Many people play Idle Huntress: Adventure to appreciate the characters that the artists put a lot of effort into designing. While the character designs are great and the transformation of historical figures into waifus is somewhat witty, the game also uses specific mechanics that make certain units more powerful than others. In this case, rarity plays the biggest part in creating heroes that are more powerful than the others.

Idle Huntress: Adventure - Hero Tier List

Competitive players are naturally drawn to using the best units available in the game. We mentioned how important rarity plays in creating a strong squad in our Teambuilding Guide. That’s why we’ll be taking a look at the most powerful units in the game and introducing them in our Idle Huntress: Adventure hero tier list to give players a good idea of which units they should add to their wishlist.

Idle Huntress: Adventure Hero Tier List

Idle Huntress: Adventure has a myriad of heroes to choose from and it can be difficult to determine which ones are strong. Naturally, SSR heroes have an edge over the rest of the competition because of their high base stats and better stat growth. That’s why we’ll be ranking the best SSR units that you absolutely need to look out for if you’re  trying to compete against the best players on the server.

Hero  Element Class
Zhou Yu Fire Wisdom
Hua Tuo Wind Wisdom
Prometheus Fire Strength
Octavius Wind Agility
Dante Dark Agility
Richard Light Strength
Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao Light Wisdom
Helen Water Wisdom
Robin Hood Wind Agility
Akechi Mitsuhide Water Wisdom
Honda Tadakatsu Fire Strength
Mendel Earth Wisdom

These rankings are taken according to the most common trend among high-ranking players in the PvP arena. Although these are not ranked purely by popularity among the elite-class of players as we’ve also taken into account the individual capability of each hero on the list. Despite the tier list including a “B-Tier”, it’s important to keep in mind that there are no weak choices on this list and all of them are worth investing in as a competitive player.

S-Tier Hero Overview

The S-Tier heroes on this list are the five most popular and most powerful picks among the elite players in the arena. These are units that you want on your team regardless of what your plans are in terms of teambuilding. Let’s take a look at what makes them so powerful.

Zhou Yu

Zhuo Yu comes as the most used DPS unit in the PvP arena and it comes as no surprise. This unit has a powerful global nuke ability that deals damage to all enemies with the damage stacking according to the number of debuffs they have. This unit is insanely powerful and is the one unit that we recommend players have on their team, regardless of the element that they want to play.

Idle Huntress: Adventure - Hero Tier List

The most important skill of Zhou Yu is that she’s able to remove any debuffs on herself, which makes her an extremely efficient DPS unit because it’s difficult to disrupt her output once she gets rolling. Her passive abilities also increase her capability to deal damage to the enemies, making it possible for her to eliminate enemies in the backline once she releases her ultimate ability.

Hua Tuo

Hua Tuo is the most powerful healer in Idle Huntress: Adventure. She has many abilities that restore the HP of her allies, making it difficult to get rid of heroes on her team even if they have very high damage outputs. Healers are one of the most important members of the team so it’s easy for a unit such as her to be so prized among the elite players in the game.

Idle Huntress: Adventure - Hero Tier List

Hua Tuo doesn’t have a lot of offensive capabilities but the sheer value she offers to the team by being a healer that can also provide helpful buffs makes her one of the best choices that players can have in both PvE and PvP modes. She can also dispel any one debuff on her teammates which make it difficult for enemies that rely on combos and disruption to conquer the battlefield.


Prometheus is a strength character but the value she offers to the team isn’t in her innate defensive capabilities. On the contrary, Prometheus is prized because she is a frontline character that can bring a world of pain to the enemy team with her abilities dealing a ridiculous amount of damage to multiple enemies. She is also a great combo unit to pair with Zhuo Yu as they complement each other’s abilities.

Idle Huntress: Adventure - Hero Tier List

As a frontline character, the main problem that these heroes face is that they often take a lot of attacks that can disrupt their line of attack. Since Prometheus can utilize the Fever ability, she can also remove any debuffs on her and increase her own attack. She also has increased tenacity and dodge so it’s extremely hard to get rid of this character even though she doesn’t fully commit to defense.


Octavius is a powerful physical damage carry that can instantly eliminate targets on the enemy board. She has a powerful global nuke ability that can deal a decent amount of damage to the enemy team, but her real strength lies in her ability to apply the Send Flying status on enemies. This status allows her to follow up on enemies that she sent flying and attack them an additional 5 times.

Idle Huntress: Adventure - Hero Tier List

She also has a ridiculous amount of crit chance and true damage application that she just shreds through the tankiest members of the enemy team. She also has a chance to use her basic ability instead of a normal attack, which will once again give her a chance to send her enemies flying. 


Dante is one of the most powerful assassins in Idle Huntress: Adventure with her ability to take out enemies instantly. Unlike most damage carries on this list, Dante only has single-target attacks but the nature of those abilities makes her such a powerful asset on the battlefield.

Idle Huntress: Adventure - Hero Tier List

Her signature ability allows her to remove the slowest enemy on the enemy’s side, which will almost always be a Wisdom character who might end up being a powerful nuker or a support unit. She can also instantly assassinate enemies who are near death, making it difficult for healers to do their job since they won’t have anyone left to heal.