Despite its simplicity, few games offer a concept so unique as the one in Hungry Shark World. In this game, you get to play as many different types of sharks and devour everything in your path. In your journey to eating every single living being on the planet, you’ll travel to many different maps, all filled to the brim with all sorts of aquatic wildlife.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

Hungry Shark World is played in sessions, with each consisting of your shark arriving at its destination and proceeding to eat everything in its path. While rounds don’t have an explicit time limit, your shark’s everlasting hunger slowly chips away at its HP. And once your HP depletes, you’ll get kicked out and will receive different prizes according to your performance.

In this game, each round is a chaotic mess of fish and other sea critters cowering in fear as you rampage wildly across the water. In many ways, playing Hungry Shark World is a cathartic experience with plenty of stress release. The dopamine rush that we get from eating entire schools of fish is basically second to none, at least when it comes to mobile games.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

Nevertheless, despite its simple concept and intuitive gameplay (especially if you play it on BlueStacks), there’s more to Hungry Shark World than initially meets the eye. If you’re new to this game, you’re going to want to read up on these awesome beginner tips and tricks, so that you can get started on the right foot.

The Different Types of Sharks

In the beginning, you’ll notice that you start with a Blacktip Reef shark, which is the weakest one in the game due to its tiny XS size and meager stats. However, after playing a few rounds, you’ll have enough gold to buy a better type of shark. In this sense, the objective of the game is to play a lot so you can save enough gold and buy newer and better sharks as they become available.

The different sharks in this game are divided into seven size categories, with many different sharks in each. While the basic stats vary from shark to shark, their overall performance is determined by their category since larger sharks can devour bigger prey without getting hurt. In this sense, it’s always better to, when given the chance, upgrade to the next size category in order to progress in this game.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

The many different shark size categories in Hungry Shark World include XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and !!.

The Prey

As we mentioned above, the main objective of this game is to simply eat everything and anything in your path. Eating other creatures is the main way to refill your HP, which slowly depletes over time, and to rack up points. Once you eventually kick the bucket, your points will be tallied up and will go towards increasing your shark’s level. Moreover, the points also help to unlock the next category of sharks.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

The many different types of prey reward you with points upon consumption, with larger fauna giving you more points. However, the types of prey you can eat are largely dependent on the size of your shark. More often than not, trying to eat a fish that is larger than what you currently can handle will result in you taking damage. Some types of enemies can even kill you in one shot! In this sense, it’s imperative that you steer clear from hostiles that are above your abilities at the beginning.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to eating fish as you can also run into other types of prey, both above and below the water. Humans and seagulls that are swimming on the surface are good targets that give lots of points. Meanwhile, the diving humans are also a good source of points, though some of them can fight back with harpoons and knives. Take care not to get hit as some of these can do lots of damage with a single shot.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

Some animals that you will definitely want to avoid when you’re starting out are the different types of jellyfish since they can zap and poison you on touch. These critters are essentially everywhere so you need to make a conscious effort to avoid them. However, don’t worry too much about dying; it’ll probably take you a few runs to learn what to eat and what to avoid. Nevertheless, this makes upgrading your sharks even more important as you won’t have to worry too much about getting eaten by other predators once you unlock the bigger sharks.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

Combos and Bonuses

Every time you eat something in Hungry Shark World, you’ll start a multiplier that keeps growing as you continue eating. This multiplier is the key to scoring big in this game as growing it can net you hundreds of thousands of points with a single combo. In this sense, it’s important to properly map out your routes in every map as the different prey often spawn at the same approximate locations.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

Other than your regular multiplier, you can also activate different bonuses by playing skillfully, including the Gold Rush, Mega Gold Rush, and the HUNGRY letters. Their effects include the following:

  • Gold Rush: Whenever your eat anything, you will slowly fill the Gold bar on the bottom of the screen. Once full, you will activate Gold Rush, which adds a static multiplier to your points (which varies depending on the shark you’re using) and maximizes your Boost gauge for a few seconds. This gives you the chance to score tons of points as you swim around eating everything in your way.
  • Mega Gold Rush: After activating 10 Gold Rushes, you will enter Mega Gold Rush, which is essentially the same as its counterpart, except that it lasts for longer, allows you to eat virtually anything (including explosive mines and larger sharks), and applies an additional multiplier, further increasing the points that you can win.
  • HUNGRY Letters: Strewn throughout every map are six letters that spell H-U-N-G-R-Y. If you manage to collect all six, you will activate a special bonus for a limited duration, which grows your shark to an enormous size and allows you to eat absolutely anything, including large whales, regardless of the type of shark you’re using. While this bonus doesn’t actually increase your multiplier, it’s still a great way to eat tons of fish at once.

Hungry Shark World - Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

The best way to learn how to play and score big in Hungry Shark World is simply by playing the game. However, with these tips and tricks, you now have an idea of what to look for in every session in order to maximize your score.

Happy hunting!