A Guide to Buildings in Idle Heroes on PC

A Guide to Buildings in Idle Heroes...

Idle Heroes contains many buildings. Each of these buildings allows you to take advantage of a different feature in the game: You can collect loots on some, create equipment on some, and disassemble your heroes on others. There are a total of 9 important buildings, and if you are new to the game, you may not know what you need to use them for. We have prepared this guide for this purpose: To give you information about all the Idle Heroes buildings so you can play the game much more efficiently.

Let’s Start With The Basics

The most important buildings you will use most often in the game are:

Summon Circle

This building, as its name implies, is being used to summon new heroes. You can summon three types of heroes: Basic, heroic, and friendship. Each summon type allows you to get heroes with different star levels. You can see them in the following table:

Can Summon Requires Free Summon Available
Basic Summon 1 – 5 star heroes 1 Basic Summon Scroll Every 8 hours
Heroic Summon 3 – 5 star heroes 1 Heroic Summon Scroll Every 48 hours
Friendship Summon 2 – 5 star heroes 10 Friendship Hearts None

You gain 10 energy for each summoned hero. If you are a VIP 3 player, you can get a free 5-star hero for 1000 energy.


After playing the game for a while, you will see that you have an “army” of heroes that you do not use often. In fact, you won’t be using the majority of them at all. You can “disassemble” these heroes in the Altar and get various prizes in return. All heroes can be disassembled, whatever level they are. As a general rule, the higher their levels, the bigger the awards you get. The disassembling process allows you to earn spirit and hero promotion stones every time. If you are disassembling a higher level hero, you can also win soul stone shards. Using these shards, you can buy 5-star heroes from the Altar building.

You can see the full list of disassembling awards in the following table:

Disassembled Hero Level Spirit Amount Promotion Stone Amount Soul Stone Shard Amount
1 star 50 2 None
2 star 150 5 None
3 star 450 10 10
4 star 1.000 25 25
5 star 4.000 250 250
6 star and more 10.000 1.250 1.250


In this building, you can create high-level equipment using low-level equipment. You can produce armor, weapons, shoes, and accessories. You have to spend a certain amount of gold every time. In addition, each upgrade requires you to have at least three pieces of equipment from the previous tier. For example, if you want to upgrade an “armor” tier, you must already have three “armor” from the previous tier. The equipment marked with a red dot on the interface means you can upgrade them.

“Battle” Buildings

In this category, you can earn various prizes by completing various combat missions, and you can get almost any source in the game as a reward.

Celestial Island

This floating island unlocks at level 30. You have two goals: to construct some buildings on the island and to complete the “expedition” tasks.

There are two types of resources you can collect here: Purple Daffodil and Stone of Void. Purple Daffodils count as a currency for “boss” missions. You need to own at least 10 Purple Daffodils each time to do these missions.

Stone of Void is a resource you need for buildings and mines you can build on the island. You also use it to upgrade the existing buildings. For example, you need 1 Stone of Void to upgrade the Holy Relics building to the next level.

To win Purple Daffodils, you need to build new buildings and mines, and use Stone of Void to build them. Holy Relic of Vitality, for example, offers one free Purple Daffodil per hour. If you like, you can buy 5 Purple Daffodils in exchange for 50 gems. In the beginning, you can stock up to 10 Daffodils. However, if you upgrade the Watch Tower building, you can increase this limit. A fully upgraded Watch Tower raises this limit to 15. You also need to upgrade this building to participate in the high-level boss missions: To compete with level 300 bosses, you must own a Level 20 Watch Tower. The Celestial Island bosses award Monster Souls, which are needed for the Monsters, a special type of “troop” you can add to your Heroes team.

Tower of Oblivion

When you reach level 24, you can unlock this tower. Tower of Oblivion is a PvE-ladder activity with its own scoreboard: You are trying to reach the top by beating a group of enemies on each floor. At the moment, there are 550 floors in the tower and when you clean each floor, you are rewarded with gold and hero promotion stones. After the 105th floor, you also start winning “Hero Shards” as a reward. You can even collect some 5-star heroes in this way. Each battle requires at least one water drop (special currency for the tower).

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In the arena, you can join one of the three leagues and fight against the hero teams of other players. The battles do not happen in real-time, so it is not necessary for your opponents to be in the game – their heroes are always ready to fight. You have to be at least level 55 to participate in higher level leagues. There is no special precondition for joining the starting league. In Arena wars, you can win daily and seasonal prizes. The more you rise on the ladder, the bigger your awards will be.

Fun Buildings

In this category of buildings, you can do entertaining activities, buy various items, and get new heroes.


Free players can join the “common casino” and spin the wheel of luck for free once every day. Do not forget to do this on a constant basis, since you earn at least 10k gold or 10k spirit almost every time.

Among the prizes is a 5-star hero, but your odds of winning it are 1/1000. Theoretically, getting hit by a meteor is a higher possibility. Turning the wheel requires one casino chip every time. To participate in Super Casino, which offers bigger awards, you need to be at least level 80 or a VIP player. We recommend just turning the wheel every 24 hours for free: Do not spend or buy any other resource to spin the wheel more than once. This is a game of luck and you may waste a lot of resources if you cannot control yourself.

Prophet Tree

This building, unlocked at level 25, allows you to summon a hero from any Aura in exchange for Prophet Orbs. You can do the Tavern quests to win Prophet Orbs. Some events also award this special currency. Heroes summoned from the Prophet Tree are always 4 or 5 stars. While it is difficult to gain the resources needed for this building, you can be sure that you will always get a top-level hero.


This building unlocks at level 28 and offers special daily tasks. Each task has a specific completion time, for example, some require 4 hours and some require 2 hours.

If you like, you can bypass this period using gems:

Tavern missions can award gold, summon scrolls, 4-star heroes, casino chips, and Prophet Orbs.

These are the most important buildings in Idle Heroes. By using them efficiently, you can gather a team of valuable heroes more easily. Do not forget to read our other guides for more information: We have prepared many guides for Idle Heroes and they will all help you to understand the game better.

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