Hungry Shark World is an addictive action game where you control a shark and eat everything in your path. The objective is to survive as long as you can and devour as much prey as possible to score tons of points before you eventually kick the bucket. True to its name, your hungry shark is constantly losing HP due to its insatiable hunger and must continue to eat in order to stay alive. However, the sea is riddled with plenty of hazards and hostile fish that don’t just let themselves get eaten, so you have to play smart in order to score high.

Hungry Shark World - The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

Truly, this is the most fun we’ve had controlling an aquatic predator eating anything and everything that crosses our path, especially when we play Hungry Shark World on PC with our comfy mouse and keyboard! However, this makes it even more frustrating when we run headfirst into an angry shark that bites our HP down to 0 in one attack.

Since the sea is as merciless to you as you are towards your prey, you’re going to need the best tips and tricks if you want to survive and score big in Hungry Shark World. Luckily, this is exactly what we’re going to share in the following paragraphs. Stick around if you want to learn more about this awesome game.

1. Grab Those Daily Chests!

Like many other games that offer daily quests that you must complete to earn specific rewards, Hungry Shark World has up to 5 daily chests in each map. While you can find all of them in a single run if you’re lucky, it’s likely that you’ll need to do several runs. However, if you find the map for the corresponding level, you’ll be able to easily find all the daily chests.

Hungry Shark World - The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

These chests are important since they’re the only way to find the bonuses that you can activate to enjoy certain benefits such as increasing gold, food, or other stats by a certain percentage. The chests also contain many other goodies so you should always try to find them, especially since they refresh daily.

2. Use Your Boosters to Increase Your Score

The boosters, not to be confused with the bonuses we mentioned above, are highly-useful items that you can activate, and that will help you tremendously in many different situations. Some of these boosters include the following:

Hungry Shark World - The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

  • Gold Magnet: Attracts gold and other valuables into your mouth. Especially great during Gold Rush.
  • Mega Rush: Instantly begin the match with a Mega Gold Rush. You get another one after using the “Save Me” feature every time you die.
  • Unstoppable: Easily break through barriers and other obstacles; not even mines can stop you!
  • Hypnotize: Humans don’t attack and swim directly towards your mouth, providing easy kills.
  • Giant Pets: Supersizes your pets, allowing them to eat anything, regardless of their size.

3. Make the Most Out of Gold Rush and Mega Gold Rush

The difference between a good and a great score in Hungry Shark World often comes down to how well you handle yourself during Gold Rush and Mega Gold Rush.

These two bonus modes allow you to score a ton of points and coins. The regular Gold Rush turns all edible things to gold, which you can then eat up to score some extra coins. Meanwhile, the Mega Gold Rush turns EVERYTHING to gold, allowing you to eat absolutely anything that crosses your path. Both modes grant you temporary invincibility and infinite boost for their duration.

Hungry Shark World - The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

You can trigger Gold Rush after filling the Gold bar at the bottom of the screen by eating creatures and scoring points. Meanwhile, you will enter Mega Gold Rush when the Mega bar fills. Each time you enter a regular Gold Rush, the Mega bar will fill a little, and it takes 10 of these to completely fill the bar.

The trick to making the most out of your Gold Rush is having map awareness. While the exact spawn points for different fish and enemies vary a little, these creatures appear in roughly the same areas every time. The key here would be to swim to where you know enemies are going to be. This is particularly important since keeping a high multiplier is crucial for scoring big during Gold Rush, and you will lose it if you stop eating for a few seconds.

Hungry Shark World - The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

Furthermore, the higher the size category of your shark, the more points you’ll be able to score. This is because the larger sharks have a higher static multiplier during Gold Rush, with the S sharks having a 3x multiplier, and the largest !! size having an 8x multiplier.

4. Collect the H-U-N-G-R-Y Letters

Other than these Gold Rushes, the HUNGRY bonus is also quite an important source of points in Hungry Shark World.

When you activate it, your shark will grow to an enormous size and is able to eat anything. An XS shark with a HUNGRY bonus can eat even the largest whales and toughest hostile sharks. However, in contrast with Gold Rushes, the enemies you eat in this mode don’t grant additional coins since they don’t actually turn to gold. Nevertheless, the HUNGRY mode is a prime opportunity to rack up some points, as well as to take revenge on pesky sharks that would kill you in one bite, otherwise.

Hungry Shark World - The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

To activate this mode, you simply need to collect the different letters that spell H-U-N-G-R-Y, which are strewn throughout the map. After it expires, you can pick up the letters again to trigger another bonus.

5. Equip Pets and Accessories

Readiness is the better part of valor… or something like that. In Hungry Shark World, you can equip different pets and costumes to increase your shark’s stats. In the case of the former, you will gain a sidekick that swims close by and attacks everything that gets in your way. While the damage of these pets isn’t as high as your own, they can deal with the smaller threats with ease, and heal you for the amount that you would’ve had if you had eaten the target yourself.

Hungry Shark World - The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

Some pets, however, are quite useful since they can use special skills that your shark doesn’t have. For instance, the Kraken pet can easily eat nearby jellyfish, which is something you wouldn’t be able to do until you unlock the larger sharks. Regardless of what pet you use, these handy minions can definitely help to increase your damage output in Hungry Shark World. Make sure you equip them, as well as any other clothing and accessories, as soon as you unlock them.