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Incursion Defense on PC – A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

Incursion Defense is one tough cookie! This tower defense game for Android is among one of the hardest in the genre that we’ve ever played, mostly due to its stages where you’re easily overwhelmed if not careful, even early on. Since you’ll be very limited in terms of defenders, equipment, heroes, and other powerful battle paraphernalia, you’ll only have your cunning and tactical skills to fall back on. However, even these will fall short if you’re not proactive with your combat preparation and battle strategy.

Incursion Defense on PC - A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

One of the most difficult parts of Incursion Defense is the way the game refuses to hold your hand. Its narrative is full of memes and witty one-liners that have gotten a chuckle or two from us, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of tutorials and tips, especially regarding the different unit types and their uses. In this sense, this tower defense title expects you to get out and experiment by yourself through trial and error. And while we’re not inherently against this type of learning curve, the game also limits you quite strictly in terms of how much you can actually play due to its energy system, which defeats the purpose of learning through making mistakes.

In this sense, if you’re looking to win at Incursion Defense, you’ll need two things: Our tips and tricks that we’ve written about in another guide, and a solid battle strategy involving best combat practices and information on the basic unit types which, as luck would have it, is precisely what you’ll find in the following paragraphs.

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Incursion Defense on PC - A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

Equip Your Heroes Appropriately

As we mentioned in our tips and tricks guide, your heroes are some of the most important units in battle. Not only can these powerful dudes have access to several skills to dispatch their enemies, but they can also walk around the entire field without limitations, which makes them veritable mobile powerhouses in battle. However, their effectiveness is only as great as the gear they use. After all, even the strongest champions would struggle to kill an Orc using only a weak bat or their bare hands as weapons.

Incursion Defense on PC - A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

Every time you get out of a level, make sure to swing by your cards menu to see if you’ve received new pieces of gear or other goodies that you can equip to your heroes and make them stronger so they can kick orc butt in combat. Similarly, you can also swing by the store to see if there are any upgrades that you can buy for cheap using crystals.

The Key to Victory Early On: Watch the Ads

Curiously enough, while Incursion Defense is quite tough in terms of its difficulty curve, the game gives you plenty of assistance during battle in the form of free upgrades and defenses, but with a catch.

Incursion Defense on PC - A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

Every so often, you’ll see icons popping up with a clapper image on the battlefield, offering you to watch an ad in exchange for free stuff. This feature is quite interesting as, while not the first game to offer goods in exchange for watching short clips, it’s among the first we’ve seen that actually offer immediate benefits in battle for doing this. In other words, by watching these ads, you can get free upgrades for your troops, free magic uses, and even additional defenses for when an enemy is close to reaching your base.

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Incursion Defense on PC - A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

More often than not, you’ll rely on these freebies to get you through the first battles as you probably won’t be strong enough to beat them by yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for the ad icons that appear on the field and click on them as soon as you see them. You’ll have to be quick, though, since these ads only last for a few seconds before disappearing. The “free defenses” ads, in particular, are quite useful since they summon a group of units to defend a lane when an enemy is about to reach your base.

The Best Defender Types for Most Situations

Preparations aside, most of the battles in Incursion Defense are fought automatically; you’ll only have to place your units strategically on the field, but they’re the ones who’ll actually handle all the combat. Nevertheless, it’s your duty to deploy the right type of troops for the situation at hand, lest you become overwhelmed when your units can’t handle the sheer volume of the enemy forces.

Incursion Defense on PC - A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

Here is a list of some of the basic units in Incursion Defense, as well as their possible uses:

  • Ninjas: The most basic melee unit in Incursion Defense. Armed with a single dagger, these defenders aren’t very strong, but they can be upgraded to deal critical damage with some hits, increasing their DPS considerably. Furthermore, they come with the “Marauding” skill unlocked, which gives them a chance to receive a little bit of gold on every hit, which is great for bolstering your coffers.
  • Elf Archer: Basic ranged unit that’s not very strong, but can deal with unarmored foes with ease. Like the Ninjas, they can also be upgraded to deal critical damage. However, their main strength early on likes in their “Fear Potion” skill, which has a chance with every basic attack to cause fear in the enemy, making them wander around aimlessly for a few seconds.
  • Nature Mage: This mysterious spellcaster is useful for many purposes. Though his main attacks are strong, they are slow. However, he has many spells up his sleeve that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. It’s important to consider that, once upgraded to level 2, the Nature Mage summons a Panda to help him in battle, effectively doubling his firepower.

Incursion Defense on PC - A Guide to Units and Best Combat Tips

  • Dark Elf: Similar to their elven counterparts, Dark Elves are ranged characters equipped with bow and arrows. However, unlike the Elves, these units rely on trickery and underhanded tactics to defeat their foes. With every basic attack, they poison the enemy target, dealing damage over time. While this makes the Dark Elves weak against swarming foes, they’re great against bosses and tougher enemies.

From the beginning, you’re only limited to Ninjas, Elf Archers, and Nature Mages, which means that you’ll need a decent strategy to get through the first few levels. However, as you unlock more units, and upgrade them, you’ll have an easier time beating stages on the first try. Until then, however, keep in mind these combat tips and information that we’ve shared above.

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