In Heroes of the Dark, you are mostly going to utilize resources such as Gold and Moondust to upgrade your mansion’s facilities as well as strengthen your heroes. Additionally, the game also has a premium currency called Lunar Gems, which can be used to alleviate the mundaneness of some aspects of the game. For instance, you can use the gems to instantly upgrade a room so that you will no longer have to wait.

This guide will show you the most common ways of obtaining these valuable resources so that you will be well-equipped when you are finally going to spend them on upgrades. Moreover, we’re also going to share some strategies that you can apply to effectively farm these resources while you are offline.


You can build the Gold Foundry and the Moondust Factory in your mansion and doing this will give you a free and permanent source of Gold and Moondust.

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

The foundry and the factory generate a certain amount of Gold and Moondust respectively on an hourly basis. You can view the current hourly output of the foundry or factory by clicking them on your mansion and clicking “Upgrade”. You must constantly upgrade these facilities so that you it will keep generating the enough Gold and Moondust to sustain your upgrade requirements. Upgrades will require gold as well as time, but you can spend Lunar Gems to instantly upgrade these rooms. Interestingly, you can keep upgrading a facility with Lunar Gems even when you are completely out of Gold – however, you should only do this if you desperately need to upgrade it and lack the resources to do so.

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

As you upgrade the mansion’s throne room, you can build more than one factory and foundry. To see the aggregate hourly output of your factories and foundries, you can click on the icon of Gold and Moondust on the top of your screen. This is also where you can see the maximum amount of each resource that you can store as well as how many are protected from enemies (kept in the vault).

When upgrading the factory and foundry, make sure that they are always the same level to prevent any bottlenecks in the resource production.

Campaign Missions

Completing missions in the game’s campaign is also another great way to easily earn large amounts of Gold and Moondust within a short span of time. 

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

These resources are earned as rewards for completing challenges that are specific to each mission. Each of these missions contains three challenges and you are rewarded a star for completing one. You must earn at least one star to earn the Gold reward and at least two to earn the Moondust reward. It may also be your best interest to attain the third start to earn class tokens that you can use to level up your heroes.

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

Earning a certain number of stars in a campaign chapter makes you eligible to open a special rewards chest that contains plenty of Lunar Gems. Aside from the gems, you also receive new equipment that you can give to your heroes and power cores which you can use to summon hero fragments in the summoning portal.

Completing campaign missions is arguably the quickest way to earn large amounts of Gold and Moondust. Unfortunately, however, you cannot repeat campaign missions to re-redeem the rewards so you must spend your winnings wisely.

World Map

The map of Heroes of the Dark is a very vast and diverse land that contains plenty of places where you can reap Gold and Moondust. You can invade enemy camps or send off your heroes to the mines.

Enemy Camps

Enemy camps can be found everywhere in the world map. Primarily, invading enemy camps are done to acquire class tokens for hero upgrades however you can also earn Gold, Moondust, equipment, and dungeon keys as bonus rewards.

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

Note that enemy camps come in various levels. You must successfully invade a lower-level enemy camp first before you are allowed to invade a higher level one. For example, I need to invade a Level 2 camp first before being able to invade Level 3 ones. Invading high level camps is important because the Gold and Moondust rewards are bigger.

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

Unlike campaign missions, invading enemy camps can be repeatedly done because there is a myriad of them scattered across the map. However, invading camps does consume your stamina so your invasions are technically limited. The game refills six points of stamina every hour.


Gold mines and Moondust mines can also be found in the world map and this is where you can harvest plenty of those resources while you are offline.

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

You must send off some heroes to reap the resources in the mines. This means that the heroes you deploy to the mines are going to be unusable in combat until their gathering duration is finished or when you called them back. You are given three options of gather durations:

  • Short Collect – 15 minutes.
  • Medium Collect – 2 hours.
  • Long Collect – 8 hours.

The amount of Gold or Moondust that you collect depends on the level of the mine. Regardless of the level of the mine, the gathering durations remain the same. When you are about to go offline, always send your heroes to the mines so that your Heroes of the Dark army can still be productive even while you are offline. Use Short Collect when you are just going to take a short break; use Medium collect when you are going to take a longer break; and use the Long Collect when you are about to go offline for a long amount of time (i.e., are about to sleep).


Heroes of the Dark has multiple side quests that you can do to earn quick Gold and Moondust. Doing these quests are good alternatives to campaign missions and camps and mines in the World Map.

Daeva’s Quests

Daeva von Meremoth gives you four objectives that you can complete to earn plentiful amounts of Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems. 

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

After completing the four objectives, you are going to be given a new set of objectives and you will also be rewarded with four Daeva fragments which you can use to rank her up

Daily Missions

Daily Missions consist of several mini challenges that can only be done within the span of one day. 

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

Completing some challenges gives you a generous amount of Gold and Moondust and also gives progress points. Upon earning a certain number of progress points, you unlock the Daily Chest which grants you a load of rewards like Lunar Gems, dungeon keys, and stamina packs.

Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions are the same as Daily Missions except that the challenges last for an entire week. Additionally, these challenges are also tougher to accomplish than the ones in Daily Missions.

Where to Get Gold, Moondust, and Lunar Gems in Heroes of the Dark

Completing some Weekly Missions also grants you Gold and Moondust and progress points which you can use to unlock the Weekly Chest to earn bigger rewards.