Everything You Need To Know About the Idle Heroes on PC

Everything You Need To Know About the...

The battle system of Idle Heroes is mostly automatic, but this does not mean that it is easy. On the contrary, fights start to get challenging only after a couple of levels. And since your units fight automatically, the only thing you can do is to select the correct heroes for every battle.Doing so will require paying attention to lots of details, especially the faction auras, if you want to be victorious on the battlefield. In this guide, we will explain how Idle Heroes battle system works and gives you some tips and tricks to make your job easier.Let’s start: Those monsters won’t kill themselves!

Basic Things You Should Know

There are two types of battles in Idle Heroes: The first one is completely automatic and lasts only a couple of seconds. At the beginning of every stage, you must complete this fight in order to unlock the “real battle”. You can keep your heroes at this stage for as long as you want and keep collecting rewards: This is the only thing you can do in these auto-battles.

Before starting the “real” battle, you must decide which formation you will use.We gave some suggestions about Battle Team Formation in another guide and listed the best heroes for every role. In here, we will just remind you that heroes with high health points should be placed in front, and all others should be placed at the back. As the game tells you, heroes placed in the front line will be attacked the most.

You can place six heroes to each team, two in front and four in the back.

And once you reach level 70, you can start adding “monsters” to your team. These little creatures will give buffs to your entire team and a special attack you can use.

Let’s Start Fighting!

Once the battle starts, there isn’t a single thing you can do other than watch. Your heroes will attack automatically and you can’t give them orders. This is a turn-based system and you can speed up the fight by clicking on the button at the top right corner.

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Now, in that screenshot, there are some “boxes” at the bottom corners of the screen. They are used for faction auras – if you form the correct team, you will be able to get a special buff for your entire party. These auras are actually quite important, and at higher levels, they can define whether you will win a battle or not. So, let’s explain them in detail.

Faction Auras In Idle Heroes

In order to activate a faction aura, you need to place certain heroes in your party. Each hero is connected with a different faction, six in total: dark, light, forest, fortress, shadow, and abyss. By using these factions in the correct order, you can get 15 different buffs. You can see the complete list below – we already listed some of these in our other guides, but this one is the full and updated version.

Shadow Place 6 shadow heroes to your team +20% armor break, +20% HP
Abyss Place 6 abyss heroes to your team +15% attack, +20% HP
Dark Place 6 dark heroes to your team +30% control immune, +20% HP
Forest Place 6 forest heroes to your team +5% critical, +20% HP
Fortress Place 6 fortress heroes to your team +5% dodge, +20% HP
Light Place 6 light heroes to your team +30% control immune, +20% HP
Ruin Use 2 dark + 2 shadow + 2 abyss heroes +13% attack, +11% HP
Redemption Use 2 light + 2 fortress + 2 forest heroes +11% attack, +13% HP
Color Mixing Use a hero from each faction +10% attack, +10% HP
Evil Use 3 shadow + 3 abyss heroes +10% attack, +8% HP
Justice Use 3 fortress + 3 forest heroes +8% attack, +10% HP
Good vs Evil Use 3 dark + 3 light heroes +13.5% attack, +16% HP
Pollution Use 3 abyss + 3 forest heroes +9% attack, +9% HP
Old Enemy Use 3 shadow + 3 fortress heroes +9% attack, +9 HP
Life & Death Use 3 shadow + 3 forest heroes +9% attack, +9 HP

All of these buffs are activated automatically when you form the correct setup, so there is still no need to “press” a button. Ideally, your goal should be to get the best hero from each faction, so you get all of the buffs easily without sacrificing team power. You can check the faction of every hero in the game from the “Hero” screen.

And this is it: As long as you use the right formations and get faction aura buffs, all of the battles will be quite easy for you. Take a look at our other Idle Heroes guides too and start your adventure: A big world filled with wonders is waiting for you!

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