Idle Wasteland released a few days ago, adding another title with AFK gameplay elements to the growing list. As its name suggests, this game is all about powering up your survivor so that they can easily defeat every enemy they encounter along the way. In this sense, while most of the combat is automated, you can increase your odds of success by upgrading your character’s skills.

The Ultimate Idle Wasteland: Zombie Survival Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Tricks

However, despite being an idle game, Idle Wasteland has a surprising amount of depth to it in the form of many different skills to upgrade, lots of stats that you can sink points into, numerous unlockable spells, and many other parameters you have to power up by spending resources. Furthermore, since most of these features are dumped on you right at the beginning, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and without knowing what to do. 

Luckily, if you’re feeling lost in the Idle Wasteland, we’ve created this guide to walk you through the basic mechanics and elements, as well as to give you a few tips and tricks on how you can quickly progress through the game’s many levels.

Understanding the Automated Combat

The objective of Idle Wasteland is simply to have your survivor walk across many different levels defeating every monster in their path, and then eventually facing against the boss of the current wave before moving onto the next. The combat is automated, which means that you can essentially leave the game running and your character will continue grinding at all times—even while you’re AFK or offline. However, you can help your character fight at any moment by clicking repeatedly on the screen, which will speed up their attack rate and allow them to do more damage.

The Ultimate Idle Wasteland: Zombie Survival Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Tricks

Though defeating the regular monsters is easy enough, every wave has a boss enemy that often has superior stats and that will act as the final wall that blocks your progress to the next wave. While they don’t really act differently than their regular counterparts, boss enemies have a time limit of 30 seconds, which means that you need to power up your stats considerably in order to beat them.

This brings us to our next point.

The Different Stats and Their Uses

Stats in Idle Wasteland are the lifeblood of your survivor. Everything that they can do is determined by their stats. Whether it’s fighting, crafting, salvaging, or casting spells, their stats will determine their effectiveness at any given task.

The Ultimate Idle Wasteland: Zombie Survival Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Tricks

There are 5 different stats in Idle Wasteland:

  • Strength: Affects your character’s damage with every attack. Can also unlock new skill upgrades at certain levels. Upgraded by killing monsters.
  • Salvaging: Affects the rarity of the items you can find while salvaging, while also making scrap piles more common in higher levels. Upgraded by salvaging scrap piles.
  • Crafting: Reduces the time required to craft items, and also gives a chance to produce items for free. Unlocks more crafting upgrades at higher levels. Upgraded by crafting items.
  • Biomagic: Determines your maximum mana, while also unlocking new spells at higher levels. Upgraded by casting spells.
  • Hunting: Affects the rewards you get from catching flying critters. At higher levels, it also makes creatures of higher rarity spawn more often. Upgraded by catching flying critters.

The Ultimate Idle Wasteland: Zombie Survival Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Tricks

Aside from the basic stats, you also have some other parameters that can be upgraded independently and that directly affect your performance. These parameters include maximum damage, attack speed, crit chance, and armor penetration, and can be accessed from the Strength menu. These upgrades are very important as they’re the best way to increase your combat power than by grinding the Strength stat. Suffice to say, most of your currency will be invested in this menu.

Play on BlueStacks to Dramatically Increase Your Power

Despite being a game that revolves heavily around AFK elements, there’s actually a lot of user input in Idle Wasteland. This input comes in the form of tapping repeatedly on the screen in order to speed up your auto attacks and significantly increase your damage. However, this also means that, in order to achieve your maximum damage output, you’ll need to sit there constantly tapping on your phone for as long as you can.

However, by playing Idle Wasteland on PC with BlueStacks, you will get access to the Macro Recorder, a feature that allows you to further increase automation through the power of macros. The single most important macro for this game, however, is one that will automatically click on the screen for you indefinitely, allowing you to deal maximum damage without lifting a finger.

The Ultimate Idle Wasteland: Zombie Survival Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Tricks

Creating this macro is easy:

  1. Launch Idle Wasteland and activate the Macro Recorder (Ctrl + Shift + 7)
  2. With the recorder running, click as fast as you can on the screen for about 10 seconds. Stop the recorder afterward.
  3. Give your macro a name such as “Autoclick”.
  4. To make your macro loop indefinitely, click on the gear icon beside it and tick the “Infinitely until stopped” option.

This macro will allow you to deal maximum damage in combat. Moreover, you can create a similar macro in the crafting menu, which will allow you to automatically craft all the materials you need. You can set these macros to repeat for a specific number of items, or loop indefinitely until you run out of materials.

If you’re having troubles with macros, you can also use the Keymapping Tool to automate the button mashing. You can access this feature by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A. In this menu, you can drag functions from the rightmost panel to the screen, and bind them to any button on your keyboard. For Idle Wastelands, we recommend using the “Repeated Tap” function which, when activated, will quickly tap on the corresponding area of the screen the number of times you set it to, allowing you to quickly attack by pressing a single button every few seconds.

The Ultimate Idle Wasteland: Zombie Survival Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Tricks

Playing Idle Wasteland on PC with BlueStacks is definitely the way to go, so check out our setup guide to learn how to download and play this idle game on your computer. Also, feel free to leave any questions you may have in the section below so we can help you get started on the right foot.