must first know some basic information about the heroes in the game so that we will know more about how these upgrades exactly work and to understand more about the game.

Basic Hero Information

The heroes in Heroes of the Dark have their own race and class. On top of that, each hero also has their own star rating which determines their rarity as well as their base strength.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

There are three races of heroes in the game: the vampires, the humans, and the werewolves. Regardless of the race, a hero can be one of four classes: ranger, tank, nuker, bruiser. A hero’s class tells you about the fighting style of a hero which then gives you an idea as to how to use them effectively in battle. When upgrading a hero, you must always consider their race and class because these variables will determine what resources you will need to upgrade them. Below is a table of the game’s races and classes of heroes as well as information about what resources are required for upgrades and where to find them.

Race Needed Resource Where to Find
Vampire Blood Shards/Blood Crystals Vampiric Ritual Room
Human Battery Shards/Battery Crystals Human Lunar Laboratory
Werewolf Purified Shards/Purified Crystals Lupine Purification Chamber
Class Needed Resource Where to Find
Ranger – deals long-range damage to enemies. Rangers are best kept at the back to minimize damage. Ranger Token Ranger Camps, Campaign Missions
Tank – protects other heroes by absorbing a bulk of enemy damage. Tanks are best placed in front to protect Rangers and Nukers. Tank Token Tank Camps, Campaign Missions
Nuker – can deal damage to multiple enemies in one attack. Nukers are best kept at the back to minimize damage. Nuker Token Nuker Camps, Campaign Missions
Bruiser – fights enemies head-on. Bruisers are best placed in front. Bruiser Token Bruiser Camps, Campaign Missions
Assassin – aggressively attacks enemies but often targets enemies with the lowest health. Assassins are best kept in front. Assassin Token Assassin Camps, Campaign Missions
Support – helps other heroes by healing them or giving them buffs during battle Support Token Support Camps, Campaign Missions

Heroes also have a rank which are represented with stars and is indicative of their base strength. A hero that has a higher starting rank means that that hero is exponentially strong but also very difficult and expensive to recruit into your team. At first, you will be using one-star heroes but eventually you will unlock more heroes that have more than one star.

Rank Up and Level Up

Now that you know the basic information about the heroes in Heroes of the Dark, it is time to learn about upgrading them. There are two ways to upgrade heroes: ranking up and levelling up. Let us discuss first about levelling up heroes as this is the easiest and most basic way to upgrade them.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

Levelling up a hero increases their base stats which in turn makes them stronger. To level up a hero, you will need two resources depending on their race and class. For instance, levelling up a Vampire who is of the Ranger class will require Blood Shards/Blood Crystals and Ranger Tokens. You will need certain amounts of these resources. 

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

An important thing to note is that the resources for each race come in five tiers. The first two tiers are called shards while the other three are called crystals. For example, the Vampire heroes have the Small Blood Shard as a first-tier resource and the Enhanced Blood Crystal as the fifth-tier resource. As you upgrade heroes, they may require a different tier of their race resource. The five tiers of race resource can all be manufactured in their respective mansion facilities (i.e., Vampiric Ritual Room) however you can only unlock a certain tier once you level up the facility to the required level.

As you level up a hero, their upgrades will only become more expensive, so it is wise to sufficiently stock up on the necessary resources that your heroes need.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

Heroes can be ranked up by expending the required amount of hero fragments. These fragments can primarily be obtained from the summoning portal in the mansion as well as in dungeons. Ranking up a hero significantly increases their stats, increases their max level, and also levels up their skills and perks.


Heroes can also be equipped with various gear to receive specific stat buffs.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

Each hero has about six equipment slots. The three slots on the left are designated for clothing equipment such as headwear while the other three on the right are designated for accessories and weapons. The game can automatically assign equipment to a hero if you click on the green button with the shirt icon.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

The stats that will be affected are contingent on the equipment equipped. Some of the stat buffs include increased health, increased energy generation, and increased attack power. Some items can only be equipped by a hero when they meet the level requirement. Equipment items that have specified level requirements are usually very strong and also affect more than one stat.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

Equipment for heroes can generally be obtained from the same camps where you can collect class tokens. Alternatively, you can also find equipment in dungeons that are scattered across the world map. 

Strong equipment can be garnered in the game’s Campaign through special rewards chests. These chests can be unlocked when you attain a certain number of total stars in the Campaign.

Hero Auras

Hero do not always have to be upgraded and buffed before battle. Some heroes have a passive skill called a Hero Aura that can give buffs to the heroes that are within their range throughout the entirety of the battle.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

Check your heroes to see if they have an aura that can affect other heroes during battle. An example of a hero with this kind of skill is Stamatus Abernathy, a human ranger. Stamatus’ passive skill named Stalwart Veteran can give his nearest front allies 15% resistance to certain enemy attacks.

How to Strengthen Your Heroes in Heroes of the Dark

When setting up your heroes’ battle positions, place the heroes that you want to buff inside the range of the hero aura.