Lure Cards in Hunting Clash are the most essential resource that you’ll need to win duels and place high in Championship rankings. The biggest problem that players might face is finding where they can get these cards so that they’ll be able to play the game on equal footing with the competition. Players that have insufficient lure cards can still have fun with the content that the game provides, but their progress is significantly hindered that they might not enjoy it as much.

How to Get More Lure Cards in Hunting Clash

Hunting Clash provides numerous different ways for the player to earn lure cards but those who are not familiar with some of the game’s mechanics may find it difficult to utilize these methods to their advantage. Understanding how the game’s reward system works is the first step to earning the resources that you’ll need in the future. Lure cards are fairly easy to come across, all you need to do is learn about the ways you can get them in Hunting Clash without spending money.

Booster Packs

Booster packs are a common feature in Trading Card Games. In Hunting Clash, the booster packs are the primary source of lure cards and are given as rewards for almost everything you participate in. The game also separates the booster packs by the possibility of how rare the card you’re getting will be. You know which packs have a chance to drop rarer cards depending on the color and title of the boosters. Of course, the chance to get rare booster packs is low too.

How to Get More Lure Cards in Hunting Clash

There are different ways you can get booster packs. The harder the difficulty of the source of getting these are, the more likely you’ll get higher rarity packs. Here are some of the ways you can get booster packs in the game to increase your chances of getting lure cards:

  • Duels

Duels are the best way to get booster packs. Winning a duel gives you a guaranteed pack that you can unlock in the lobby to get you more lure cards to use. Unfortunately, if you have a small pool of lure cards to begin with, it might be difficult for you to win duels against players with bigger sets of lure cards. Nonetheless, you don’t lose much by getting defeated in a duel so attempting to challenge people until you win isn’t such a bad idea.

How to Get More Lure Cards in Hunting Clash

Booster packs you win in duels require that you unlock them in the lobby. Depending on how many boosters you’ve already open for the day, the length of the time needed to open them will vary. Unlocking begins at only a few seconds until it takes hours for you to finish a single booster.

  • Free Packs

Free packs are given to you by the game during 4-hour intervals. All you need to do is claim them after these intervals so that it’ll reset and start unlocking again. The only downside of these free packs is that they don’t always give a lot of lure cards nor do they give the more valuable ones. 

How to Get More Lure Cards in Hunting Clash

Free packs are a good way for beginners to get started in the game as it often gives essential common or rare creatures which are always asked for in championships or duels. Once you’re able to raise the value of your lure card, you’ll be able to start winning duels and climb the rankings to finally collect some Epic and Mythic lure cards for yourself.

  • Shell Packs

Shell packs can be claimed every 8 hours but you’ll need to collect 10 shells as a cost to unlocking them. Shells are rewards from duels after defeating your opponent. Since this method only counts victories for it to be unlocked, it can be pretty difficult and time-consuming for beginners.

How to Get More Lure Cards in Hunting Clash

The good thing about shell packs is that it gives good rewards. Oftentimes, Shell Packs contain high-rarity lure cards, and it gives a minimum of 8 cards when you open it. This speeds up the progress of upgrading your existing lure cards or trying to get those that you haven’t earned yet in the game.

  • Championship Rewards

The daily championships are a way for players to win boosters. The Top 20 players gain a reward but only the Top 10 will receive booster packs. The higher you rank in the championship, the better your overall rewards are. The first place is guaranteed to get the Big Lure Card Pack which contains 30 cards in total, something that would definitely land you a few important cards.

How to Get More Lure Cards in Hunting Clash

This is probably the most difficult method in this list since you’ll need to place Top 10 out of a few dozen other players. Making it to the top of the list requires that you not only have a complete set of lure cards, but you’ll also need them upgraded in order to compete in the points total competition. The other methods in this list will help you achieve this goal so save this for last. Of course, you should at least try to complete the challenges that you can if they’re available.

Leveling Up

Leveling up is another way to get some quick Lure Cards. Every time you level up, you’ll get a set of lure cards and other rewards for your account. The lure cards that you gain depend on which region you’re currently in. It’s fairly easy to level up since the sources of experience in the game but it slows down later on in the game. It’s a reliable way to get important cards you’ll need in the future. Here are some ways you can do to level up quicker:

  • Upgrade Lure Cards
  • Upgrade Weapon
  • Complete Challenges

How to Get More Lure Cards in Hunting Clash

There are times when your level-ups will overlap with each other but don’t worry about it since you’ll get your individual rewards for those. It’s good to start working towards your level too because you’ll be able to join guilds or unlock new regions to increase the amount of content you can play in the game.