Since its release in 2016, Hokai Impact 3rd has accrued a loyal following, which naturally means that there are plenty of tier lists to choose from when you decide on your core team of Valkyries. However, most of these lists are designed to compare all available characters in the game, many of which are inaccessible for F2P players (or at least excruciatingly difficult to obtain and upgrade).

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

As an F2P player, it can be difficult to transition into the mid-game with a decent team. Regardless of whether your main goal is to clear more PvE content or to do better in events, what you really need to get in order to make it all possible are a few high-tier, but affordable Valkyries. Unfortunately, tier lists won’t help much in this respect, which is why we’ve put together a list of F2P-friendly Valkyries below.

Valkyrie Ranger (Attractor)

A mob attractor (or someone who can pull and group disparate mobs) is not necessary to clear most PvE content, but it can make your life much easier. Indeed, such a Valkyrie can help you succeed in campaign levels and weekday events at a faster pace, which, in turn, allows you to do more things each day and makes the whole process a little less tedious.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

Valkyrie Ranger is a good option here because she consistently draws large groups of mobs and can apply stuns with most of her attacks. Her ultimate is a powerful AoE, while her QTE skill can deal massive damage to a single target when the enemy is frozen. Her best weapons include Artemis’ Guardian and Mjolnir.

Valkyrie Triumph (AoE DPS)

Once you have a mob attractor, you’ll need a strong AoE DPS that can help you clear large waves of enemies. Valkyrie Triumph is fairly easy to obtain and gear early in the game. Furthermore, she does more damage than other, similar battlesuits and can even heal as a bonus.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

Like VR, she is most effective against stunned or frozen enemies, which means that the two can synergize successfully in a team. However, she does tend to fall off during the late-game due to the fact that, when ranked to SS, other Valkyries do significantly more damage.

Alternative AoE Valkyrie: Snowy Sniper

If you’re looking for an AoE DPS battlesuit that will stay relevant during the late-game, Snowy Sniper is an F2P-friendly solution. However, this Valkyrie will be more or less useless before she hits SS and has a decent Stigmata lineup. If you’re willing to put up with her lower damage up to that point, then she can save you a ton of resources you would otherwise waste on VT.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

Yamabuki Armor (Support)

Supports are meant to contribute to your team by buffing teammates, debuffing enemies, or providing heals and shields. Yamabuki Armor is a farmable Valkyrie that is not as great a healer as other, similar supports, but that can significantly increase your damage. Her leader skill alone, which boosts her teammates’ Crit rate by 26% after a 30 Combo Hit Count, can help you kill opponents fast enough to avoid most damage.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

If you choose to play with VT, YA makes even more sense, since the former can do some of the healing that the latter lacks. If, on the other hand, you find that your team doesn’t have enough sustain, you should consider an alternative support, such as Divine Prayer.

Alternative Support: Divine Prayer

When ranked to SS, Divine Prayer can be one of the best Supports to use against bosses. Since most bosses are immune to stuns, her Time Fracture/Time Lock is the only viable CC and can help you turn the tides in a difficult battle. Most of her healing comes from her SP, which is fairly expensive to use, but perfect against small groups of enemies with high HP bars.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

Alternative Support: Dimension Breaker

This Valkyrie is essentially the better version of DP and can be obtained for free by consistently farming Open World activities. Her QTE skill ports her in with a large AoE that sends enemies airborne and applies Time Lock, which, remember, is one of the few ways to CC bosses. In addition, although she has less healing than DP, she makes up for this shortcoming by dealing high amounts of damage both against as single-target and against large groups. She is easily considered to be one of the best supports in the game and is likely the best you can hope for as a beginner F2P player.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

Shadow Dash (Single-Target DPS)

In some fights and especially during events, you might need to switch your attractor or AoE DPS for a single-target DPS that can obliterate enemies quickly. Shadow Dash is a farmable Valkyrie that fits the profile perfectly.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

Her leader skill increases the Crit Rate of the entire team, while her Switch and QTE skills deal insane amounts of damage once she enters the battlefield. Her DPS can be increased if targets are stunned, which works well with some of the other characters presented here, such as VT or VR. However, her biggest plus is, by far, her ultimate, which can summon up to 3 illusions to fight alongside SD at SS rank. When they disappear, illusions deal AoE damage and paralyze nearby enemies.

Alternative DPS: Gyakushinn Miko

Fortunately, you can farm both SD and Gayakushinn Miko since their fragments come from different activities. Although you might want to prioritize one over the other in terms of energy use, they both excel at their respective playstyles. Unlike SD, GM is less about burst damage and more about DPS. Most of her attacks apply a Sakura Count or Sakura Brand, which gradually bleed enemy targets and add more DPS to her basic moves.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: The Best Early Valkyries for F2P Players

Overall, these may not be the most powerful battlesuits in Honkai Impact 3rd. In fact, most of them would never be considered by P2W players, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t serve you well. Especially if you enjoy their playstyles, these few Valkyries can make your transition into the mid-game much easier. Most importantly, they can all be unlocked and upgraded for free.

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