It’s a good idea to learn all of the necessary information to progress through the game before you play Idle Huntress: Adventure if you plan to make the commitment to playing this for the long term. The game uses many standard features and mechanics so it shouldn’t be hard to understand everything unless you’ve never experienced playing a mobile RPG before in your life. This beginner’s guide aims to help players better understand the do’s and don’ts when starting out.

Table of Contents

  1. Collecting Heroes
  2. Upgrading Your Units
  3. Adventure Mode
  4. Idle Rewards
  5. Completing Missions

Idle Huntress: Adventure is your standard turn-based RPG where your units and the enemies will take turns hitting each other with powerful attacks expending various resources and abilities as they go. The game may seem simple but it is the mechanics behind the scenes that add a level of strategy to the game. Make sure to install Idle Huntress: Adventure on BlueStacks to gain some advantages when playing this game so that you can quickly catch up to the best players on your server.

Collecting Heroes

Collecting heroes is the primary essence of any gacha game like Idle Huntress: Adventure. Unlike traditional RPGs in consoles and PC, mobile games like to utilize the loot box system where players have a chance to get powerful characters by expending premium resources such as gems or tickets to “summon” new units. This can be a deal-breaker for some people but the thrill and excitement of getting an extremely rare character can also be a fun mechanic that people love to experience.

 Idle Huntress: Adventure uses this mechanic very heavily in their gameplay. Luckily, the game is very generous in distributing tickets and gems that the player can use to recruit new characters to their team. It’s a good idea to save up these tickets and gems and start collecting heroes that are at least SR rarity or higher to create a powerful team. Whether you want to collect for the sake of combat strength or simply pure aesthetic, you’ll need to learn how the gacha system works so that it’ll go in your favor.

Upgrading Your Units

Upgrading units involve leveling them up, upgrading their star quality, equipping them with powerful equipment, and empowering their skills. There are many ways to upgrade your units in the game which can end up being confusing but you always want to learn how they work by reading up on them in the Heroes tab of the game. Remember that it’s essential to upgrade both your team and your heroes so that you can take on more powerful enemies in both the campaign and PvP arena.

It’s a good idea to know which units you want to upgrade. Usually, players like to save their resources to upgrade SR units and above since those have the best combat stats and abilities that they can use for the long term. Avoid spending too many resources on upgrading lower-rarity heroes because there’s an extremely high chance that you’ll replace them anyway. Unless you’re a player who likes to take on challenges or prioritize aesthetics and emotional attachments, we suggest that you don’t even consider adding R units and below to your team.

Adventure Mode

The Adventure Mode or the main campaign is an important part of your gameplay in Idle Huntress: Adventure. It is where players mostly get resources such as upgrade material and equipment that they can use to upgrade their heroes. The campaign allows the player to defeat different characters or even huge monsters to earn valuable rewards. The enemies become more powerful as the player completes higher stages in the adventure mode until they reach a point where their current team can no longer defeat the enemy.

The campaigns are separated into chapters and stages. There is no set number of stages in Idle Huntress: Adventure as it purely depends on which chapter you are currently trying to clear. Each chapter has a certain number of bosses and mini-bosses that act as major points to determine how powerful the player’s team has become. It’s important that you constantly try to push for the next stage since all the loot that you get from the enemies you defeat will be even more powerful.

Idle Rewards

Idle rewards are collected after a certain amount of time regardless if the player has the game open actively or not. Players can get awesome rewards such as powerful equipment, upgrade material, and other types of resources by simply collecting the rewards feature in the Adventure Mode. The value and power level of the loot that you get from this system depends on your progress in the main campaign. The higher the stage you finished in the campaign, the better your rewards will be.

The reason Idle Huntress: Adventure and other idle RPGs use the idle rewards system is to allow players who are busy with work or school to catch up in terms of resources. However, it is faster and more efficient to collect loot when you actively play the game so don’t think that you can abuse this system to upgrade your team even when you do nothing. Just make sure to continuously progress through the main campaign to upgrade the level of the loot that you get.

Completing Missions

Completing missions is a standard practice in all RPGs. Games basically use missions and quests to direct players on what they need to do and how they can progress toward the next level. In Idle Huntress: Adventure there are three types of quests which are the main quests, daily/weekly missions, and event quests that change depending on what the game is currently trying to promote or celebrate.

The most important type of mission to take in mind is the daily and weekly missions which give important rewards to players. It’s important for the player to complete at least 75% of those quests if they want to make it to the top of the rankings. Otherwise, being able to complete 50% is a good start if you simply want to play the game casually but still be able to keep up with the server’s growth.