Especially as an F2P player, weekday and limited events are the bread and butter of your progression in Honkai Impact 3rd. These activities are instrumental for those in search of new, better Valkyries, upgrade materials, gold, and even premium crystals. Although they might take some time to complete on a daily basis, the rewards are more than worth the effort.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

The biggest cost of events is not necessarily measured in time, but rather in Stamina. These missions will compete for your Stamina reserves against other activities, so it’s important to set your resource priorities straight. Furthermore, once you expend the Stamina for an event mission, you’d best make sure that you complete it successfully. For that, we’ve put together the guide below.

Tips and Tricks for Weekday Events

Weekday events will quickly become part of your daily routine once you start playing Honkai Impact 3rd. Depending on the day, these can offer upgrade materials, gold, and, on rare occasions, premium crystals. As such, it’s essential that you make a bit of time for them each day you log in, especially if your Stamina reserves are full.

Different days of the week propose different challenges, as follows:

(Mon) Iron Queller

In this game mode, your usual Valkyrie is replaced by a gigantic robot, while your goal is to clear all the enemies that appear on the map. The event is fairly straightforward, although if you also want to unlock its extra challenges, you have to finish the level in under 2 minutes and earn at least 580 points in the process. To do this, it’s a good idea to alternate between your robot’s special skill and its ultimate ability.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

(Tue) HOMEI’s Fight

This is an entirely different game mode that puts you in control of Homei in a side-scrolling type of activity. You can shoot enemies using your evade button, but the best way to get rid of them quickly is to make your character jump on top of them repeatedly. The blue mobs explode upon death and deal even more damage to surrounding targets. To earn the extra first-time crystals from this level, you have to clear the stage in under 2 minutes, as well as accrue at least 600 score points.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

(Wed) Aerial Battle

Wednesday also comes with a very different game mode, this time in the form of a 2D shoot-em-up. You are given a fairly powerful battleship, which you can control across the screen using your usual movement keys. The aim is to shoot all the enemies that appear on the screen, while also dodging most of their projectiles. To finish the mission in time for bonus rewards, remember that your ship has a special ability and an ultimate!

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

(Thu) HOLA’s Fight

This event looks similar to HOMEI’s Fight, but gives us a 3D, rather than a 2D perspective. Furthermore, your character – HOLA – can no longer shoot or jump on top of enemies. Instead, she uses bombs that must go off near your targets in order to cause damage. A good way to deal more damage faster in this challenge is to have HOLA kick the bombs straight into groups of multiple enemies.

(Fri) Mars Rescue

This event puts you in control of the same ship from Aerial Battle, but in a 3D perspective. The game mode is still very similar to a shoot-em-up, but the enemies are more static and you no longer have to scroll through the map to have them in sight. You’re also given a little helper robot that rounds all targets up for you, so don’t forget to make use of your ship’s special ability and ultimate for burst AoE damage.

(Sat-Sun) Money Brawl

The weekend event is a simple side-scroller with no enemies. You’re once again in control of little HOMEI and your goal is to run the entire course while collecting as many coins and special items as possible. The amount of coins you are given at the end of the challenge also depends on how good a Valkyrie you use for the event.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

What to Expect from Limited Weekly Events

Under the Events tab, you’ll find multiple activities that can be performed in order to take part in a limited weekly event. For example, the event this week was titled “St Freya Fiesta” and it came with a whole new world and plenty of challenges to complete.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

Basically, St Freya was a campus where you could access several buildings. Each building required you to complete certain activities in order to gain score. Once the score was maxed out for one of these buildings, the next was unlocked and so forth. The first activity in the St Freya Fiesta was the Pumpkin Surprise, where you could spin a paper wheel to cross a board game with rewards and surprises. For each 20 steps you took, you would unlock a boss fight that granted even more event-specific currency.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

Once you had enough currency (in this case, Fiesta Stamps), you could visit the Event shop and spend it on handsome rewards. These included rare materials such as Honkai Cubes, as well as certain unique Stigmatas, like Kinderfest, and Valkyrie fragments.

Special Monthly Events

Some events in Honkai Impact 3rd can last for several months. Take, for example, the Valkyrie Muster challenge that allowed you to collect Valkyries and Gear Call tickets for no less than 3 months in order to purchase amazing new characters and upgrade materials. Each day of the week, you could take part in a different mission that would grant tickets and count towards your daily number of completed missions. Based on this number, you could gain even more tickets by the end of the day.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Ace Weekday and Limited Events

In no more than a month, you’d be able to obtain three new Valkyries, including Umbral Rose and Flame Sakura (some of the best in the game), as well as rank them up to SS. The best part? You could do all of this for free, which made the event extra juicy for F2P players.

All in all, both weekday and limited-time events are the main engine behind every player’s progression in Honkai Impact 3rd. Although these activities are more important for F2P players who depend on them for better characters and gear, they can actually benefit all those who have enough time to participate.

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